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Lola’s Garden

FCM Hospitality’s Lola’s Garden restaurant and patio space, offering indoor/outdoor dining with an inviting menu and friendly staff members that deliver an authentic dining experience in Ardmore’s Suburban Square, promises an authentic dining experience for diners.

Greg Vassos, a Main Line resident, can look forward to an exquisite dining experience when dining at his newly appointed restaurant on Main Line. With new ideas transforming its structure – quite literally! – as its executive chef.

Gardening Tips

An easy garden solution, succulent gardens are low maintenance and need only minimal watering, yet it is still essential to understand their proper care and cultivation. The soil must be well-draining to prevent waterlogging that leads to fungal disease; use potting mix amended with coarse sand, pumice, or coir instead of regular soil with high clay content; for the best results add sunlight where possible if none exists or consider installing grow lights instead.

Lola is an eye-catching hybrid succulent created from Echeveria deresina and Echeveria Lilacina, making a striking rose-shaped succulent in various colors that looks similar to a rosebud. With rosettes that reach four inches wide and delicate leaves in light purple or gray shades, Lola adds vibrant pops of color and blooms each spring with vibrant bell-shaped flowers, making Lola an eye-catching addition to any garden space.

When growing Lola indoors in a container, ensure it features drainage holes so watering can penetrate all soil layers until draining out at the bottom. For outdoor growing, it is recommended that acclimation to full morning sun should take place before moving it permanently outdoors; afternoon sunlight is too harsh and could damage its leaves.

If you want to propagate Lola, wait for its offshoots (offshoots) to form before carefully extracting and planting them into succulent potting soil. Seed propagation can also work but may take much longer and is less reliable.

Mealybugs can be dangerous to succulent gardens during winter when leaves have shrunk significantly and plants become more vulnerable. To protect Lola from mealybug infestation, spray it regularly with neem oil spray – this should keep mealybugs at bay and ensure her plant remains healthy and vibrant! Alternatively, make your homemade solution using equal parts water and vinegar – for even greater effectiveness!


Lola decides to start her flower garden after reading a book of garden poems, so she and her mother visit the library to browse flower books, choose favorites from them, purchase seeds for them, and plant them. Once everything has sprouted into life, they wait eagerly!

Lola’s garden is flourishing with vibrant plants and blooming with vibrant flowers, which she is eager to show her friends and neighbors – but first needs to weed and water! Once that is completed, Lola can invite her friends for delicious crunchy peas and plump strawberries from her garden!

Anna McQuinn is an award-winning illustrator, children’s librarian, and author of over twenty books for young readers published worldwide in over thirty languages. In addition, Anna has worked in television and film as a scriptwriter for Disney Channel programming and animation artist on Sesame Street shows – her current residence is in New York City.

FCM Hospitality has long been an established presence on the Main Line dining scene with their award-winning Center City restaurants, but now they’ve ventured out into Ardmore with Lola’s Garden: a restaurant, bar, and beer/wine garden hybrid that’s bringing Manhattan sophistication and atmosphere to Suburban Square.

Lola’s Garden features a breathtaking combination of lush greenery and flowers paired with natural materials and found objects repurposed from recycled sources. Additionally, Lola’s Garden features green-house style seating that includes outdoor patio seating for summer months and covered trellises for fall/winter dining.

Lola’s Garden draws its culinary inspiration from seasonal changes, and many dishes are prepared fresh every day from scratch. Working closely with local farms allows the restaurant to source seasonal and new ingredients for their menu, showcasing the region’s bounty while their chefs strive to deliver an approachable, authentic dining experience.

Lola’s Garden serves lunch and dinner daily, with brunch on weekends. There are 125 seats in their all-weather seating area and 100 inside, making this an excellent location for family meals or dates!


Lola is a local florist and passionately enjoys gardening. Her dream is to have her own yard, but she can’t bear leaving her cozy apartment around the corner from her shop, so instead, she loves creating window boxes filled with masterpieces for passersby to appreciate. This rustic wall art window print makes a thoughtful gift for travelers, gardeners, or anyone who enjoys ornate European architecture.

Lola Beer Ebner Sculpture Garden

This sculpture garden connects the Museum’s Main Building and the Herta and Paul Amir Building and serves as an essential showcase of Israeli as well as international modern and contemporary sculpture from modern masters such as Micha Ullman, Menashe Kadishman, Ofer Lellouche, and Dov Feigin among many others. The garden’s low level and trees create a distinct urban/museum space; works from some of these artists, such as Yitzhak Danziger Micha Ullman Menashe Kadishman Ofer Lellouche and Dov Feigin, are among its notable sculptures within its collection.

Lola’s Garden was designed by architect Avram Hornik and features an eclectic garden setting with a natural, vibrant aesthetic. By inviting nature indoors, this venue combines the look and feel of a community living room with comfortable, family-friendly dining and entertaining areas. Hornik is known locally for his Center City eateries, Harper’s Garden, and Morgan’s Pier, as leaders in using recycled, natural, and repurposed materials in his venues.

Macko’s work consists of interlocking shapes that refer to the cell structure of plants. Magnolia Editions, an Oakland-based fine arts print studio that also produced Close’s works, assisted Macko in selecting thread colors to match her digital image best; then, this thread color selection was sent off to a Belgian mill using traditional jacquard looms for weaving. ultimately, the resultant piece is tight, durable, and true to Macko’s vision.


The ideal planters are weather-resistant materials like metal, copper, and tin that will withstand outdoor elements like heat and moisture. Metal planters add an eye-catching accent to outdoor spaces; wooden planters offer more traditional elegance; these can even be painted or stained to match the home decor perfectly! Additionally, hanging baskets with pre-planted plants hung from hooks make for attractive accessories on porches, patios, and decks, especially when displayed alongside sun-loving varieties like tomatoes or beans!

Consider drainage and watering needs, including size, before purchasing a planter or pot. Many growers feature drainage holes; if not, drilling new holes is easy enough. A saucer could help protect surfaces below and catch excess liquid after watering.

Burlington Parks, Recreation & Waterfront collaborated with Audubon Vermont in 2017 to install self-watering planters featuring native species that attract pollinators and support wildlife at Old North End and Waterfront Park in downtown Burlington. These self-watering planters provide wildlife with food while supporting pollination.

Gardening can provide children an invaluable learning opportunity that encourages cognitive and social-emotional development while increasing awareness of their world by showing them how plants grow.

Inspired by a collection of garden poems, Lola decides to plant her flowers. Together with her mother, Lola visits the library in search of blooming species before purchasing seeds and planting them in her backyard. While waiting for sprouting seeds to appear, Lola makes a book featuring flower photos as she makes friends over for cake and punch parties!

Lola’s Garden is a delightful addition to Suburban Square. Boasting stunning indoor and outdoor dining spaces reminiscent of lush greenery inside, its menu offers something for every diner, from small bites to full entrees – not forgetting its delicious food and exceptional service that make Lola’s Garden an excellent spot for relaxing afternoon lunch or evening dinner! I highly recommend Lola’s Garden!


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