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Music group Websites: 5 Common Strap Website Mistakes and Why you ought to Be Using WordPress

With so many Blogger band themes available to performers and indie bands about the interweb, it makes me ask yourself why using one of the easiest, almost all user-friendly website platforms is very difficult for today’s indie bands and musicians.

My spouse and I get that this will be deemed a huge endorsement for Blogger and I’m not at all ashamed. I love WordPress and employ it on ALL of my internet sites.

Of course there are other platforms similar to Joomla, Drupal, Bandzoogle, and even more I’ve probably missed available to today’s indie strap. But the truth is non-e of them supplies the ease of use, search engine optimization power and band website control such as hosting your very own WordPress music group theme.

Why Should You Be Using the WordPress Theme for Your Website?

The two of us know just how difficult it really is to make it in the world of music, so that your band website should NOT be the that you spend too much time stressing about. You DO want to have an expert piece of online real estate it is simple to share with fans and those incredibly elusive music industry types, however it’s not something you’ll want to consider for any more time than is totally necessary.

Of course your music group website needs to impress site visitors, but it’s much more essential that it be easy for you tp utilize, update and connect with all of your social media sites. WordPress band styles can help you to accomplish this and much more.

And we both know that adding within the complexities of search engine optimization to some band website is probably sufficient to make any musician’s mind spin but the Wordpess system makes handling this very easy, that not taking advantage of this particular incredible tool for your songs marketing and band promotion endeavors is an unforgivable sin.

Typically the 5 Most Common Website Faults:

1 – The use of Expensive based website design. WordPress internet site themes are much more end-user and SEO friendly.

My spouse and i don’t see many expensive websites nowadays but if you aren’t new to the game DO NOT consider this to be an option. Flash is mindblowing for search engines and mobile phone devices.

2 – Hard to learn websites. Using inappropriate qualifications colors.

Your band internet site should be easy on the eyes. A strap website should be designed to always be easy to read, easy to find and easy to advance.

3 – Hard to find or even missing contact forms regarding pages.

Make it easy for your fans to get in touch. Allow the folks who come to your web page to know more about you. Create an event they won’t forget and whose to say… they may love you for life.

4 – Stagnant as well as stale content.

Rare up-dates and little to no information on what their band or you as an performer is currently working on. WordPress can make updating your band website easy. Updating your tunes and events can be as quick as typing up some sort of letter in Word.

your five – Lack of clarity, function and focus. No obvious reason for fans to look deeper into the band’s internet site.

A WordPress band theme’s foundation is built on Blogger. Its structured content method is extremely easy to manage. Typically the WordPress platform has been suitable for clarity, the use of categories along with topics, and powerful internal search engine optimization functions to make from your work easy.

Using a WordPress Strap Theme Can Help You Eliminate your five Most Common Website Mistakes

We’ve just listed the five most common band website errors that way too many musicians continue to be making. It’s terribly regrettable, but these mistakes may be harming your music business as well as band promotion efforts therefore I’ve taken the time to analyze each mistake in more level and demonstrate how you can deal with these problems with the use of a proper designed WordPress band web site theme.

Once you understand how essential having your own band web site is for your music advertising band promotion efforts, I am certain you’ll opt for a WordPress music group website theme in place of your own existing or future music group websites.

Mistake #1: Expensive-Based Websites

Flash used to be cool right? Well… it’s possible. Any time I’ve discussed typically the complexities of using Expensive on a band website using web developers it’s turned into some sort of heated battle.

On one area we have the “cool” component and on the other we’ve got typically the implications of poor search engine marketing and ease of use issues intended for users. Not to mention the constrained application on today’s mobile phone devices. I’m happy to say that few website developers are currently by using this design platform.

WordPress strap website themes typically no longer include any Flash whatsoever. Most designs are easy, elegant, and user-friendly. There are lots of very cool WordPress band web site themes on the market that will a lot more than please both you as well as your visitors. Plus, the site launching speed and simplicity for fans and music business visitors should make your choice to use a WordPress band website theme fairly easy.

