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Iquitos Jungle Tour

Escape the bustle of city life on an all-inclusive jungle tour that leads deep into the Amazon. This tour provides transport, accommodation, meals, and activities. Quick tips on Iquitos jungle tour.

Explore the rainforest, hike through rivers, witness exotic flora and fauna, visit a local tribe, and experience Amazonian culture! On this 4-day excursion, you will gain insight into its fascinating history through the rubber boom.

Day 1

After an early flight from Lima, your local guide will meet you at the airport and transfer you to a jungle lodge. On your first day in Peru, you’ll enjoy piranha fishing, visiting an anaconda farm, freshwater dolphin watching, and canoe rides through a lagoon!

Your journey will culminate with a boat ride to meet the Yaguas people, an indigenous group renowned for their intricate basket-making skills and pottery production. They’ll share stories about their culture, daily lives, and traditions before you meet them on land.

On day 2, you’ll enjoy a hike through the jungle, witnessing monkeys, birds, and other wildlife in their natural environment. Plus, visit an animal rescue center to gain more insight into their work to save animals from extinction and foster conservation efforts.

Day 2

On Day Two of your Iquitos jungle tour, the focus will be exploring and familiarizing yourself with the local area. You’ll visit a monkey rehabilitation project designed to rehabilitate mistreated monkeys before heading into the forest for a botanical plant walk.

As part of your jungle lunch in Peru, you’ll experience its cuisine – which features traditional and exotic dishes from across its diverse regions.

Your expert naturalist guide will lead you on an expedition deep into the Amazon rainforest. You’ll see monkeys, delicate tree frogs, and pink river dolphins as you hike along trails or head out on skiff excursions. In the evening, there may even be an option to go on an evening excursion and search for black caiman!

Day 3

Iquitos is the northern gateway to the Peruvian jungle and offers unique culture and fascinating history while serving as a home base to several fantastic rainforest areas.

Start exploring the Iquitos jungle on this 3-day, 2-night tour to experience wildlife and native Amazonian communities! Staying at an eco-lodge, excursions include boat rides, visits with native tribes, piranha fishing excursions, night caiman tours, and much more.

On this day, you’ll enjoy an exciting jungle hike to spot monkeys, birds, and other animals; visit an indigenous community and gain insight into their culture and customs; then enjoy an evening canoe ride down the Amazon River at sunset!

Day 4

Experience Iquitos’ jungle with a boat ride along the Amazon River, stopping to admire Victoria Regia (Amazon Orchid), and swimming in a lagoon where pink and gray dolphins are often spotted.

Iquitos rainforest is periodically inundated by whitewater rivers carrying nutrients-rich sediment from the Andes mountains, creating an intricate web of lakes, marshes, levees, and bars.

Touring this area gives visitors an excellent opportunity to see an abundance of birds and monkeys, visit an eco-butterfly farm and native communities where you can purchase traditional handicrafts, and learn about the history and customs of local people while making memories!

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