Lucas Suitcase Reviews

Lucas Suitcase Reviews

Before purchasing a new Lucas suitcase, you might want to look at the features, colours, price, warranty, and more. Read on to learn more about each one! You may be surprised to learn that these cases come in different sizes and weights, and you can even get one for your baby! There are some disadvantages, too. Here are some of the most common complaints about the Lucas suitcases. However, most customers are happy with their purchases and recommend them to others!


When choosing the perfect luggage for a trip, many options are available. Lucas offers several styles and colours at reasonable prices, and their hard-side expandable spinner collection comes in three sizes. This luggage is very lightweight and offers generous internal storage space. Many of the models feature expandable soft sides for extra room. If you’re looking for a good suitcase for a family trip, consider the Lucas Luggage Hardside Expandable Spinner.

The Lucas ABC Large hard-side case features scratch-resistant ABS material and spinner wheels. It also comes with two carry handles and a zippered divider. The case also has standard compression straps and a zippered divider for extra storage. Its expandable design gives you plenty of flexibility when you need to fit more items into a small suitcase. If you’re travelling with children, the Lucas ABC Large hard side case has a handle that can be repositioned.

Several Lucas suitcases have expandable zippers that add up to two to four inches of packing space. Some even have zippers that can be locked with a travel lock. Other styles feature multiple exterior compartments for easy organization. You can also purchase a detachable hanging satchel. The Lucas Ultra Lightweight line has an expandable wheeled handle, spinner wheels, and telescoping handle for added security.


When shopping for a new suitcase, you might wonder what’s the best brand. Many luggage brands have a reputation for being too expensive, but you’ll find the prices for Lucas suitcases are more affordable than you think. Lucas luggage is made of polyester fabric and offers maximum protection. Its features include 360-degree spinner wheels and a telescopic push-button handle system. This luggage has an affordable price tag and a high-quality design.

A Lucas carry-on or checked suitcase has basic packing options, such as exterior pockets and compression straps. Some models, like the 16-inch Underseat Cabin Bag, have extra features such as a document holder and a detachable hanging satchel. However, you may find these suitcases too bulky to carry a large laptop and suffer from zipper problems comfortably. To avoid this, you may want to consider other models from Lucas.

The 22-inch carry-on comes in over 15 different designs. It is shaped like a duffel bag but has a telescopic push-button handle system and expandable storage compartments. This luggage is large enough to carry a few days’ belongings. It can also be loaded with heavy items. This one has a higher weight capacity than the smaller travel bags.


A Lucas Suitcase might be a good option if you’re on a tight budget. These bags come in several colours and basic packing options, including interior pockets and tie-down straps. A checked luggage case from Lucas can carry fourteen to seventeen outfits for a twelve to fifteen-day trip. Expandable features allow for additional packing capacity and make the bag easier to handle. The Lucas 16-inch under-seat cabin bag includes a separate document holder and detachable hanging satchel.

Most Lucas luggage is lightweight, but it’s important to consider durability. The case’s materials aren’t exactly the best for frequent travellers, but they’ll last for three to five years under semi-frequent use. In addition to ABS and polyester materials, the Lucas brand uses a polycarbonate film covering. This material protects your belongings from damage by the elements, but it’s not TSA-approved.

Some customers complained that the Lucas 16-inch under-seat cabin bag was not sturdy. The top handle didn’t connect properly to the frame, and the stitching started loose after several uses. Zippers often break after a few uses. However, most consumers were satisfied with their purchases. It’s still worth checking out Lucas’s price before buying one. There are a few disadvantages to it, but the quality of its materials and design makes it worth the price.


A Lucas suitcase might be the way to go if you’re on a budget and want the best travel suitcase. While these suitcases are well-made and roll smoothly, there are several problems with the quality of their zippers and stitching. Luckily, a Lucas suitcase comes with a warranty covering the manufacturer’s defects. Read on to learn more. This article will explain how the warranty works and whether a Lucas suitcase is worth the money.

The first thing to consider is the price. You may be able to get a good deal on a Lucas suitcase with a warranty from the company. Most cases have a two-year warranty, and you can also get free shipping worldwide. It’s easy to find a good deal on a Lucas suitcase. You can choose between a carry-on and a checked luggage option, as well as luggage sets.

While it’s not the lightest travel luggage on the market, Lucas suitcases are considerably lighter than their competitors. The average carry-on weighs eight pounds, while a Lucas suitcase can weigh as little as six pounds. While most Lucas suitcases are fitted with four spinner wheels, some are equipped with two fixed wheels. Some models have double spinner wheels, which make them ideal for travelling with a large laptop.


The traveller’s requirements often determine the size of a Lucas Suitcase. There is a wide variety of sizes, including medium, large, and extra-large. In addition to offering ample packing space, the luggage is built to endure frequent handling, including airline checks and multiple rounds of security screening. Whether travelling for a short trip or moving to another state or country, a Lucas Suitcase will be a perfect choice.

While this brand is mainly focused on travel luggage, there are also other brands whose products are aimed at a specific market. Besides Lucas, the company also operates Andiamo, Pathfinder, Nicole Miller, Caribbean Joe, Rosetti, Lily Bloom, and Kathy Van Zeeland. These brands are owned by 24/7 International LLC and are based in Pine Brook, New Jersey. The company’s website is encrypted and uses the latest upgraded technology and software systems.

While most reviews of Lucas suitcases are positive, they aren’t entirely positive. The company’s customer service isn’t great, and its warranty terms are terrible. Getting a replacement from them can be a hassle, and most cases don’t cover shipping costs. Although inexpensive, many customers complain about the quality of their suitcases after just a few trips. The luggage is sometimes heavier than advertised, so buyers should consider this factor carefully before deciding.

Price range

Regarding price, the Lucas suitcase is a budget-friendly choice with a few nice features that make packing and travelling easier. There are no super-strong materials or gimmicky add-ons, but they are surprisingly well-made for their price. If you plan to use your suitcase exclusively for travel, you might be disappointed with its lack of expandable zippers and small, rigid interior.

The most notable feature of a Lucas suitcase is its price. It’s priced below $100 and has generous internal storage. The brand also features expandable soft-side cases that give you more room when needed. The Lucas 28″ soft-sided checked case is a great choice if you’re on a budget. This case weighs less than seven pounds and is highly rated for its space. The Lucas suitcase is an excellent value, with its nice features and various colours available.

The Treadlite line is available in a variety of sizes. You can choose a carry-on or a checked suitcase. Both styles are affordable. The Treadlite line is lightweight and expandable, while the Outlander collection is a bit larger and more expensive. While both are excellent options, you should note that the Outlander is not TSA-approved. Lucas’s Ultra Lightweight collection will make your trip easier and less stressful if you’re planning to take your luggage on a long trip.