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Let’s Get Visual: Four Photographic Tips for Engaging Your Customers

It’s a cliche you’ve probably heard before: content is king.

While this is unquestionably true, remember that content is more than just words on a page. There’s a reason why the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Sometimes there’s no better way to convey a message, elicit an emotional response, or bring your brand to life than through the power of a picture. Check out the Best info about Instagram Comment Bot.

Here’s how you can use photography to build stronger bonds between your customers and your brand:

1. do it.

You are not a trained photographer. You need more than the thousands of dollars in equipment required to stage the types of highly finished photos seen in glossy magazines.

Don’t worry about it. You need a current smartphone or digital camera. Worry about the effect you want to accomplish rather than the technology and technicalities.

There is no more critical goal for today’s marketer than building trust between your brand and your customers. And there’s no quicker or more efficient way to cultivate those seeds of faith than to draw back the curtain and show them what’s happening behind the scenes.

Tiffany & Co. is a high-end brand with high-priced items. The brand utilizes its Instagram account to share photographs of its inner workings with the public, demonstrating that the famous turquoise box is more than just a status symbol.

2. Delegate the snapping to your consumers.

Nowadays, everyone has a camera in their pocket. As a result, mobile photo sharing has become an essential aspect of today’s Web culture.

Allow this trend to work to your advantage by placing your consumers in front of the camera and making a fantastic video highlighting your brand and the people who love it.

Warby Parker, a New York City-based eyewear company, asked its followers and customers to accompany them on a picture adventure through the city called “Walk of the Town.” Over 100 followers participated in nearly 700 photographs tagged with #warbywalk.

On two levels, this is an excellent marketing strategy. First and foremost, what better way to highlight the company’s unique, wacky frames than against the backdrop of one of the world’s most iconic style and fashion cities? Second, consider the residual PR value that arises from these 100 fans sharing their images with their followers and Facebook friends, who, in turn, are likely to remark on and share them with their networks.

3. Experiment.

When connecting with clients via social media, most businesses concentrate on the big four: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. However, several niche networking sites provide an excellent opportunity to employ photographs to acquire visibility to existing customers and new prospects.

Warby Parker, for example, is active on Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest, as the name suggests, is a pinboard-style social photo-sharing website. Users “pin” photographs to boards that they self-categorize by genre, allowing them to keep track of everything that appeals to them, from recipes to fashion to home design ideas. When pinners follow other users and like, comment on, or “repin” photographs to their boards, the social aspect comes into play.

People of the Second Chance, a faith-based nonprofit, uses Pinterest to raise awareness, advocate for their objective of sharing love and grace, and drive donations. In their online store, they sell products and inspirational photos that symbolize critical components of their aim.

By being prepared to experiment with smaller specialty networks such as Pinterest and Instagram, you can acquire additional exposure to your present clients while also catching the attention of new customers. It all starts with a bit of bravery and imagination.

4. Consider your options before acting, but think about things.

In the age of social media, once you send something out into the world, you have no control over it. So, before snapping away, take a second look at your images and ensure you’re sending the message you desire to avoid inadvertently inciting a negative backlash.

That being said, don’t be paralyzed by perfectionist tendencies. There’s no better way to showcase your brand’s individuality than with quirky, one-of-a-kind, creative, artsy, or clever photographs.

There’s a reason why Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm prioritizes posts with images: people enjoy looking at pictures. It’s really that simple at the end of the day.

So have some fun, be creative, and take some chances. After all, a stunning photo can genuinely do the work of a thousand words in portraying what your business represents.

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