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Lottery Winners News

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Some winners squander their winnings. Others become targets of financial predators and fake charities. Others must relocate because of money, while some are even murdered over it.
New Jersey Lottery

The New Jersey Lottery is a state-owned and operated lottery company offering players an opportunity to win cash prizes. At the same time, its proceeds support education, health, and civic issues by being donated back to local agencies and charities. Since 1970, nearly $10 billion worth of prizes have been distributed from this state-operated lottery as it contributes to county colleges, school nutrition plans, educational scholarships/grants programs as well as veterans homes/correctional institutions – with around 40% of revenues used towards prizes/administrative costs/

New Jersey lottery officials reported that in 2018 a Vernon man won a $533 Million Mega Millions jackpot prize from Lukoil gas stations in Riverdale where his winning ticket was purchased, NJ Lottery officials stated. He took the cash option and moved to Florida with it.

In June, the New Jersey Lottery introduced Quick Draw Multiplier as part of its ongoing focus on innovation and customer service. They also unveiled their inaugural instant game based on Tetris video gaming!

The Lottery underwent another dramatic change in August when they introduced Monday evening drawings as well as their Double Play add-on, offering players more chances to win big!

The NJ Lottery app is the ultimate way to stay informed on the latest lottery results, as well as track your tickets and see if any are winners. Use it to see if you’ve won Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash4Life Jersey Cash 5, Pick 6, and other lotteries; estimated jackpots for all these games are displayed and updated automatically!

The New Jersey Lottery, established in 1970, is one of the oldest state lotteries and one of the most successful lotteries in North America, continually innovating with new games and technology. Early games required no player input beyond purchasing tickets with preprinted potential winning combinations on them. Today, however, its players enjoy even greater participation through innovative new game formats that continue to develop their business model.
California Lottery

The California Lottery was established in 1985 and has raised an astounding $43.8 billion for public schools and colleges since. Offering numerous games – Mega Millions, Powerball, and Scratchers tickets among them – players have the chance to win huge rewards including Mega Millions, Powerball and Scratchers tickets! Players can access this lotto online or visit participating retailers where players can make entries into draws through the concierge service.

Friday night’s Powerball drawing may not have yielded the big prize, but someone in California did win $1 Million by matching five white numbers at a bowling alley near Napa – although their ticket has yet to be claimed and has resulted in a jackpot estimated at approximately $685 Million for Wednesday evening’s drawing.

Although the California Lottery remains popular, recent years have not witnessed too many major winners. Still, smaller wins have had an impactful effect on some lucky players’ lives; an example is the $23 Million Jackpot won by one lucky woman last month who purchased her ticket from Copacabana Market in Northridge where it will receive an $115,000 bonus payment as a result of selling such ticket.

California produced two billion-dollar winners in 2023: both were tickets purchased at Las Palmitas Mini Market near downtown Los Angeles, and another ticket from Frazier Park’s Midway Market sold in October. Both winners resided in Southern California; the identity of one was revealed in January while the identity of another winner, identified as Yanira Alvarez, was revealed just this Friday.

Prize payout policies vary by state; in California Lottery prizes are paid out in one lump sum after deducting federal withholding of 24% to 33% depending on prize value, in one payment. Lottery winners may claim cash, merchandise, or annuity payments with no state income tax due upon receiving their prize; winners must submit all proper documentation when claiming them. In addition to providing numerous ways to win big with California Lottery events and promotions tailored towards players.
Iowa Lottery

The Iowa Lottery is a state-run lottery offering players a range of lottery games since 1985. Over this period, billions have been raised through this revenue source and utilized to support various initiatives including education, bolstering law enforcement, agriculture, and more. Popular games offered include Powerball Mega Millions Lotto America Lucky for Life which are all sold exclusively at authorized Iowa retailers.

Saturday’s $1.3 billion Powerball jackpot went unclaimed, but one Newton firefighter, Trent Baker, 37, won a $1 million consolation prize after matching five numbers but missing the Powerball number, according to a news release from Clinton Liquor who received a bonus payment of $2,000 from the lottery for selling him his ticket.

At the close of its fiscal year ending June 30th, 2022, the lottery contributed over $430 million to state programs, with almost 97 million going toward the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund, Public Safety Survivor Benefits Fund, and general fund. Furthermore, millions were donated directly to local governments.

Iowa Lottery also offers many state-specific games beyond Powerball and Mega Millions, such as Hot Lotto and Lotto America, at just $1 each to play and with potentially large jackpots for those with the right combination of numbers. Plus there is an assortment of scratch-offs suitable for anyone.

Players can access the latest Iowa Lottery results online. After every drawing, these results are posted online for easy viewing by simply clicking on any particular draw or game. These numbers have been verified by an independent accounting firm for accuracy; should any concerns arise please reach out to them via 1-800-BETS OFF for more assistance.
Connecticut Lottery

The Connecticut Lottery provides players with a selection of games, with an emphasis on transparency, fairness, and responsible gaming. Proceeds from ticket sales benefit state programs including education and health care services through proceeds generated from ticket sales. Players can purchase tickets at authorized retailers across Connecticut. In addition to providing players with many games, they can purchase tickets directly at authorized retailers throughout the state and claim winning tickets within 180 days after each drawing takes place.

The lottery’s latest results and Smart Picks can be seen on its website and Lotto Strategies for players to review. Winning numbers are generated using a random number generator for fair and impartial results while publishing the frequency of each number helps players decide which numbers they will play and make informed decisions on which numbers and amounts to wager.

In addition to instant-win games, the Connecticut Lottery also offers several drawing-style games such as Lotto, Cash 5, and Lucky for Life. Lotto is the oldest of these four main lottery games in Connecticut and draws every Tuesday and Friday night with a rolling jackpot of at least $1 Million; players may add the Kicker add-on for increased odds.

There are still three high-prize Connecticut Lottery tickets that remain unclaimed, one being from Monday night’s Powerball drawing: 19-29-35-36-45 and Powerball 16. A ticket that matched these numbers, but did not include Power Play, was purchased at Rosie’s Halal Food Deli & Convenience Store in Ansonia.

While most lottery winners choose to claim their prizes personally, others use legal entities like trusts or business partnerships to conceal their identities. When this happens, the lottery may promote the winner using this legal entity’s name; however, before receiving their prize they must present it at an authorized Lottery Retailer in person for processing.