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Marmot Review – Best Research on Healthy Lives


Marmot Review – Many people have this misconception that Marmot is an organization that is related to health inequalities. However, Marmot is the last name of Professor Sir Michael Marmot. He owns the institute of health equity, where they work towards health equity and action on the social determinants of health. They aim to review and assess global evidence about the drivers of health inequalities.

Through this, they want to support countries and health partners in addressing social factors that lead to ill health. Professor Sir Michael Marmot sent a report, “Fair Society, healthy lives,” to reduce health inequalities in England post-2010. Let’s find out more in our Marmot Review.

Marmot Review

Marmot Review – Findings and Recommendations

When he put his opinion in front of the media, people started to understand and follow him. They saw necessary findings which changed their perception in a big way. A few of them could be as below:

  1. People living in poor neighborhoods had seven years less life span than people living in wealthy communities.
  2. In addition to earlier death, poor people live with a high disability, making it a misery of almost 17 years.
  3. The factors behind health inequalities were mostly income, housing, education, disability, etc.

Marmot Review – The Case for Action

Marmot explains how there is more to be concern about than the bottom 10 percent of health inequalities. You can find the poorer outcomes from top to down. He expresses his thoughts on how there is a need to reduce the steepness of the social gradient of health inequalities with a specific scale and intensity. The foremost action is to generate conditions and situations where people will voluntarily take control of their own lives. And secondly, there is an urgency of how we should take care of economic cost and environmental sustainability simultaneously.

Marmot Review – A Framework for Action

After all his case studies, Marmot was able to portray six clear objectives of what should be the utmost priority. Let’s see each one of them as below:

  1. Every child deserves a healthy start in life.
  2. Letting children and young people explore their capabilities and taking control over their lives.
  3. Generating fair employment and good work for all.
  4. They all should be able to have a healthy standard of their lives.
  5. The need to develop sustainable communities for our people
  6. Taking correct steps to minute the impacts of ill-health.


By the end of the blog, you have learned the vision of Professor Sir Michael Marmot on the health conditions of people, especially in England. The situations are more or less similar in many other countries as well. We can study and learn from his research to strengthen the healthcare departments of our countries. This Marmot Review is an alarm for us to start taking health inequalities seriously and work sincerely toward them.



Marmot Review

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How do I contact them for any further queries?

If you want to contact them, you can email them at If you have to contact them for any media and press queries, you can email them at or call them at 07739419219.

Where is their head office?

Their head office is at the department for epidemiology and public health university college, 1-19 Torrington Place, London.

Who is the owner of the Institute of Health Equity?

The owner of the Institute of Health Equity is Sir Michael Marmot. Due to his dedication, work and speech, people remember the institution by Marmot instead of the “Institute of Health Equity.”


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