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How to Write Positive REmax Reviews

REMAX is an organization that offers different commission models for agents. This allows agents to choose the commission model that will give them the highest profit. Reading online reviews is the best way to know more about this company. Reviews from agents and customers will help you determine whether REMAX is a good fit for you.

Positive employee reviews

A survey of RE/MAX employees found that 83% were positive, and 17% were constructive. The most positive reviews were from administrators, and the most constructive feedback came from the Marketing department. Here are some tips for writing a positive review: Start with examples. Using examples will demonstrate that the employer is paying attention to what the employee is doing and that they are meeting expectations. In closing, set attainable goals and a clear action plan for the employee.

Commission split options

Real estate agents have a lot of options when it comes to commission splits, and commission split options can be a significant factor in deciding which brokerage to work with. The higher the commission split, the more money an agent will make per sale. Agents who work with REMAX also have several commission options to choose from, so they can choose the one that will be most profitable for their business.

The most common split option is a 50/50 split, but agents can increase their splits over time. For example, if an agent earns $60,000 in gross commissions, they can move to an 80/20 split. Once they hit $100,000, they shift to a 90/10 split.

Company culture

One of the most significant ways to boost the company culture at RE/MAX is to improve communication. Through internal and external messaging platforms, RE/MAX agents can better communicate their goals with their teams, which can help them achieve their sales goals. This can be done by using various technology solutions, such as Spinify.


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