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Perillo Tours Italy 2023

Established in 1945 and run by three generations of the Perillo family, this tour company specializes in Italy for travelers from North America. Offering both group and individual escorted tours with both geographically- and theme-themed itineraries.

Accommodation options for each tour are clearly displayed so you can see what options are available and select those that best match your personal preferences. Collette provides private transfers, which maximize travel time and make the experience more pleasant.

Green Heart of Italy

The Green Heart of Italy is a landlocked region made up of hill towns and rural landscapes dotted with once-powerful cities, rich with medieval villages, great art, and top restaurants that offer a more tranquil taste of Italy than its larger cities.

Umbria is an idyllic green gem filled with lakes, hills, and pastoral landscapes that serve as the idyllic backdrop to medieval villages, stunning art collections, and beautiful restaurants. Perugia and Orvieto, once powerful cities that provided refuge to 16th Century Pope Clement VII as forts or shelters, respectively, still command respect from their high volcanic cliffs.

Umbria stands apart from Tuscany by boasting hill towns that are individualistic and boast artistic and architectural masterpieces to rival their more celebrated neighbors. Travelers of distinction will discover that Umbria fulfills all their wishes with warm Italian hospitality, exquisite regional food and wine offerings, and hidden Renaissance art gems that await discovery.

Atmospherically, this region resembles an oasis, boasting lush forests and rolling hills covered with stunning vineyards that produce excellent wines. Furthermore, it’s known for its delicious truffles, which can be found throughout its fields and woods, as well as local restaurants serving gourmet fare. For a unique experience, try taking part in an expert truffle hunter’s hunt with his dogs to seek these precious “black diamonds”.

Not only can Umbria offer delicious culinary offerings, but it is also a sight for sore eyes – from gazing upon its exquisite adobe and terra cotta buildings in Umbria’s ancient hill-towns to gazing upon Luca Signorelli’s Last Judgment Cycle at Orvieto Cathedral Duomo. Additionally, the festival season brings something for every interest, from jazz (at either Perugia or Spoleto festivals) and chocolate (with Spoleto hosting an international journalism festival), chocolate as well as journalism itself (the latter event held annually by Spoleto).

Tuscany & Chianti

The Tuscan countryside is an idyllic vision, featuring gently rolling hills dotted with vineyards and medieval villages that have long inspired artists, poets, and travelers. Furthermore, its famed wines rank among Italy’s highest accolades.

With its vineyards of Chianti and cooking classes held at Querceto Farms, there are endless sightseeing and activity possibilities in this region. If you prefer something more physically engaging, cycling tours and hikes provide great ways to see its stunning scenery.

History and architecture enthusiasts shouldn’t miss visiting Spaltenna near Gaiole! This castle and parish church provide a prime example of a Tuscan fortified settlement. Furthermore, this region offers ample photographic opportunities.

Tuscany’s cuisine is world-renowned, making culinary-related excursions an integral part of most trips here! Participating in wine and cheese tasting tours to experience an authentic taste of Tuscany can be incredibly fulfilling!

Perillo Tours has long been recognized for its escorted tours to Italy – something it has been providing for over six decades! Their tours are all-inclusive and cover all the main sights. Additionally, Perillo has its “Learning Journeys” brand, which specializes in educational travel classes around the globe, ideal for students, alumni, or individuals interested in certification classes.

Tuscany & Florence

Tuscany and Florence offer visitors an authentic Italian experience. Renowned for its rolling hills, cypress tree-filled landscape, and Renaissance art and architecture, Tuscany boasts several museums as well as gorgeous churches; Florence stands out as an essential cultural destination. Be sure to capture photos of Ponte Vecchio, climb Giotto’s Campanile, and view Michelangelo’s David in Piazzale Michelangelo during your time here!

Other great things to do in Tuscany include visiting Volterra Museums to gain more knowledge about Etruscans and Romans; walking medieval streets or taking part in truffle cooking lessons with wine tasting sessions; seeing one of Tuscany’s hilltop castles or villas – or renting out one entirely, such as Villa Santisima Annunziata for more considerable group travel!

Film fans have an excellent chance of discovering their next favorite flick was shot somewhere in Tuscany, and tours can take them there to some of these famous spots – Under the Tuscan Sun and Tea with Mussolini were both shot here!

One of the best times to visit Florence is September, when it offers some respite from the high season. Temperatures have cooled off, Florentines have returned from vacation, and crowds have reduced significantly. September also marks the Rificolona festival, which features roasted pigs. Guests can indulge in local fare while listening to live music.

Rome & the Amalfi Coast

Explore some of Italy’s most stunning coastal landscapes as you make your way along the Amalfi Coast. Its picturesque beaches and charming villages await your arrival; relax or take a tour before swimming in its refreshing waters for fun and relaxation! Try Delizie al Limone as a dessert to round off this unforgettable trip to Amalfi.

Attractions to see in southern Italy range from timeless Rome to sun-kissed Campania. Admire the timeless ruins of Pompeii – once an exciting seaside city that was submerged under 13-20 feet (4 to 6 m) of ash from Mount Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 CE – providing an archaeological time capsule; or admire the dramatic Amalfi Coast as part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rome is an ancient and storied city filled with cultural wonders, from an in-depth tour of the Colosseum to stunning city vistas built upon seven hills. Be sure to visit Roseto Comunale – a rose garden restored from its former Jewish cemetery status – or stroll through Mercato dei Fiori for an authentic market experience.

Perillo Tours has been revolutionizing Italian travel for three generations, perfecting itineraries over 66 years to become the industry leader in tour operator services. Offering trips from major cities and charming hill towns off the beaten path, each tour features the ideal mix of sightseeing, free time activities, and activities that immerse participants in Italian traditions. Along with traditional escorted terms, they also specialize in custom trips, destination weddings, and Learning Journeys for certification classes for specific skills as well as exquisite culinary delights; no wonder they continue redefining Italy travel year after year!

Rome & the Renaissance

Italy is an ancient land full of history, Renaissance art, and delectable cuisine – and Perillo Tours offers three new escorted itineraries from nine to 12 days that feature hotel stays, sightseeing with expert guides, transfers, baggage handling services, daily breakfast service as well as meals planned and tips. Perillo’s itineraries are especially appealing for multigenerational families, extended family groups, or friends traveling together.

In the 15th century, Rome was transformed by its return of papal authority into Europe’s epicenter of artistic glory. Pope Julius II and his successors Leo X and Clement VII engaged renowned architects and artists such as Bramante, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Raphael to decorate it further; Lorenzo de’ Medici sent an all-star team from Florentine artists such as Botticelli Ghirlandaio Perugino Donatello among others to beautify Ospedale degli Innocenti.

Rome’s magnificent public squares are packed with restaurants and outdoor cafes. Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona should not be missed; each statue represents one of four rivers from different continents. MAXXI (National Museum of 21st Century Art) also provides modern and contemporary art enthusiasts an excellent resource.

Perillo Tours may be best known for their Italy tours, but they also provide several other guided trips throughout Europe and beyond. These include trips to Naples and Puglia – regions known for their culture, history, dialect, and cuisine – yoga retreats and wellness tours, learning tours tailored towards universities, and custom group experiences such as destination weddings or honeymoons.


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