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LG NeoChef LMC1575ST Review

Consumer Reports recently tested the LG NeoChef LMC1575ST Microwave Oven. In this review, we’ll look at the overall performance, ratings, and price of this microwave oven. In addition, we’ll talk about how it performed in terms of cooking speed and overall functionality.

LG NeoChef LMC1575ST Microwave Oven Tested at Consumer Reports

The LG NeoChef LMC1575ST microwave is a great choice for those who want a stylish microwave oven with many features. It features 1.5 cubic feet of capacity, ten power levels, and several time-saving features. It also has a 6-wheel turntable and SmoothTouch controls that are easy to use.

The LG NeoChef LMC1575ST microwave was tested at Consumer Reports as part of their countertop microwave oven test program. The Microwave ovens were rated on the speed at which they heat food, based on the rate at which water heated in the microwave reaches the desired temperature. In the countertop microwave oven test, the LG NeoChef LMC1575ST microwave received a 91 out of 100, making it the best microwave oven tested by the organization.

Another notable feature of this model is that it is very quiet. This model’s hums are very subdued, unlike some other brands. It also lacks voice commands and a probe. It also comes with an instruction manual that offers no guidance on common settings and does not offer many recipes. The instructions manual also doesn’t include directions for cooking foods using convection.

This model has a one-year warranty. This warranty is better than that of other manufacturers and doesn’t require shipping the unit to a repair center. This could be costly and time-consuming, especially considering the cost of a new microwave. Toshiba has customer support that can help you with the warranty process.

Besides a strong customer support team, you’ll want to consider other aspects when you buy a countertop microwave oven. First and foremost, you should consider your budget. While price is a very important factor, you shouldn’t forget about the quality of the product and how long it will last. You don’t want to end up with a microwave oven that is not dependable and doesn’t last long. The best way to ensure you’re getting the most for your money is to compare features from several products.

Another aspect to consider when deciding on a microwave oven is the quality of the manufacturing process. A good quality microwave oven will have consistent performance parameters across the units. Conversely, a low-quality microwave oven will likely fail to meet these requirements because of improper construction and materials.


The LG NeoChef LMC1575ST microwave oven is a member of the Consumer Reports’ Microwave Oven test program. It has received excellent scores. Its design and cooking quality makes it a good choice for a household. But consumers should know that this model has some drawbacks, too.


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