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In Loving Memory Tour Tickets

In Loving Memory is another triumph from Blackbear, featuring powerful lyrics and instrumentals alike. He pays homage to his roots in emo/pop punk with notable collaborations by genre artists The Used, New Found Glory, and Bayside – as well as including some new talent like them on this release.

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Tickets to In Loving Memory shows typically go on sale 4-6 months ahead of the show date, or sometimes more. Whether you want front row or other seats at another venue, purchasing concert tickets early to ensure no disappointment should the show sell out before you get your chance. Lower-level arena seating near bars and bathrooms often provides cheaper tickets, while higher-end tickets usually run for more than $150 for each ticket.

VIP tickets to an In Loving Memory event may include meet and greets, backstage passes, and other exclusive perks at a live In Loving Memory show. They may also come with front-row or floor seating, depending on the event and venue – making your experience all the more unforgettable. Purchasing In Loving Memory VIP tickets can make your experience truly special.

Blackbear’s previous album, Everything Means Nothing, was an outstanding success in 2020 with hits like Hot Girl Bummer and Queen of Broken Hearts. His unique blend of genres made the emo-pop artist renowned. Now, with In Loving Memory, he returns to his roots while paying homage to his alternative/rock background.

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Witnessing In Loving Memory perform live is one of the most exciting events this summer. Comprised of Bones, Xavier Wulf, and Eddy Baker – they’re touring to support their latest album, BONES x Xavier Wulf x Eddy Baker: In Loving Memory. Visiting cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and beyond will make for unforgettable shows this summer!


After an extended absence, In Loving Memory has announced their return. They plan to release new material and perform their first shows in over 20 years – their original lineup has also returned for several hometown dates in September.

The band has joined forces with independent labels Init Records, Zegema Beach Records, and Illuminate My Heart Records to reissue their early discography as well as produce a limited edition cassette of their forthcoming album – each cassette is individually numbered and hand-stamped with artwork designed by one of their band members – Jen Wiley. Additionally, A Gentler Sun has been released.

Blackbear returns with his sixth studio album in loving memory of a loved one. This release spans several genres such as screamo, pop, dance punk, and even metal music – representing a full circle moment for him as an artist who explores loss, pain, and sobriety through music.

Blackbear’s debut album features cameo appearances by multi-platinum-selling rapper Machine Gun Kelly and The Used frontman Bert McCracken, making for an eclectic blend of styles that has something for everyone. Additionally, its name itself serves as an accurate reflection of where black bear stands today in life.

In Loving Memory was an American screamo band from Des Moines, Iowa, that formed in 1998 and disbanded subsequently in 2001, but their influence can still be felt today in modern screamo acts like Rue Morgue, Dispensing of False Halos, and Too Pure to Die. Now making their comeback with two hometown shows in September as well as an album sure to please fans of all ages, In Loving Memory has just announced two comeback shows set for September and is promising an album that promises something special for fans old enough.

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At blackbear’s new album, nothing matters, his songs capture all the emotions one can experience; from love and heartbreak to collaborations with MOD SUN and an exciting tour featuring Waterparks State Champs and Heart Attack Man. We sat down with him to learn more about the recording process as well as where his musical future may lie.

Des Moines-based screamo band In Loving Memory has reformed with their original lineup, performing their first hometown shows in over two decades. Renowned for their high-energy performances and distinctive dual vocal approach, In Loving Memory’s new material, such as remixed/remastered original LP releases and their newly issued EP, is receiving positive feedback on social media platforms.


Blackbear is a multi-platinum artist, known for his signature blend of pop, R&B, hip-hop and R&B sounds. Since 2012 he has released music under his own name while writing songs for artists like Maroon 5. His latest release, In Loving Memory, is his most mature project yet, with genres including rap and R&B coming together in one album. Kyle McMahon speaks with him on this episode about this project and more!

Since 1998, Des Moines, Iowa, screamo band In Loving Memory has gained prominence on the hardcore scene, playing alongside bands such as Rue Morgue and Dispensing of False Halos. Following an initial break-up in 2001, In Loving Memory has reformed, with original members rejoicing as members in 2003 – becoming an incredible force ever since!

This reissue of their 1997 debut LP boasts the original lineup and production, as well as two previously unreleased bonus tracks on CD. The remastered version contains plenty of instantaneous standouts like the opening track “The Oaf,” the emotionally catchy chorus in “That Song,” the moody atmospheric “Under the Lighthouse,” minor-keyed “Both Sides of the Bed,” with lush five-part harmony arrangements, among many more.

In Loving Memory will embark on a summer tour in support of their newly released album this May 20. Tickets are already on sale; follow the band on social media to stay informed about when and where they’ll be performing next! Also, make sure that you sign up with Bandsintown so you get alerted for future concerts by In Loving Memory!


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