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Healthy Weight Loss – 5 Amazing Lessons For Weight Loss Success

30-Second Summary

  • Losing weight could be a challenging journey with many physical and psychological hurdles.
  • Even the best diet plan may not achieve the desired weight loss results.
  • Dieters often fall victim to the yo-yo diet cycles of weight loss-regain-dieting.
  • Practising mindful eating – being aware of not eating mindlessly – may promote long-term weight loss.
  • Mindful eating helps establish a healthy relationship with food.
  • Eating according to body type also helps increase weight loss.
  • When it comes to weight loss, one can’t skip the benefits of exerciseWhen done right, regular workouts may accelerate fat-burning.
  • Some rely on top-rated weight loss supplements, but the FDA does not evaluate the safety and efficacy of these products.
  • Introduction
  • The whole matter of weight loss is quite complex. Weight loss is a billion-dollar industry, and it is also a silent epidemic. Physicians call it the obesity epidemic. According to the CDC, the obesity statistic in the US is quite alarming, which stands at 42.4%.

While obesity or excessive weight is linked to many fatal health disorders, many become a victim of the idea of ‘skinny’ – a media-created image. Cases of eating and dieting disorders are very common in society. Many feel frustrated and ashamed not being able to achieve that ‘perfect’ weight. People try each best diet plan they hear or read about, join a gym, and lose some weight only to regain it. Is there a way to break the yo-yo cycle? Can you enjoy your relationship with food and still maintain a healthy weight? We share five amazing lessons you need to kickstart your weight loss journey.

Healthy Eating Tips – Eat What’s Right For Your Body

Countless diet plans for weight loss float on the internet. People follow restrictive diets, lose some weight, and regain it within a short period. Deprivation triggers overeating or binge eating in many. A study finds that individuals undergoing a rigid diet are prone to eating disorders, mood changes, and excessively distressed about the body’s shape and size.

Restrictive diets ban certain food groups that may deprive the body of essential nutrients. The feeling of deprivation often leads to binge eating, resulting in dieting failure. A study observes that a high carbohydrate and protein breakfast helps prevent weight regain and is recommended for long-term weight loss.

When it comes to weight loss, there’s no one-size-fits-all diet plan. We are different genetically, hormonally, and metabolically.

The right approach should be knowing your body type and eating what is right for your type. The best diet plan should centre around diet quality. Health experts suggest eating whole grains, vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, and poultry and skipping sugary drinks and processed food. Nutrition experts at Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School have created The Healthy Eating Plate, which helps consumers choose the healthiest food options from major food groups. This science-backed nutrition advice could serve as a starting point for your healthy weight loss journey.

Eat Mindfully To Reduce Your Intake

The obesity epidemic has forced health experts and nutritionists to find effective weight loss strategies that work long-term. Even many meal plans fail for long-term weight loss success.

A new approach to stopping overeating and promoting healthy eating is to train the brain to fine-tune eating habits. Mindful eating could be an effective solution to healthy weight loss. A healthy weight loss journey needs to be physical as well as mental.

Practising mindful eating helps you understand your hunger and fullness signals. It teaches you to:

  • pay attention to what you are eating
  • how much your body needs
  • creating an emotional connection with the food
  • prevent binge eating

The anti-diet approach to weight loss focuses on making eating a pleasurable experience without distractions. For example, if you watch TV or read while eating, you don’t focus on what you eat. You block sensory input. You nibble unconsciously without fully appreciating the food.

Mindful eating teaches you to get involved in the eating process, appreciate the food, control portions, improve digestion, and, most importantly, change your thought process – you think twice before succumbing to food triggers. Observational studies point to the efficaciousness of mindful eating interventions in healthy weight management.

Perform Physical Training And Keep Yourself Hydrated 

An effective weight loss strategy is incomplete without discussing the benefits of exercise for losing weight. Exercise or physical activities are a key component of a long-term weight-maintenance plan. Joining a gym is the best way to achieve your weight loss goals. You may start with strength training, cardio exercises, and other exercises your trainer suggests.

If you are averse to exercise at the gym, brisk walking, swimming, cycling, running, or jogging in the local park can also aid weight loss. As this study observes, brisk walking while wearing a weighted vest helps burn 12% more calories.

Whether working out at a gym or exercising at home, you need to stay hydrated before, during, and after exercise. Proper hydration boosts thermoregulation, nutrients transportation, and joint lubrication. And if you are unaware, drinking water may help reduce food intake. A study observes that water consumption before a meal leads to lesser energy intake.

‘SMART’ Weight Loss Goals 

The success of your weight loss journey will depend on the weight-loss goals you set. If “Get a flat stomach in 7 days” or “Lose 10lbs in 7 days” are your weight loss motivation, you may be disappointed. The CDC says it is safe and realistic to shed 1 to 2 pounds weekly.

Take Supplements 

For fast weight loss, many turn to top-rated weight loss supplements. Weight loss supplements are available in different forms, but not all are FDA-regulated.

You may come across fat-burning, energizing dietary supplements such as Toxiburn. It promises fat loss from the face, arms, belly, thigh, hips, and other areas without exercise.

The supplement is formulated with natural ingredients. These elements help improve metabolism and thermogenesis. However, the makers don’t publish clinical evidence supporting Toxiburn’s weight-loss claims.


You may lose weight following a diet plan or taking diet pills. However, observations point out that keeping the pounds off requires lifestyle changes. When we rectify incorrect eating and change our eating habits and mindsets, we are poised for long-term success. In the book, Think and Eat Yourself Smart, Dr Caroline Leaf states that it takes a total of nearly 63 days to change eating habits. So plan your weight-loss journey, spanning 63 days first, and stay focused on mindful eating and lifestyle alterations to make it successful.

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5 Amazing Weight Loss Tips To Drop Fat

5 Important Lessons For Healthy Weight Loss

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