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How to Get Cash for Broken Cars?

If you have got a broken car and the repair cost is way too high, then you might be in a confusing situation about what to do.

You might be surprised to learn that you can actually make money off of a trash car that is no longer running. A vehicle can be considered junk when it does not work anymore. No matter how much you are attached to your car, keeping a broken car is not a wise decision.

The challenge is in determining how much the broken car is actually worth as well as how much people are ready to pay for it. If you have a complete understanding of the situation, you will be in the best position to ensure that you make the most money feasible.

Car and car part markets are so enormous that you’re not even sure of where to begin or how to get started in selling your vehicle.

Keep in mind that you are not the only one who goes through such a puzzling situation about where to begin.

If you’ve got a car that’s broken down, then to help you get through this situation, we are sharing some tips and tricks on how to get cash for broken cars.

Let’s get into the details.

How to Earn Cash For Broken Cars?

Look for online buyers

In today’s virtually developed world, when you decide to sell your old and broken car, you must not forget to wander online. You might have a lot of local options but do not restrict yourself just to the locals as you might have a more wonderful deal virtually.

Online companies provide their customers with automated services that allow them to sell their broken cars without any bother. However, these companies do not prefer to alter their service facilities often, which is also a plus point in favor of online selling.

Must have the proper documentation prepared

You must not forget that reselling an old car without appropriate documentation is a legal offense. This requirement for actual documentation while selling a broken or old car might differ from state to state but the main point is you do necessitate your ownership of a car before selling it.

Therefore, if you think that you have misplaced your documents somehow, bother yourself to get the new papers. In this respect, you are mostly required to have the driving license, the vehicle title along with the most recent registration papers. Additionally, you also put efforts to have a record of the maintenance of your car over the past years too. if you become eligible to show such documentation, you might find the most reliable buyers.

Analyze the state of your broken car

Prior to selling your car, you must be aware of the condition of your car as it might end up affecting its price of it. You are surely able to decide on a desirable value for your car as per its working condition. Moreover, if you want to sell your car in parts, you should decide on the scrap value of the car as well.

In addition to this, you should also analyze and determine the amount of damage and the cost of repairing it as you need to subtract the amount from your decided value of the car. In this regard, you have two options for analyzing the situation of your car – whether you can determine it by yourself or you can take the help of a professional mechanic.

In the course of the search for buyers, you might be asked multiple questions from the purchasers; which is the reason why you should be prepared with all the necessary answers in your pocket.

Look for having quotes

If you are not able to have any individual who might be interested in buying your broken car even after several efforts, then you should start thinking about selling the car to an auto salvage yard whether online or in any local market.

It would be best if you start contacting your local dealers first as you can engage in a one-to-one conversation with each other. In this way, you might have options to conduct a comparison – first, see how much the dealer would be going to pay, if the value does not satisfy you, you might look for it online.

Handover the car by yourself

Once you are done with all the necessary documentation, assessments, and meetings and have decided to whom you are going to sell your broken car, bother yourself a little more to drive the car and handover it over to an individual or a salvage yard by yourself.

You should know that some yards would consider paying some extra money if they do not require picking up the car by themselves.

Sell scraps of the car

If even after all the efforts, research, and comparisons that you have made in the process, you are not still satisfied with the price you are offered, you should start thinking about selling it in parts – of course, those that are still in working conditions.

These parts can be anything which means it can be the engine or its windshield wipers – does not matter. This is completely your choice; whether you want to separate the parts yourself and desire to sell it in that way or want to sell the car to a purchaser who wants to scrap it and sell it further.

Do not forget to remove personal possessions

Often a car becomes a second home for individuals which means they frequently place anything in the car and forget. Therefore, having a thorough search and cleaning operation before selling the car will be the best as obviously, you do not want to give a newly purchased iPod or speaker or any important documents free with your broken car.


Now you know what to do with your broken cars and how to make the most money out of them. So, follow the processes mentioned in this article and start making money.

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