custom upholstered dining chairs

Modern Custom Upholstered Dining Chairs

If you’re shopping for dining chairs, numerous worthwhile choices range from postmodern squiggles to “chairness.” Narrowing your search may require considering how it relates to other furniture pieces, both visually and functionally. We have the Best information about custom upholstered dining chairs.

Classic silhouettes like our Mila Klismos are timeless designs and enduring trends. Constructed of solid beech frames with fluted legs crowned by carved florettes, this elegant piece can be personalized with 350 fabrics.


Ada’s custom dining chair features a slim profile, making it a stylish option for contemporary dining rooms, vanity tables, and desks. Constructed of rich goat leather molded for comfort, diamond stitch detailing adds retro style. The iron frame features slim legs in a brown finish for stability; levelers protect all types of flooring surfaces.

CSR’s Eforma design initiative boasts this modern chair that exudes timeless sophistication. Its combination of Italian industry and craftsmanship, tradition, and innovation forms an adaptive identity that can withstand everyday use.

Customize your Ada chair by choosing from 100+ options of wood finish and upholstery fabrics—including Woodgrain! Price and lead times may differ based on fabric choice; contact a Ruby Sales Associate today for help! The Loft—Customizable Upholstered Side Chair by Canadel can be found at Gavigan’s Home Furnishings, serving the Catonsville, Frederick, Forest Hill, Glen Burnie, Towson, and Westminster areas.


Tom Hanks plays Otto in this darkly comic dramedy about an elderly man trying to commit suicide; Hanks does an outstanding job portraying the mopey widower who finds a new purpose after befriending his cheerful neighbors. Marisol Mendes (Mariana Trevino) brings energy and charm that ultimately wins over any hardened grumps into befriending each other and finding greater purpose through friendship. Her bubbly presence and steadfast sense of goodness even break down stubborn grouchiness.

Otto’s blue prefab neighborhood is home to an assortment of characters: from an athletic single guy who exercises by taking giant strides around the block to an elderly unconscious man in a wheelchair, a trans woman who uses her basket to distribute flyers, and some naughty kids who may or may not be better than they appear; all come together under Marisol and Tommy (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo from Lincoln Lawyer), who help nab grumpy old men and give them renewed purpose in life.

Otto reminds us that lasting style cannot be dictated by fleeting fashions or trends; rather, it must come from within, with custom dining chairs helping foster its creation.

Mila Klismos

The Klismos is an elegant design inspired by ancient Greek “Klismos” seats found depicted on Attic pottery. Similar seats were also made out of marble for use in public spaces like theatres and forums, such as proedria from Dionysos Theatre at Louvre (6th-4th centuries BC).

Romans adopted many aspects of Greek culture and design, which is evident in this style of chair. An excellent illustration can be found in Jacques-Louis David’s (1748-1825) monumental canvas, The Lictors Bring to Brutus the Bodies of His Sons, which shows Brutus sitting idly contemplating their fate while sitting on one.

Gillows of Lancaster and London is believed to have created this exceptional Regency mahogany klismos chair in around 1810. The unique outline and generous proportions can be attributed to this excellent example, while its quality craftsmanship suggests that it is one of the finest furniture makers from this period. It is virtually identical to one supplied to Harlewood House by Marsh and Tatham to Earl Beaufort around 1817 by Marsh and Tatham for use as seating in his entrance hall at Harlewood House Northamptonshire – both companies were responsible for its creation!


Blythe is a fashion doll known for her large head and quirky eyes, which change color when the string on her back is pulled. She stands the size of a Barbie and is widely loved due to her chic fashion sense, which mirrors current clothing trends.

Allison Katzman first designed Blythe for Kenner toys in 1972 and produced it through production, but her disproportionately massive head and eyes that changed color when pulled did not do well with children. Not until 1997, when New York photographer Gina Garan was given one and used her as practice material to perfect her photography, did the doll become widely popular again – she even published a book entitled This Is Blythe, containing beautiful photographs of Blythe!

Takara and Cross World Connections (CWC) reintroduced the Blythe line with an emphasis on fashion in 2001 under the brand Neo Blythe, though Hasbro still retains rights to trademark and license the name for the production of dolls bearing that name. CWC handles creative output for this doll series.

Inside Weather

Inside Weather offers customizable furniture with plenty of customization options. Their couches are simple yet modern in their minimalist approach to design, fitting well with modern or contemporary decors. Their made-to-order model reduces production costs as no warehouse full of stock needs to be kept on hand, eliminating showrooms or middlemen altogether.

They offer over 400 fabric and finish options, giving you plenty of customization choices to find a couch that reflects your aesthetic. Plus, if you wish to change colors or styles quickly, you can swap out seat and back cushions easily! Additionally, other unique features set this company apart from others selling custom furniture brands.

This website is easy to navigate and features a stylish design, though there’s no filter or sort function. Instead, there’s an instantaneous customization tool that updates a 360-degree couch photo live.