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Middlesboro Middle School IXL

Middlesboro Middle School IXL has seen many improvements over the last two years. Students are being prepared for life after high school by participating in GEAR UP programs such as college visits and academic tutoring, among others.

IXL provides students with an amazing immersive learning experience, enabling them to practice thousands of math and language arts skills in school, at home, or while traveling – as well as real-time diagnostics and recommendations to support them as they grow.

IXL is not a replacement for in-class instruction

Middlesboro Middle School has taken an innovative approach to combating the rising number of students with learning disabilities. Partnering with IXL to assist their pupils more efficiently in learning math and English skills that they may be having difficulty with has been extraordinary, providing teachers insight into progress as well as allowing pupils to see how well they compare against their peers.

IXL can be an invaluable way to motivate students and develop healthy study habits, but it should not replace in-class instruction; students who use IXL need regular contact with their teacher to stay abreast of classwork and gain more information from using it. Unfortunately, the software cannot answer questions instantly and may lead to frustration if students get any wrong answers on IXL tests.

Middle schools have also taken steps to promote literacy with their introduction of a “Feed and Read” program that seeks to increase reading levels during summer vacation. Utilizing resources from LINK grants, The Children’s Reading Foundation of Appalachia, and local libraries – students receive books to keep throughout summer vacation.

IXL is an interactive web-based curriculum used by over 14 million students worldwide. It provides immersive learning experiences, insights into student progress, and recommendations for next steps. Students can practice thousands of math, language arts, science, social studies, and Spanish skills both at school, home or on the go – with personalized feedback available, award notifications sent directly to users as well as access to social media communities where other users may interact.

It is not a learning tool

Middlesboro Middle School hosted its Educational Showcase and Leadership Day on October 20, drawing over 300 families and community members. Every classroom was open for parents to view and ask questions, while students gave a variety of performances throughout the event. Jenna Voges, Mary Allen, Tate Jackson, and Jordyn Ferguson presented Learning Innovation Grant projects as well.

IXL is a math and language arts practice tool that adapts to each student’s skill level and awards achievement badges. With immersive learning experiences, analytics tools, real-time recommendations, educator support, and free trial access available for educators as well as their students – IXL makes practice fun!

Students in fourth-grade math classes can hone their skills using IXL’s collection of engaging games for fourth graders. These games help develop number sense, place value, fractions, and multiplication. Games available include Gobble Squabble, It’s Glow Time – Mean, Median, Mode & Range; Math Fact Basketball; and Math Lines Addition. To find out more about IXL visit its website; parent ratings and reviews as well as state test scores, teacher ratios academic programs, and resources are all featured therein.


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