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How to Check Your Food Lion Gift Card Balance

Food Lion makes it easy to check your gift card balance in multiple ways – online, via their mobile app, or by calling customer service.

Food Lion grocery stores offer gift cards from various brands. Available in multiple denominations, these gift cards also accept Shop & Earn rewards that can be added directly onto your MVP card when making transactions.


Food Lion gift cards make great presents, or regular shoppers can keep an eye on their balance to avoid awkward checkout situations wherein their card doesn’t cover all costs. Checking the balance online or calling customer service are ways to prevent it – this blog will walk you through both processes.

To check the balance of a Food Lion gift card online, navigate to their website and click “Gift Cards,” entering both your gift card number and PIN into the appropriate fields. Alternatively, call customer service for further assistance – their customer service number can also provide that option.

Food Lion mobile app also makes it easy to locate your balance. After logging in and selecting any menu or tabs, navigate to “Gift Cards.” Enter your gift card number, then tap “Check Gift Card Balance” for balance inquiry.

Food Lion grocery store chain boasts over 1,000 locations in the US. They sell gift cards to popular retailers and restaurants and their Food Lion products and services such as gas or electronics.

Mobile App

Food Lion gift cards make fantastic presents, and their balance must be monitored regularly to avoid embarrassing moments at checkout when your card doesn’t cover all purchases made on them. Tracking balance also enables shoppers to plan and budget purchases accordingly.

An efficient way of checking your Food Lion gift card balance online is via their official website. Simply navigate to their homepage and look for an area labeled “Gift Cards.” Enter your gift card number and PIN to understand how much cash remains on your card.

Checking your Food Lion gift card balance quickly is also made simple through its mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices. Users can access all their grocery store account information, including their gift card balance, weekly deals, and digital coupons, with just the swipe of their finger!

Check with the customer service representative at your local Food Lion store to check the balance on your card; they are often very friendly and willing to assist with any inquiries or issues related to gift cards.


Food Lion customers and those receiving gift cards as presents should know how much is left on their cards to avoid embarrassing situations wherein a purchase falls short of fully covering costs. Knowing your balance lets you stay on top of spending and avoid awkward moments wherein an investment doesn’t fully cover the total bill.

Checking your Food Lion gift card balance is straightforward and can be accomplished three different ways: online, through their mobile app, or customer service. In this blog post, we’ll go through each method so that you can stay up-to-date on its purchasing power.

The first step to checking the balance of a Food Lion gift card is to locate a nearby Food Lion store. Upon finding one, visit their customer service desk; their staff will gladly assist with checking its balance.

Food Lion offers gift cards from popular retailers in multiple denominations and also provides gift cards for some of the nation’s most prominent chain restaurants, which you can find near the checkout or on their gift card rack.

Customer Service

Food Lion is a grocery store chain known for offering quality products at competitive prices and special promotions and discounts to keep its customers coming back for more. They sell meats, seafood, produce, bakery items, grocery items, beer, and much more; customers can even save more with discounted gift cards when making their purchases at checkout!

To check your Food Lion gift card balance, there are multiple methods you can use: visit their website, mobile app, customer service hotline, or use social media channels to contact them for assistance. No matter which one you use to keep track of it all – keeping an eye on its balance will enable you to use it most effectively!

Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, knowing how much money remains on a Food Lion gift card can be crucial in avoiding embarrassing moments at checkout and planning purchases accordingly.

Doing your research when checking your Food Lion gift card balance is the only way to get maximum use out of it, so follow these tips, and you’ll soon be using your gift card at its full potential! And don’t forget to stock up when there’s a sale: the savings could be too good to pass up!


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