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Himalaya Skin Cream

If you’re looking for a skin cream that contains natural ingredients, consider Himalaya’s Nourishing Skin Cream. Its ingredients help keep your skin moisturized and protect it from dryness. It has a light, non-greasy formula and is perfect for all-day moisturizing.

Winter Defense Moisturising Cream

Himalaya Winter Defense Moisturising cream is a powerful formula containing herbal extracts. It is enriched with Wheat Germ, a rich source of Natural Vitamin E, which protects skin from environmental damage. It is also infused with Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil, which deeply nourish the skin and repair damage caused by dryness.

The Himalaya Winter Defense Moisturising cream contains 100% natural ingredients. It is a perfect choice for dry skin during winter. Wheat germ protects the skin from free radicals, while jojoba and almond oils moisturize and repair damaged skin. Himalaya Winter Defense Moisturising Cream is best used after bathing.

The Himalaya Winter Defense Moisturising cream comes in a plastic tub with a lid. This is the only cream that does not have an outer carton packaging. Instead, it contains three essential ingredients: Jojoba oil, Wheat germ oil, and Almond oil. The cream is gentle enough to use on the face and rough body areas. The tub lasts for about a month, so you don’t have to buy it whenever you need it.

Aloe Vera

If you are looking for a face wash that contains aloe vera, then this Himalaya skin wash is a good choice. It has a refreshing formula with aloe vera and cucumber to cool and hydrate the skin. It also contains vitamin E, which helps to moisturize and lighten dark spots.

This cream is non-greasy and is suitable for daily use. It also contains winter cherry and Indian kino tree extracts. These plants help to hydrate skin and shield it from the drying climate. Aloe Vera and winter cherry are also natural UV inhibitors. They are great for treating skin problems and healing, and Winter Cherry works to protect the skin from polluted air and dirt.

Aloe Vera has many benefits for the skin, including antibacterial properties and a reduction in skin dryness and affectability. While many experts recommend applying freshly crushed aloe gel directly to the skin, the process can be tedious and bulky. For this reason, aloe vera cream is the most effective way to incorporate aloe vera into your daily skincare routine.

Winter Cherry

The Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream is a light daily cream that provides a high level of moisturizing, nourishment and protection to the skin. In addition, it contains Winter cherry and Indian kino tree extract, which help provide the skin with a soothing and tranquillizing effect.

The Nourishing Skin Cream by Himalaya Herbals is an excellent option for dry skin. It has natural ingredients that will keep your skin nourished and protected, protecting it from the drying effects of pollution. In addition, it has a non-greasy light formula that makes it ideal for daytime moisturizing.

The Winter Cherry in this cream is a powerful antioxidant that helps promote a healthy appearance. This herbal cream is also effective as a make-up base and is suitable for all skin types.

Indian Kino Tree

The Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream is a lightweight, non-greasy formula that gives your skin all-day moisture and protection. It contains ingredients like winter cherry and Indian kino tree, which help treat skin conditions and promote healing. It is also suitable for protecting the skin against pollution and dryness.

This daily skin cream contains Aloe Vera and Winter Cherry, known for their rejuvenating and moisturizing properties. It also contains Indian Kino Tree, skin toner and rejuvenator. Both ingredients are beneficial for all skin types. The daily use of this cream is also beneficial for protecting the skin against dry weather and pollution that can wreak havoc on the skin.

Other ingredients in Himalaya Skin Cream include Vitamin E and wheat germ. These are great for keeping skin soft and supple in the winter. Wheat Germ is a rich source of Vitamin E and helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment. Winter Cherry is a powerful antioxidant and helps regenerate skin cells.


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