Huawei Community Next-Image

HUAWEI Community Next-Image Use technology and competition to improve the quality of life

As you can see, Huawei Technologies has improved in many ways. At present, Huawei is making great efforts in photography activities. From this Huawei Community Next-Image activity, it is obvious that Huawei Technologies has been considering user experience. Although Huawei has occupied a large part of the market, it still needs to increase its investment in user experience.

HUAWEI Community Next-Image is an attractive event.


The following are the rules of this competition:

The competition will last until Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

The bi-weekly competition starts at 00:00 UK time on the above dates and ends at 23:59:59.

-You can use photos previously used in other photography competitions, as long as they are your own.

-The photo must be taken by yourself, which means that you have ownership of the photo and need to be taken on a Huawei mobile phone. Allows the use of editing software.

Summary of this Great Competition


The event started in 2017. According to the world’s participation data, Huawei Technology‘s participation in this photography event is very good. The Huawei Community Next-Image event to be held this year will also kick off, let us wait and see. Through this award-winning photography event, Huawei enables more users to discover the beauty of the world and make users more happy physically and mentally. This is also one of the significance of this event. Huawei launched several awards including the first prize and the second prize. Each award has rich rewards, such as Huawei headsets, Huawei display screens, Huawei electronic scales, Huawei bracelets, etc., of course, there are Huawei notebook. The prizes launched this time have a variety of colors to choose from. The materials are mainly stainless steel, high-quality rubber and plastics. Not only are they strong and reliable in appearance, they are also comfortable and refreshing to use.

The products in the prizes also come with some good performance, such as large memory, long battery life, large display screen, portable, comfortable, strong sense of technology, strong sense of design, large battery capacity and so on.


With the help of this event, Huawei Technologies will further introduce true FreeBuds 4i wireless stereo headsets, Band 6 smart bracelets and excellent computer monitors to users. Thanks to Huawei technology, life is more comfortable and headphones are more portable. Pair your mobile phone with a pair of Bluetooth headsets, get rid of the shackles of wired headsets, and bring a very amazing listening experience to our lives.


Prize specification

Just take part in the HUAWEI Community Next-Image without hesitation, you will find a lot of fun and welfare, please be kindly join the big community of HUAWEI as one of the family member. Here are some of opportunities to get the following products:

HUAWEI Display:

It is one of the prize of this Image competition. And I’d like show you the advantage and features of it:

It has 90% screen-to-body ratio, which make it possible for clients to have a view of endlessly immersive with technological designed viewing angle. It is not only good for playing games, watching movies, but also an ideal choice for have a good experience.

What’s more, HUAWEI technology also pay attention to the users eye by reducing harmful blue light and eliminating flickers for the clients.

More prize are available and waiting for you.

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