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How to Deliver Products For My Online Store: A Secret You Should Know


How To Deliver Products For My Online Store: Considering the ongoing circumstances out in the economy, the demand for online marketing is at a constant growth. It has seen perpetual growth over the years. In recent times it has been at its peak. Compared to traditional marketing, the responsibility of an online marketer does end at the point where the customer buys the product and goes beyond it.

It is the responsibility of the online marketer to deliver the product safely, without any damage to the rightful owner within the said time frame. As an owner, I would indulge myself in learning how to deliver items for my online store.

How To Deliver Products Effectively 

To deliver the products to the respective buyer, the online store should have a shipping partner to transmit the package to the buyer’s address. A few measures steps you should follow to avoid discrepancies are as below:

How to deliver products for my online store: First Step

Always calculate the estimate of the shipping-related charges. There are many free versions of shipping rate calculators available in the market. One must calculate the shipping charges because it helps understand the shipping charges one should incur to send it from the pick-up location to the buyer’s address. 

How to deliver products for my online store: Second Step

The packing charges of the courier. Packaging plays a considerable role in increasing the goodwill of the online brand. They should give utmost importance to packaging to avoid any damage in transit. For perishable or fragile items, one should take due care. Thus, the packing charges of the courier would fluctuate depending on the item packed.

How to deliver products for my online store: Third Step

The printing of shipping-related labels. Information of the product, especially customer-related like address, contact numbers, etc., are duly noted. The shipping label contains information from the seller as well. Creating shipping labels becomes easy if the online store has a tie-up with an e-commerce shipping partner. Such shipping labels should be printed and pasted on the courier package. Many shipping partners offer these services where they prepare these labels themselves. The online store only needs to download it from the panel.

How to deliver products for my online store: Fourth Step

Handing over the package to the buyer. The online store needs to place an order with the shipping partner regarding the shipment collected with the delivery location. Delivery personnel would pick up the requisite packages from the store. Some shipping centers also provide multiple pick-up locations for the delivery packages that need to be delivered.

How to deliver products for my online store: Fifth Step

Keep an eye on the delivery process until it reaches the buyer. Now with advanced technology, one can easily trace the shipment. One can track it from the shipping panel of the e-commerce shipping company. The online store would get updates as soon as the product reaches the buyer.


How To Deliver Products For My Online Store: Thus, delivering a product is not that cumbersome if the online store follows the necessary steps. The online store should constantly update itself until the shipment reaches the respective buyer. And to sum it up, the online store should have an efficient shipping partner that would facilitate the transfer of orders from the source to the buyer’s location. It is also necessary and a must from the seller’s end to take feedback from the buyer regarding their services.

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Can you name some websites for the shipping charges calculator?

Shippingrocket.in, Gati.com, Dtdc.in, etc.

What factors affect shipping charges?

Size, weight, distance, surcharges, time, taxes, and duties.

What should be the estimated time of delivery?

For e-commerce websites, it is one week.


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