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How to Draw Cum in Photoshop

Cum is messy and gooey compared to sweat or water, making a scene feel realistic. Dribbling it onto characters is excellent; even better is having it fall from specific locations as though shot from somewhere clear! Varying strand weights and drawing shadows to give depth illusion.

How to draw strands

Cum (semen or sperm) looks best when laid down to suggest it was shot/fell/dripped from one direction rather than simply pouring from an infinitely distant source. A generic splash feels unrealistic, even in cartoony porn. For better realism, try placing your cum in strands (blobs) rather than long, streamlined drips. Varying weight helps too — heavy strands tend to collect into thick clumps while lighter ones will spread out more evenly; drawing shadows under cum can further add realism.

How to draw blobs

Cum is sticky and thicker than water or sweat. By creating cum strands using blobs instead of long drops or long streaks, lumps can add volume and realism to the fluid and make it look more realistic. A brush with high-pressure sensitivity helps create realistic-looking chunks with uniform thickness while shadows add depth. Varying thickness can show how cum settles and thickens at certain spots due to gravity or local geography, unlike long stream drops from sweat or water made quicker by timer or geographical factors than cum. Also, keep in mind that cum drips slowly, while sweat or water does make long, streamlined drops!

Realistic animation requires making cum that looks as though it landed from a specific direction rather than looking like it splashed from anywhere randomly. Generic splashes don’t feel convincing, even in cartoony porn, while watching something look as though it came down deliberately is much more satisfying for viewers.


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