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How to Select the Right Bike Helmet for Your Child

Cycling is a great sport to get your child involved in at an early age. But without proper assistance, your children can be highly prone to accidents and injuries. Helmets are a necessary safety item that every child should wear while riding their bikes. It is best to drill the habit of wearing a helmet in your child right when they engage in this sport. But you cannot just choose any helmet. You need to ensure that the one you choose fits correctly. A kids bike helmet with lightweight adjustable straps that provide a comfortable fit gives the required protection to the child. Some vital points to consider when purchasing a cycling helmet for your child are:

Assess the internal adjustment system of the helmet

The helmet that you purchase for your child should feature an internal adjustment system. The size and shape of heads vary considerably. So, an adjustment system enables the helmet to conform to heads of different sizes. A standard adjustment system is a dial-adjust system. You can turn the dial, present at the helmet’s back, and the internal cage will adjust to fit the head of your child. 

Skater-style helmets have different pads of separate thicknesses instead of an adjustment system. Before the child wears the helmet, you need to place the thickness of the pad required to get a snug fit. Irrespective of the type of helmet you choose, ensure that it has some adjustment inside it, so it fits properly on your child’s head.

Assess the construction type

In-mould and hardshell are the two basic helmet construction types.


The external plastic shell and the internal foam core are combined in these helmets. Their fusion provides a lighter weight and more vents in the helmet. The exterior plastic shell doesn’t come off or crack because it is blended into the foam core. 


These helmets are further divided into lower-end and skater-style bike helmets. The foam core is taped with a thin plastic shell on a lower-end hardshell helmet. That does not provide much durability and can crack and come off quickly. The foam core is taped with a thick plastic shell on a skater-style helmet. It facilitates better durability and can withstand many impacts.

Find if the helmet can provide sun protection.

When the sun shines on the eyes, it doesn’t make up for a great ride. So, look for helmets having built-in visors. You can find them on preschool helmets, and they impart the needed sun protection. Helmets developed for youth usually feature snap-on projections. But they provide limited sun protection. 

Additional safety feature

Additional safety feature implies MIPS, which stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. It facilitates energy from the impact of the crash to get absorbed by the helmet irrespective of the impact’s direction. MIPS consists of a plastic cage linked to the foam core having flexible anchors. The anchors extend upon an effect, which allows the foam core to rotate around the head. 

Wearing a helmet can minimize chances of experiencing head injuries by 85 per cent. So, pay attention to these factors when exploring the various bike helmets for your child. Always look for a kid’s bike helmet featuring washable anti-bacterial pads and rear-reflective stickers. Such a helmet is present in specific designs, so you can be assured that what you purchase will appeal to your child. 

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