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The bathroom in any home is that space of solitude for an individual. They start their mornings brushing there and end their hectic day with a nice shower. Beautifying that space is something people should certainly consider, especially in an age where work from home is the new norm. Purchasing and installing back to wall baths is the best gift they can give themselves to unwind in after a tedious workday.

There are not many people aware that this kind of bathtub exists. A bathtub installed near the wall falls between a fixture tub and a freestanding bath. It makes for the ideal bath in homes that want the look and feel of a traditional tub but do not want to commit and permanently install one. This article will act as a buying guide for these wall-freestanding tubs by mentioning tips to purchase and how custom installation is possible.

What to look for while buying a back to wall tub:

In hardware stores online, there is a vast collection of back to wall baths available that could confuse the shopper. To narrow down on the most fitting tub, keep in mind the following points:

●  The brand is important: Multiple bathtub manufacturing companies are well-known in the market. That does not mean the shopper randomly picks one with blind faith in its quality. Before investing in a bath, it is necessary to do thorough research on brands and their warranty periods. Always choose brands having a history of good faith selling and fantastic customer service. If there are emergencies such as a crack in the tub, they should attend to the customer within 24 hours. The warranty period is also an essential item determining the life period of the back to wall baths. A minimum of one year warranty is a must before investing in these baths.

●  The tub shape: Earlier, the bathtub designers planned only rectangular-shaped tubs to manufacture. Today, there is a compelling cluster of tub shapes to choose from, from a circle, oval, bean-curved, and many more. These unique designs inspire homeowners to renovate their bathrooms and install these beautiful masterpieces. Buyers can choose the tub’s shape depending on their style and space restrictions.

●  Bathroom space and plumbing: This is an essential step to keep in mind before investing in back to wall baths. Bathtubs are not cheap; if people blindly purchase a tub that does not fit the requirements of the shower space, they fall into a tricky and unwanted situation. Space restriction in the bathroom will determine the overall dimension of the tub. The tub’s location against a wall is determined by the plumbing standards of the home. The installation can only happen where water pipelines are coming through for easier plumbing connections. If this is not considered, the installation process gets extremely tricky.

Installation tips for back to wall tubs:

● It is necessary to check the strength of the bathroom floor since it must withstand a large surface area of concentrated weight. Checking the subfloor to ensure it is at a level with waterproofing will safeguard the installation.

● The bathtub legs must be positioned by a wall to allow proper positioning of a flush at the base of the bath. This step ensures adequate drainage for water post-bath, which otherwise could lead to waterlogging.

● Before backing up the tub against a desired wall in the bathroom, run a layer of silicon along the top edges of the bath to meet the wall. It is to safeguard the wall tiles from wear and damage.

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