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How to Locate a Cell Phone Using Phone Number

Tracking someone’s location could be for many different reasons – maybe your child has gone missing, or perhaps you suspect your partner of being unfaithful to you. Steps to Locate a phone number.

There are various methods of tracking down cell phones using only their number, including apps and websites. These approaches are simple to use and provide invaluable insights.


If your phone has been lost or stolen, there are various methods available to you to track it down. Some methods require apps or software installed directly onto your phone, while others use cell towers or GPS to locate phone numbers. Some are free, while some may cost money; many can also work across various types of mobile devices, including Androids and iPhones.

There are various GPS tracking apps available to you that can assist in the location of a missing phone. Most of these applications work by transmitting signals from orbital satellites directly into the phone’s GPS receiver, which then uses this signal to determine its position. Before tracking a device, you must first ensure its GPS has been enabled. If it has not already been enabled, manually activating it by sharing a link to an app with its user may work instead.

Some phone tracking apps, like mSpy, EyeZy, EaseUS Find360, and IMAP software, have partnerships with network providers and can offer real-time GPS tracking of target phones. Once these applications have been downloaded from mobile app stores and installed onto target phones, once activated, you can log into your account to monitor its real-time location.

T-Mobile FamilyWhere, a geolocation service that lets you track down your phone or tablet, is another helpful option that provides parents who are concerned for their children’s safety with peace of mind. Both iOS and Google Play Store versions can be found. This geolocation app makes for convenient location management of phones or tablets.

Cell Towers

When making calls, your phone emits radio frequency signals that travel to a cell tower in your vicinity and are then passed along to a switching center, connecting you with its network.

Cell tower antennas are built to cover an expansive area. Their antennas can cover anywhere from 20 miles in rural settings to one mile in urban environments, depending on physical obstructions like hills, buildings, or trees; therefore, it may be harder for you to gain a signal in certain places than in others.

There is a range of online maps and mobile applications that can help users identify nearby cell towers, including CellMapper, CellReception, AntennaSearch, and SCADACore. Using such tools can assist users with improving their phone signal by pinpointing its source as well as finding suitable spots to install signal boosters.

Cell towers are integral components of the cellular network that enable mobile phones to access the internet and make phone calls, often known as communications towers or base stations. Wireless carriers like Verizon and AT&amp may own cell towers T or T-Mobile, as well as tower companies like American Tower and Crown Castle or be freestanding structures such as lattice frame poles attached directly to existing structures like buildings, bridges, water towers, or traffic lights or billboards.

iMap Software

Locating a mobile phone can be done in various ways, from GPS cell phone locator apps and websites to more specialized software that uses its IMEI number to trace it back. Such tools can be beneficial when looking for lost or stolen phones; however, the use of such tools must only occur with permission from its owner.

iMap Software is a software program that makes locating mobile phones simply by entering their phone numbers in a search box. Once entered, this app searches billions of public records for information related to each phone number entered and returns a list of possible owners as well as detailed reports on individuals, including full names, aliases, social media profiles, current/past addresses, family members/associates listed there as well as criminal/traffic records/asset information/and more.

If your phone has gone missing, retrace your steps. If it was left at a store or restaurant, go back there and ask an employee if they saw it; chances are high, it’ll turn up! Otherwise, try texting out an offer of a reward to its number; that may convince someone else to return it.


There can be various reasons why you might need to track someone’s location: children may have left without asking, your partner could be cheating on you, or perhaps you simply need to know where they are for safety purposes. Luckily, there are ways you can do it discreetly using phone tracking apps available from app stores or websites offering reverse phone lookup services.

These sites and apps work by triangulating the location of cell phones using Wi-Fi signals and cell towers, and some even offer real-time tracking of lost or stolen phones – this can be especially helpful if you are worried about your children, helping you quickly locate them quickly and easily.

Scanner is an easy and user-friendly phone tracking website and app that enables you to locate any cell phone by number. Type its number into its search box, and Scannero will display an interactive map showing where its location.

Social Catfish makes it possible to locate someone’s location by searching public records and other sources, with results providing more details such as past addresses, social media profiles, criminal records, etc.

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