Good Salary

Is $27 An Hour A Good Salary?

Dependent upon where you live and your other financial goals, whether $27 an hour is an appropriate salary may depend on several factors. While saving money and meeting financial obligations with this income alone is possible, supplementing earnings through side hustles such as nights and weekend work could provide even greater financial security.


Seasonal employees are employed by businesses during busy seasons, like holiday shopping and summer resort tourism. Seasonal employees provide companies with extra assistance without making a full-time commitment while giving workers (often students) experience and additional cash flow.

Employing seasonal workers can save companies significant sums compared to full-time or part-time employee hires since these workers need only be paid when needed – although federal and state laws still require companies to pay seasonal employees at least the minimum wage.

Seasonal workers may qualify for overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours in any one week – much like regular company employees.