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Lakenzie Jeans Review

Lakenzie Jeans Review

Lakenzie is a European streetwear brand that offers high-quality jeans at an optimal price. They offer various styles, such as cargo pants, ripped jeans, and track pants.

They also expand into other offerings, such as t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel. We put them through the wringer with panel testing from Neil Berrett, Wirecutter privacy and security editor Thorin Klosowski, Chubstr founding editor Bruce Sturgell, and This Fits blogger Aliotsy Andrianarivo.


The Swedish duo of Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede launched Frame in 2012 with a single pair of skinny jeans – now they’re a fashion house that produces four ready-to-wear collections per year. And they’re a brand that oozes excellent thanks to a mix of minimal design and the celebrity influence that has helped them become an A-list favorite.

Their cult denim styles are made from cotton, lyocell polyester, and elastane. They use water-saving dyeing processes and are designed to be more sustainable than other jeans.


Founded by husband and wife Louise and Gary Edgley, SLVRLAKE is best known for creating the finest in high-end denim. This oh-so-hip label is designed with the modern woman in mind, specializing in premium vintage-styled indigo denim. Their high-waisted cropped and skinny jeans are a staple in any wardrobe. They’ve covered you with their range of curated and sourced styles for the fashion lover on a budget. A slick, if a little pricey, this chic collection of designer jeans come with free US shipping and hassle-free returns. If you haven’t had a chance to get your hands on a pair, check out our e-commerce site for many options.

Tu Es Mon Tresor

Tu Es Mon Tresor is a luxury denim brand specializing in the oh-so-important art of crafting an affordable pair of jeans that will last. The label’s foxy line of mid-rise, high-waisted pants is constructed from a hybrid fiber blend that combines cotton with modal and stretch elastane to achieve a light, durable, and breathable weight. In the spirit of innovation, Tu Es Mon Tresor has incorporated the latest and most remarkable technologies into its designs, from using biodegradable materials to a new way to sew your jeans magic. Founded by Aimi Sahara, who has a history in the fashion industry, Tu Es Mon Tresor makes jeans that are cut above the rest.


RE/Done jeans are made from upcycled Levi’s and fit like a dream. They come in various shapes and sizes to suit everyone and can even be found in a wide range of colors.

Launched in 2014, RE/Done focuses on sustainability and conscious fashion. Its founders, Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur are dedicated to keeping heritage brands alive by upcycling them into modern fits.

RE/Done also aims to bring individual senses of style back to luxury fashion, a concept that fast-fashion trends have skewed over the years. They’ve mastered that skill by using recycled materials and creating high-quality products at a reasonable price.

Feel Studio

The latest and greatest in the illustrious studio suite that is Feel has been around for quite some time now. This is one of the most inclusive studios in town, allowing members to work out in various formats, from traditional class offerings to a host of boutique studios. Despite its modest budget, Feel boasts a highly trained staff of fitness buffs eager to share their enthusiasm for all things movement related and provide a well-stocked retail store for the avid shopper. Aside from the plethora of classes, the onsite spa and salon are the fanciest part of the equation. This includes a state-of-the-art nail bar and a full-service hair salon that is as chic as possible.

Good American

Good American is a women’s size-inclusive brand co-founded by Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede. The brand’s jeans, denim, swim, shoes, and activewear are designed to fit every body shape.

Its mission is “to break down barriers for curvier women.” The company launched in 2016 with a jeans collection that earned $1 million on its launch date and has since expanded into clothing, swimwear, shoes, sleepwear, and athleticwear.

The line offers styles in sizes 00-32, and the Always Fits collection claims to stretch up to four dimensions. It also requires all its retail partners to carry its full range and display it in a way that reflects its inclusive message.