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Licensed Crime Scene Cleanup Companies

Professional crime scene cleanup companies specialize in remediating biohazards such as blood, bodily fluids, and tissues to a safe level for disposal. Hoarding situations require special care and consideration. Browse the Best info about licensed crime scene cleanup company in Racine WI.

Industry regulations demand comprehensive testing procedures and compliance, and as it can be a hazardous work environment, companies need to hire experienced personnel in this field.


Crime scene cleanup companies should employ biohazard technicians with extensive training. These professionals must undergo certification programs that teach them how to remove and dispose of biological waste safely, both through classroom instruction as well as hands-on practice with simulated scenes. Furthermore, they must pass a background check as well as be physically fit enough to work long shifts while wearing liquid-impermeable hazmat suits or other safety gear.

Crime scene cleanup companies must also obtain specific permits and licenses in order to operate effectively, including medical waste permits from state health departments or hazardous materials transporter licenses from the Department of Transportation. Furthermore, their vehicles should meet federal standards for the transport of biohazardous waste.

Crime scene cleanup companies should offer compassionate service in addition to possessing the necessary qualifications. Their employees should be sensitive towards family members of victims as they assist with cleaning processes. Furthermore, they should share testimonials from previous customers as well as explain their approach to cleaning up and disposing of scenes.

Crime scene cleanup companies must rely on their reputation in the community. To build one successfully, they must be professional, thorough, and quick in their service delivery – making this can help get referrals from law enforcement agencies or businesses that require this type of service.


Before beginning operations, crime scene cleanup companies must obtain all necessary licenses and insurance. This may involve registering their business with the state and receiving an EIN from the IRS; additionally, writing with local funeral homes, police departments, district attorney’s offices, and health departments is essential. Furthermore, crime scene cleaning businesses should obtain commercial general liability and business interruption insurance as well as purchase supplies such as hazmat suits, respirators, dust masks, heavy-duty gloves, and safety glasses.

State and local officials often require special permits or licenses in order to operate crime scene cleanup companies and transport biohazardous waste. Some jurisdictions mandate OSHA 30-hour training as well as adhering to EPA guidelines for handling and disposing of biohazard waste, with workers also having to undergo background checks and drug testing prior to working at any job site.

Most crime scene cleanup companies opt to form limited liability corporations (LLCs), as this structure reduces significant liability risks inherent to this business sector. C-corporations provide full separation between business assets and ownership but aren’t suitable for this type of venture due to record-keeping requirements and double taxation issues.


When an incident takes place at home, its aftermath must be cleaned up as quickly and thoroughly as possible. While initial responders may provide some initial cleanup services, ultimately, homeowners must hire a crime scene cleanup company themselves in order to restore it to a safe, decontaminated state. To protect themselves and themselves from risk-prone environments, choose a crime scene cleanup business with sufficient insurance and warranties.

Crime scene cleanup companies must carry workers’ compensation, general liability, and commercial auto policies in order to cover property damage and personal injuries caused by employees cleaning customers’ homes. Furthermore, they must have coverage for cleaning materials, transportation expenses, and medical/biohazard waste disposal expenses.

Referrals from law enforcement or insurance agents are an effective way to find an excellent crime scene cleanup provider. An ideal company will have a solid reputation, offering prompt and considerate service to victims as well as their families; additionally, they should feature 24-hour hotlines so they can respond swiftly should calls come in.

Crime scene cleanup companies must have reliable vehicles for transporting their equipment between jobs. Leasing or renting essential items like extractors and thermal foggers allows crime scene cleaning firms to save on upfront costs while joining industry associations and networks, which can provide invaluable contacts as well as lessons on best practices.


Reputation in an industry dealing with sensitive situations and hazardous materials is of utmost importance. A reputable company treats families with compassion and precision while working quickly to restore their homes. Furthermore, they abide by governmental regulations and standards set for everyone’s safety while respecting privacy and confidentiality.

Crime scene cleanup services often come recommended by police or first responders for the latter group of customers who require this service after hours or at night. To stay competitive against competitors, new businesses should focus on building relationships with police departments, hospitals, coroner offices, and home insurers so as to receive referrals.

Crime scene cleanup companies should look for opportunities to diversify and explore other niches. Some firms specialize in cleaning up meth labs; others focus on hoarding-related cleaning, which has become an increasing problem across America, with an estimated 2.6% of adults having this condition. To offer such services successfully, companies require additional training and equipment in order to remove potentially toxic material from premises safely.

Legally operating a crime scene cleanup business requires obtaining an employer identification number (EIN), which enables bank accounts and tax filing. In addition, crime scene cleaning companies should register with state health departments so as to receive all applicable permits and licenses for their specific areas.

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