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I Fought the Law in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 offers V the option of I Fought The Law as a side job when they reach Level 9 of their Stearn Cred and complete Life During Wartime. This investigation follows in the wake of Night City Mayor Lucius Rhyne’s death and looks into possible suspects for prosecution.

Beginning their task, players will meet Elizabeth and Jefferson Peralez in Heywood’s The Glen district for help investigating Rhyne’s death.

The Mission

Cyberpunk 2077, developed by CD Projekt Red – best known for their Witcher series – is an outstanding first-person shooter that takes place in an alternate future where megacorps control everything – the player follows a mercenary who works for one of these megacorps as they complete tasks with ease and use various weapons with great skill and ease. A unique and addictive experience, Cyberpunk 2077 provides plenty of content and guns to use!

I Fought the Law is the second side quest in the game and requires you to meet with Elizabeth and Jefferson Peralez, who want you to investigate Mayor Lucius Rhyne’s death. To do so, you must search your city for clues – this may mean sneaking inside clubs such as Red Queen’s Race – before finally solving this case.

Once at the braindance location, you will discover numerous people rushing around and many containers covered with police tape. Speaking with them will reveal that Peter Horvath may have killed Mayor Miller; after talking with them and his boss and CI, you should have all the necessary information needed to gain entrance into the club.

After this, head upstairs through the door on the left of the Surprise Them poster and to your office. There, interact with the computer and review files to identify who the perpetrator may be; after doing this, report your findings to Peralez couple (you have three dialogue options which don’t seem to alter story progression much); when finished reporting findings you may leave, thus concluding I Fought the Law side mission in Cyberpunk 2077.

The Location

Cyberpunk 2077, developed by CD Projekt Red (makers of The Witcher series), takes place in a futuristic world ruled by megacorps; players play as mercenaries hired by these corporations to do their bidding. It boasts an excellent story with loads of action and violence, making for plenty of replay value!

Fought The Law is a side quest once Life During Wartime has been completed. To accomplish it, meet Elizabeth Peralez and Jefferson Peralez at Heywood Glen to achieve this side mission – they’ll ask the player to investigate Mayor Lucius Rhyne’s murder!

While investigating, he will uncover clues at the scene of the crime as well as locate an entrance into a bar owned by Christine Horvath. After speaking with all relevant characters, the mercenary must report his findings to them both.

Based on their dialogue choices, the couple may either believe the mercenary was responsible for murdering someone else, or they will thank him for helping. Once completed, this Side Quest unlocks River Ward’s 2nd Quest, “The Hunt.”

The Challenge

Cyberpunk 2077, developed by CD Projekt Red – who previously created the immensely popular Witcher 3 – is an RPG set in a futuristic world ruled by megacorps. Players take on the role of mercenaries hired by one or more corporations to do their bidding. It boasts a complex narrative with plenty of memorable characters.

I Fought the Law is a side quest in Life During Wartime that becomes available upon completion. The player must investigate any wrongdoing associated with Lucius Rhyne’s death as mayor of Night City, collecting clues throughout Night City and solving puzzles to gain information regarding this case.

Once they have collected information about the case, the player will meet Elizabeth Peralez in Heywood, The Glen. She requests they meet her husband Jefferson and investigate this matter further; additionally, she provides the location of Chubby Buffalo’s where the murder happened. Having done this, River Ward from NCPD accepts to take on this role and investigate it further.

The player will need to sneak into a club to gather evidence for his investigation. River will provide some intel that will assist him with finding the entrance of the bar; once inside, he must collect information from its back office.

Once he has collected information, the player must report it to his client and Jefferson. They will need to decide whether to lie or tell the truth when reporting this news; regardless of their choice, this decision won’t significantly alter their story but may change how their client responds.

After reporting his findings to his client, the player must return to Chubby Buffalo’s and gain entry to the warehouse where River got her intel from her CI. Enter the building before crawling through an air vent into the warehouse.

The End

Cyberpunk 2077’s recent hotfixes have addressed several bugs, such as one which prevented players from completing the I Fought the Law quest. This fix was released earlier this week and should stop this bug from hindering progress on I Fought the Law quests or restricting players from obtaining inquiries or progressing through them.

To begin I Fought the Law, players must first complete Life During Wartime as their main quest. Following completion, Elizabeth Peralez will contact them and request they meet her and her husband, Jefferson Peralez, in Heywood; Elizabeth prefers not to discuss anything over Holo but wants the player to meet them in person so she can explain everything adequately.

Once in Heywood, Jefferson and Elizabeth will greet the player near a car parked along the side of the road and inform them about Lucius Rhyne’s murder and ask that you investigate this case further.

Investigation requires the player to visit Red Queen’s Race, a club located within a large building. Entry to this complex won’t be easy as you must sneak through vents before climbing into their room – where River Ward awaits to brief their case.

After receiving their briefing, River will direct them to a warehouse she heard about from their CI. To gain entry, they must defeat some enemies before crawling through an air vent to gain access to the warehouse, where they will need to break open a safe that has been locked shut.