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Painted Fenders: Benefits Of Modern Solutions

We all try our best to drive safely and avoid getting into car accidents. However, even the best drivers may experience car damage. Even if we don’t damage our vehicles while causing, the environment and other similar conditions can do the job for us. That’s when we have to consider car body parts replacement. If you have a damaged fender, keep reading this article to learn valuable tips. 

What Are Fenders?

A car fender is an auto body component that protects the wheels and undercarriage from dirt, debris, and water. Fenders are located on both the car’s front and rear and withstand impact from collisions, road hazards, and other accidents.

Fenders are made of metal or fiberglass and are of various shapes and sizes, depending on the car’s brand and model. Fenders provide an aesthetic role in protecting the car’s wheels and underside. Car fenders are a crucial car body detail that protects and contributes to the vehicle’s overall aesthetic.

How To Choose A Fender?

Choosing a car fender may be challenging if you’re not used to replacing body parts. However, the process is easy with the following tips:

  • Compatibility. The fenders you select should be compatible with the model and year of car manufacturing. Fenders are frequently vehicle-specific, so ensure you get the proper ones for your vehicle. You may ask for help in case you’re ordering online, for instance, at
  • Style. Fenders are available in various types, such as rivet-on, bolt-on, or welded. Select a style that complements the design of your vehicle and the driving you prefer.
  • Price. Fender prices vary depending on the material used to produce the fender, the top coat, style, and overall quality. Set a budget for your fenders and select those that won’t cost you a fortune. The best option may be to order painted fenders since they don’t require painting after installment. 
  • Material. Steel, aluminum, or fiberglass are the most common materials used to manufacture fenders. Steel fenders are the most durable, although aluminum and fiberglass are lighter and more corrosion-resistant. These two latter options are also more affordable. 
  • Quality. Select fenders made of high-quality materials since they will last longer because they can withstand damage. Look for mechanical damage-resistant, rust-resistant, and environment-resistant solutions.
  • Finish. Fenders are available in various finishes, including pre-painted, primed (ready for future painting), and chrome-plated. Pick a finish that complements the color of your car.

These tips should facilitate the process of choosing a car fender. You may also check the instruction for your car to verify that you order the correct fender that matches your vehicle. 

Benefits Of Pre-Painted Fenders

One of the best solutions for car owners is ordering painted fenders or car body parts. The solution is similar to getting a car part from a manufacturer, except it’s cheaper, and the detail is pre-painted. The owner must wait until it arrives at the local dealership to drive the car and install the component. The process doesn’t require painting the vehicle afterward. 

These are a few great benefits of this solution:

  • Pre-painted fenders can save time and money since they are ready to install without extra work. You don’t have to transport the fender to a paint shop and wait for the paint job.
  • Pre-painted fenders come with a warranty. Most pre-painted fenders include a contract covering the paint and the finish. 
  • Pre-painted fenders are painted with the same color and finish as the car’s original ones. 
  • Factory finish or top coat. Painted fenders use the same procedure as factory fenders, featuring a high-quality, long-lasting finish.

As a result, the car owner can get their vehicle on the road as soon as possible!

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