Mistake #2: Hard to Read Websites. Unacceptable Use of Background Colors

This method is unforgivable. It doesn’t go on a rocket scientist to know in which pink text on a natural background is hard to read. My spouse and i pull no punches on this one. It’s just plain silly. If it’s hard to read your articles, no one’s going to stubbornly hang on long enough to know how great your own personal music is. Don’t choose this mistake. Ever! It’s much simpler to stick to the accepted typical of dark text for a white background. This should possibly be black or dark dull on white.

Of course, you can search out some different coloring combos like dark brown with light beige and that could work for you too. My position is… don’t make it tricky for visitors to read your articles.

The web is fast. If you hook a visitor with one thing enticing in 10-15 just a few seconds… they’re gone. Make your information hard to read and you don’t a chance. Of course WordPress wedding band themes aren’t perfect in addition to some band website brands out there who – for being totally blunt – usually are clueless. However , most wedding band website theme designers one or two back today’s web standards very nicely and odds are their pallettes will be exactly what the website health practitioner ordered.

As with all things, follow your personal gut but never break up that golden rule of producing the lives of your wedding band website visitors as easy as possible.

Mistake #3: Hard To Find or Incomplete Contact Forms and About Websites

Have you ever been disappointed you couldn’t find a way to contact that will band you love? Or the group manager to book these for a gig? What if most likely a music industry exec and you want to hire these and use one of their particular songs in your movie job? Wouldn’t that suck should you were the artist who also missed out? You bet it could!

Unfortunately, this happens too often.

Quite a few band websites fail to add a contact system and these performers are potentially missing out on a lot of money00 and work because of that. This is another one of those unpardonable sins. Again, with a Live journal band website theme, you may not have to worry about this.

Most Live journal band website themes have an about us page right out from the box, so it’s just a matter of putting the appropriate information about your group and bio and most likely good to go. Plus, there are quite a few easy to install plugins for any WordPress platform that this is definitely a no-brainer. A quick search for the suitable WordPress contact form plugin and you may be taking booking requests immediately.

Mistake #4: Stagnant in addition to Stale Content. Rare Web page Updates.

This just isn’t neat at all. Imagine if you ended up a fan returning to your favorite wedding band website again and again only to possibly be disappointed by their apathy towards keeping you busy and informed on what they have been up to. Not cool in any respect right?

Of course, we all know that Joey… your web developer relation may not be able to update this hard-to-manage old-school PHP band website, but it is an easy fix.

Switch to any WordPress band theme and also save yourself the grief and also trouble of having to both pay someone or hang on endlessly for them to help you out. Live journal is hands down the easiest method to learn and use for your music website updates. If you possibly can write a letter in Phrases, you can update your band site theme.

And remember… fresh articles mean repeat visits and also better search engine results. Get this cared for… quickly!

Mistake #5: Not enough Clarity, Purpose, and Emphasis.

A band website with no purpose is no better than any black hole in the WebSphere.

I can compare web content tools until the cows come home even so the fact that WordPress band internet websites help you organize your content much better by using categories in addition to tags is one of the primary explanations I’ve been sold on them for longer than a decade.

Having said this, losing a clear and definitive imaginative, and prescient vision of what you’re trying to gain with your music website is guaranteed to have you spinning your wheels… No sales, not any list building… no money.

It’s that easy.

Although your band web page might be able to help you organize your articles, it can’t help you find reason for your band website. They have on you and your band pals/buddies to figure this one out. Fortunately, I’ve got some beginning ideas for you.

To begin, you build a list. WordPress wedding band themes can help with this… simply. Most band themes own an easy-to-use plugin you can shed in and presto, fast list building.

Next, you’re going to need to sell your music suitable? Again… a band motif can help you with this too.

Easily connect your ready to go Live journal e-commerce plugin to PayPal and you’re off for the races. Heck, maybe you also want to let fans realize where your next gig will likely be. This might be helpful, simply no? Yup… you guessed that there’s a very cool plugin in this too called “Gigpress”. It can be heading have you hooked up and ready to explain to the world where you’ll be carrying out in no time.

You Can’t Go Wrong Using a WordPress Band Theme

All sorts of things that you simply can’t go wrong with employing WordPress for your website. I believe you can tell, I love that platform for my internet websites and as I mentioned prior, I use it almost exclusively. However aren’t a huge number of band internet websites geared to bands and music artists and bands, a simple search in Google to get “WordPress band website themes” will have you up and running with an marketplace standard theme fast.

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