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How to Navigate the Lupo Menu

If you’re planning to dine at Lupo, you may want to know how to navigate the extensive Cucina Lupo menu. Here, we’ll discuss how to choose a wine, how to order from the Secondi menu, and more. Finally, we’ll touch on the Tableside service at Lupo. It’s a must-visit for anyone planning to dine at Lupo. We hope this guide has been helpful.

Cucina Lupo menu

The menu at Cucina Lupo is Italian and seasonally inspired. The restaurant sources ingredients from local purveyors whenever possible. Popular Italian dishes like chicken parmesan, beet salad, mushroom ravioli, tiramisu, chocolate cakes, and ice cream are served here. A full lunch and dinner menu is available during business hours. Originally scheduled to open on Nevada Day, the restaurant has received a delay.

The restaurant is also committed to donating to local nonprofits. The 4-H Club in Carson City receives donations from Cucina Lupo, which supports the local community. Cucina Lupo also offers a wide range of wines, including a Cabernet Sauvignon that is ranked #10 on the Wine Enthusiast Top 100 list for 2019.

Cucina Lupo is located in historic downtown Carson City, where it has been a gathering place for residents. The menu emphasizes fresh ingredients from local farmers. Cucina Lupo is known for its plethora of pasta, pizzas, and salads, and it’s no surprise that the restaurant is so popular. Cucina Lupo’s staff has worked hard to create a menu that’s not only delicious but also sourced locally.

Second portion of the menu

The restaurant’s new chef is hoping to introduce new dishes and create a seasonal menu. The restaurant offers dinner seven days a week, from 5 to 11 p.m., and lunch Tuesday through Friday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. It also offers brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., so the new chef will work with fresh ingredients to create a seasonal menu.

The Lupo menu features a second section that consists of perfectly cooked meats and seafood. Puck’s expertise is apparent in the ambiance and service. There’s a glass-enclosed wine room and a large, open center bar. The glass walls make for a striking visual while teasing diners with Lupo’s extensive wine list. You can also request a table at the bar, which is a nice touch.

While primi don’t include sides, many Italians order a fish or meat entree after the primo. The second is usually the most expensive part of the menu. Popular second dishes include chicken, steak, Agnello, lamb, gamberi, shrimp, mixed shellfish, and frittata. Depending on the type of meat, two dishes can be grilled, fritto, or al forno.

The Lupo restaurant offers Primi dishes if you prefer a more substantial meal. The Lupo menu also includes a buffet with various kinds of pasta and pizzas. There are a variety of dishes to choose from based on your appetite and budget. Guests can even customize their meals by selecting a special dessert. Among the desserts, try the sticky toffee croissant pudding.

Wine selections

The new wine list at Lupo Italian Kitchen has just been introduced. Developed by sommelier Mike Zymonski, the list features almost 70 Italian wines. The list includes a color-coded map of Italy organized by body type and region. Mike is a certified sommelier and works toward level three status. He will be on hand to offer tips on which wines to order.

The Lupo menu includes dishes such as Antipasti, which are small plates of perfectly prepared Italian meats and cheeses. The dishes also include artisanal bread, such as ciabatta. The rosemary focaccia is homemade and comes with tomato basil garlic sauce. Wine selections are also a key part of the Lupo menu. While the Lupo menu is not as extensive as some other restaurants in the city, it’s still a great place to enjoy a meal.

The Lupo menu also offers a full bar and an enclosed wine room, which adds to the restaurant’s ambiance. The center bar is a spacious and visually appealing space that serves as a great place to taste wines and other beverages. As a result, customers are likely to want to taste as much as possible while dining at Lupo. The wine list is extensive, and there are many choices. And the service is impeccable.

The Lupo menu also features Primi dishes that are more substantial than antipasti. Shrimp scampi, cannellini beans with lemon garlic butter, and crisp parsley are just a few of the Lupo Primi dishes. Other items on the menu include braised beef meatballs, ricotta, and spaghetti with marinara sauce. Lupo offers private dining rooms if you’re interested in exploring more Italian cuisine.

Tableside service at Lupo

Tableside service is the hallmark of Wolfgang Puck’s Italian restaurants. You can eat at your table at Lupo while your waiter prepares your food at the exhibition pizza, antipasto, and dessert stations. Guests have raved about the personalized, individualized service at Lupo. The intimate setting offers an opportunity to get to know the other guests while dining, a rare treat for Las Vegas dining. The restaurant also offers private dining, including the option for full restaurant buyouts.

The Lupo menu also features many primi dishes and larger plates than antipasti. Primi dishes include shrimp scampi with lemon garlic butter and crispy parsley. The restaurant also offers braised beef meatballs with marinara sauce and whipped ricotta. The food is fresh, and the staff genuinely enjoys doing the dishes. A meal here is a great way to celebrate a special occasion.

The restaurant offers an extensive wine list. Some of the bottles can be ordered by the glass, but a large selection is available by the bottle. Wine lovers will find plenty of white wines to suit their palates. White wines include Jermann Chardonnay from Italy and Trimbach Riesling from France. Reds are available from Chile, Spain, and Tuscany. For dessert, try the apple crumble with huckleberry compote.

The chefs at Lupo Verde Osteria sit at a chef’s table. The chef’s table menu features modern Italian dishes with a strong focus on red meat. The menu also featured foie gras risotto and truffle burrata. Guests can sample the chef’s specialties and the classic Italian dishes. Tableside service at Lupo is a unique experience, and the restaurant hopes to create more opportunities for its guests to interact with the staff.


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