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How you can Performance Test Antivirus Collection Software Before You Buy

How you can Performance Test Antivirus Collection Software Before You Buy

Computer companies are full of antivirus software rooms, stating that theirs is the greatest and promising you outstanding detection results and secure surfing on the web. The only issue with some of this information is that it is usually biased.

Either the testimonials are written by an affiliate who else receives a commission for every sale or the antivirus organization itself provides its own marketing information to convince you to definitely buy.

This article will provide you with the actions required to performance test any kind of antivirus software suites that you can be interested in purchasing to run on your laptop. The test results will provide you with live information about how the antivirus bundles run on your PC, allowing you to stumble through the right purchasing decision the very first time that round.


Before you make the leap and start testing your anti-virus suites, you should give your DESKTOP a performance service using one of the many free utilities available on the web.

Advanced System Care is a superb clean-up/tweak utility that will give you a PC a deep fresh with a simple one-click program. Before running any clean-up program, make sure you have the latest data backup. Once you have employed Advanced System Care, you could possibly leave it installed if it is not going to impact too much on your Personal computer resources or just uninstall the idea.

As a side note, you should help the functionality of your computer as well by editing your own personal system’s start-up file when using the ‘msconfig’ utility to modify any unnecessary auto start-off apps when your PC starts. If you are not familiar with this process and are also unsure as to what to modify then just use the Sophisticated System Care program.

Investigating online

Although you can gather some useful information from the reporter or the vendor’s website, it is usually wise to check the online community forums or read independent testimonials about the product you are exploring, which do not have a bias, just before your purchase.

One suggested website that offers an impartial review is av-comparatives. org and provides test results for several antivirus products.

The two examination results of interest are the recognition and removal results, while you will be doing your own overall performance testing to see how the ant-virus suites affect your particular PERSONAL COMPUTER within its own hardware/software atmosphere. The detection and elimination results are displayed by simply clicking the ‘comparatives’ tab on the main page of the av-comparatives website.

Not Created Equal

The primary reason for performance testing ant-virus products is that not all ant-virus packages are created equal with regards to providing PC and internet browsing protection, memory utilization, background scanning speeds, pathogen detection and removal, and so on

Minimum Requirements

Antivirus rooms should have at least the following segments:

* Antivirus
* Antirootkit
* Anti-Phishing
* Antispyware
* Antimalware
* Antitrojan
* Antiworm
* Antispam
* Safe Browsing
2. Firewall
* Real-time checking
* Scheduled scanning
2. Automatic definition updating

Make a Short List

You will need to create a list of the antivirus packages offered that fit the above standards for downloading, based on your own research.

Online Antivirus Search within

If you do not have any anti-virus software currently installed on your computer or laptop and you have been surfing online, then I strongly suggest anyone scan your system with an on-the-web antivirus scanner before you download any trial antivirus fits.

To do this, just type in typically the Google search box “free on the web antivirus scanner” (without typically the quotes) and chose a fact scanner such as Trend, AVG, Kaspersky, Comodo, McAfee, or maybe Eset then just keep to the onscreen instructions to install the essential software for the online shield to run. Once the scan possesses completed and removed just about any infections, if any, you then are ready to download, install and initiate testing your trial anti-virus suites.

Installed Antivirus Software program

If you currently have any antivirus software already installed on the body then this must first become uninstalled completely and your program restarted before installing any kind of trial antivirus packages.

Suggested Uninstaller Program

A good remover program that is free is actually Revo Uninstaller. It does a great job of cleaning the computer registry of any leftover records from your old antivirus system that its own uninstaller results in.

To locate the uninstaller system just type into the Search engine “free Revo Uninstaller” (without the quotes), then find it.

After you have downloaded as well as installed Revo Uninstaller, apply it to uninstall your current anti-virus program. Check pages 6-9 of the help guide by simply clicking on the help tab about the Revo Uninstaller menu tavern to take you through the get rid of the procedure.

If for some reason, when you attend install an antivirus trial run and it will not install caused of some leftover files in the previous antivirus program subsequently download the previously installed anti-virus programs removal utility in the vendor’s website and manage it.

N. B. Reactivate your computer after you have uninstalled typically the antivirus program.

System Useful resource Usage

The first and most significant consideration when testing just about any antivirus suite is to be aware of the amount of memory and computer system resources it uses at any time running in the background and/or doing a scheduled scan since this will be one of the deciding variables in your purchase.

Therefore, before the installation of any trial software, you have got to check and note down the amount of memory and CPU useful resources currently being used on your technique, so you can compare the memory and CPU using of your trial antivirus fits.

How to Check System Useful resource Usage

To check current recollection and CPU usage with a Windows 7/Vista computer, right-click on the taskbar (the taskbar is the grey/blue bar at the bottom of your screen) then left-click on ‘start task manager

To check the latest memory and CPU utilization on a Windows XP/2000 pc, right-click on task pub (the taskbar may be the grey area at the bottom of the screen) then left-click upon ‘start task manager

Click the “performance” tab within “windows task manager”. This display screen shows the memory and PROCESSOR usage of your computer.

Once you have mentioned the memory and PROCESSOR usage without the trial software program installed on your system you can now go on and install the trial ant-virus package.

After it has been set up and you have restarted your system you have to repeat the above memory as well as CPU check to note just how much memory and CPU reference is being used by the demo antivirus software.

You then have to run a full antivirus check of your system and replicate the memory and PROCESSOR check while the antivirus check is running. Again, notice the memory and PROCESSOR usage.

While the scan continues to be running, open and close a few applications and see how your computer works. Type some text into notepad and note the actual response time. Your system is going to be slower than usual because of the document scanning but it still ought to be usable with an acceptable hold-off.

Once the file scan offers are completed, repeat the process of buying and selling some programs and using notepad to enter text. These fast tests should operate usually and without delay.

If there is an obvious delay (much more than usual), then the trial antivirus system is using too much of your computer systems resources. This may be remedied by installing additional memory however in the meantime, we need to carry on with our testing before many of us make any decision to acquire additional memory.

Once you have done your testing of the initial antivirus trial suite, remove it as per the guidelines above with the Revo Deletion program and repeat typically the testing process for the various other antivirus trial suite computer software you have downloaded.


Using your testing completed, you can now call and make an informed decision as to which often of the antivirus suites is suitable for your PC. If you have a recommended antivirus package but it is usually impacting too much on your pcs performance, then you have a pair of choices, install additional random access memory (that is if the random access memory can be upgraded) or take another antivirus suite that doesn’t impact on your PC’s functionality.

If your PC performed horribly with all of the antivirus trial computer software, the memory cannot be enhanced and you ran the Sophisticated System Care before examining the trial software then the system may require a re-installation of the operating system. Be aware that re-installing the operating system may not handle the problem if the PC’s computer hardware is too old. This foliage you with the option of updating your computer or finding an antivirus package that will not badly affect your PC.

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