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Military Veterans to Benefit From Sales of Junkyard Joe #1 Comic Book

Junkyard Joe #1, a new comic book from Image Comics, will be released on October 8th, 2022. The book tells the story of Joe, a robotic veteran of the Vietnam War who goes on the hunt for the comic book artist he believes created him. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of variant cover editions of the book will go to veterans’ charities.

Supporting At-Risk Veterans At Home and Abroad

The sale of a new comic book set to release this fall will benefit veterans. Variant black-and-white cover editions of Junkyard Joe #1 will help veterans in two nations. It was created by writer/artist team Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, who have chosen to support two charities: Veterans Aid in the UK and the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans in the US.

These five special edition covers will help veterans struggling with homelessness and provide them with the needed assistance in honor of Geoff Johns’ grandfather and Gary Frank’s grandparents, both of whom served in WWII. The Mad Ghost Productions company will donate an additional $2 separately for each issue purchased.

Billions of people owe it to military veterans for protecting their country and way of life. Unfortunately, many veterans face challenges when they return home from combat. Homelessness is a common problem. Veterans make up nearly one in four homeless people in the United States, despite representing only a tiny percentage of the adult population. In addition to mental health problems like post-traumatic stress disorder, many veterans struggle to find a job or adjust to civilian life. Others cannot afford a place to live.

There are many dangers that homeless veterans face on the street. They are at risk for violence, robbery, and sexual assault. They are also at risk for exposure to the elements, which can lead to hypothermia or heat stroke. Additionally, they may not have access to clean water or food, leading to malnutrition or dehydration.

Charities Fighting For Those Who Fought For Us

NCHV is the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, and they work to end homelessness among veterans. They do this by providing housing and services to veterans and by working with government and private organizations to create solutions to the problem of veteran homelessness.

Veterans Aid is a charity in the United Kingdom that provides financial assistance to veterans in need. They also raise awareness of veteran homelessness and support other organizations working to help homeless veterans.

How You Can Help

Comic book fans can help these charities by purchasing variant cover editions of Junkyard Joe #1 when the books hit shelves in October. Donations can also be made to charities directly at their respective websites.

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