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How a Stunt Driving Ticket Can Affect Your Insurance Rates

Stunt driving is a grave traffic offense that could lead to substantial increases in insurance premiums and potentially license suspension and lost demerit points if convicted. The actual Interesting Info about stunt driving ticket ontario.

Defense against stunt driving tickets can be complicated and time-consuming; however, there are strategies you can utilize to lower your chances of conviction and lessen the penalties associated with them.

1. Fines

Fines associated with stunt driving tickets can be significant, often higher than standard speeding tickets. Furthermore, your conviction will appear on your driving record and could increase insurance rates significantly – all this without jail time being an option – but still have serious repercussions.

After receiving a stunt driving ticket, you will receive a summons to appear before a Justice of the Peace for court proceedings. Your hearing date may be several weeks later; during this period, your vehicle may be impounded, and its storage fees could become very costly.

An arrest for stunt driving will show up on your driving record and can be reported to the Ministry of Transportation, while insurance companies use your driving history as part of their evaluation of whether they will insure you at all.

Stunt driving is a dangerous practice that puts other road users at risk, so any stunt driving conviction may lead to the suspension of a driver’s license, fines, and an increased insurance rate indefinitely.

If you have been charged with stunt driving, you must consult with a traffic lawyer immediately. An experienced attorney can negotiate your case or have it reduced to simply speeding – both options that won’t have as severe of an impact on your insurance premiums.

G2 drivers typically face harsher penalties for stunt driving charges than other drivers due to prosecutors viewing them as less experienced on the road. Fighting such tasks can be particularly challenging; at TRAFFIC STOP, however, we regularly beat these charges on behalf of our clients to help keep their licenses and lower insurance rates – contact us now to set up a consultation session with a specialist in stunt driving tickets!

2. License suspension

Stunt driving occurs when drivers engage in reckless or illegal conduct while behind the wheel, which could include dangerous or careless behavior that leads to harm. Penalties for such actions could consist of legal costs, impound or storage fees for their vehicle, an increase in auto insurance premiums or license suspension, and additional financial expenses associated with this offense.

A conviction for stunt driving will remain on your driving record for an extended period, potentially impacting job prospects, housing matters, and insurance rates in the form of increased premiums. To reduce these negative consequences effectively and combat your charge with skilled legal representation.

Stunt driving and racing can be serious violations that carry heavy fines, license suspensions, and jail terms. Affordable Defence has experienced legal teams ready to defend your rights and assist with your Defence of these allegations.

G2 class license holders who are found guilty of stunt driving will face a minimum 30-day license suspension as punishment, during which period they won’t be able to operate their vehicle, and their driving record will become visible to everyone, as well as insurance companies checking abstracts.

Stunt driving offenses are serious offenses, and repeat offenders can face harsher consequences than usual. Many Ontario jurisdictions have sent drivers to jail for high-speed stunt driving offenses; fines exceeding $5,000 may also apply.

Legal representation from experienced legal teams can work closely with prosecutors to minimize the effects on drivers, such as reducing fines, shortening suspension periods, or avoiding lengthy probation terms. While hiring lawyers comes with its costs, they could save drivers thousands of dollars by protecting their records and insurance rates in the long run.

3. Insurance rates

With traffic declining due to COVID-19, dangerous drivers are taking advantage of it by engaging in severe offenses like excessive speeding and stunt driving – both illegal acts that also have serious repercussions for insurance policies.

An insurance rate increase will result from being charged with stunt driving, which will have severe repercussions since being in this high-risk category puts you in an elevated category and remains on your record for years. Though conviction may still have an effect, with experience coming into play, the longer you have driven without major beliefs, the more impressive your driving history will be.

How a criminal conviction affects your auto insurance depends on both the nature and type of offense, as well as your insurance company. While minor speeding violations might not significantly alter your premiums, reckless driving or impaired driving violations could dramatically increase them. Furthermore, convictions for more serious offenses, such as stunt driving or racing offenses, are more likely to prompt insurers to raise your rates or refuse coverage altogether; most often, this check occurs during renewal or policy change negotiations.

4. Jail time

An arrest for stunt driving can result in steep fines, license suspension, and increased insurance rates; an experienced legal team may be able to negotiate with prosecutors to reduce these repercussions or avoid them altogether. A stunt driving charge can have far-reaching effects on a driver’s career and personal life – it is, therefore, imperative that legal advice is immediately sought if one receives such a ticket.

Stunt driving encompasses a broad array of activities, including racing, chasing another vehicle, purposely lifting tires off the ground, popping wheelies, driving with another person in the trunk or extra seat, and operating from other than the driver’s seat. A first-time conviction of stunt driving could result in stiff fines, license suspension, and jail time, as well as appearing on your record and being available to insurance companies when they check your driving abstract.

Stunt Driving may not be considered a criminal offense like Dangerous and Impaired Driving; instead, it falls under Section 172 of the Highway Traffic Act but still can have significant repercussions for its perpetrator. A conviction could still have severe ramifications for an individual’s livelihood and should be treated seriously by all involved.

At an initial court date for stunt driving charges – known as a “Set Date Hearing,” justice will give drivers an opportunity to plead either guilty or not guilty, depending on how the ticket reads if they wish to enter a not guilty plea or require legal advice before making their decision a “To Be Spoken To Date” (TBST).

When faced with a stunt driving summons in Ontario, you must hire an experienced traffic lawyer immediately. Legal fees associated with hiring a traffic lawyer often compare favorably with costs such as fines, license suspension, or increased insurance rates that would result from a conviction. Depending on your unique case circumstances, there may be multiple effective defenses against stunt driving available charges – reach out now so we can discuss them and the most suitable way to combat them!

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