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Ponds Detox Cream and H2O Face Wash

Ponds Detox Cream contains ingredients that help cleanse the body. They include Vitamin B3+ and H2O2. The cream’s ingredients also help improve the appearance of the skin. It is an excellent option for those with blemishes and acne breakouts. This cream also prevents future breakouts and leaves the skin looking spotless and rosy white.

Vitamin B3+

Ponds Detox Cream is a white beauty detox cream that contains Vitamin B3+, 12hsa, and Gluta-Boost Technology. This combination of ingredients is unmatched for its ability to minimize spots while providing a rosy, white glow. In addition, it fades even the most stubborn pimple marks and leaves your skin with a powder finish.


If you are looking for a face wash that is rich and creamy, Ponds Detox Cream H2O is a great choice. It contains a unique blend of vitamins and minerals to provide a healthy complexion. It also contains vitamin b3+ and a powerful antioxidant known as 12hsa. Water is the most common ingredient in skincare products since it disperses ingredients more efficiently than oils.

After cleansing your face with a hydrating toner or cleanser, apply the face wash. Apply it to the face and massage it for 20 to 30 seconds. Then, rinse your face with warm water. This will help eliminate dirt and bacteria and prevent pimples from recurring.

Micellar water contains purifying micelles that lift dirt and impurities from the skin. It is a gentle cleanser that is ideal for busy people. It can be used as a pre-cleanser before applying a facial cream, as a makeup remover, or as a toner after removing makeup.


This cleanser contains the powerful ingredient hydrogen peroxide, which can be effective against nail fungus and yellow nails. It also increases the level of oxygen in your skin. This cleanser is an excellent option for people looking for a gentle yet effective cleanser. Applying the cleanser to your face and neck will leave you soft, smooth skin.


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