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Haunting Historical Mysteries

Haunting Historical Mysteries

Gettysburg battlefield was home to one of America’s bloodiest battles and had an eerie vibe; it was no surprise that many believed this place to be haunted. Look for the best information about haunting historical mysteries.

This series follows a laidback Roman informer and post-WWI London opium eater as they solve mysteries together, each time exploring an engaging aspect of history entertainingly.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is one of America’s most revered historical figures. An inventor, printer, statesman, philosopher, diplomat, and diplomat himself, he helped lay the foundations of our government as an inventor, printer, statesman philosopher diplomat, along with founding the first all-volunteer fire department as well as serving as ambassador to France. He also sewed the inaugural American flag! Furthermore, he was known for writing humorous pieces as an early abolitionist deist writer, as well as complaining publicly about his libido!

Mr. King was also an active freemason, helping draft the bylaws for his local chapter and ultimately serving as Grand Master of Masons in Pennsylvania. His association with this group has given rise to all sorts of bizarre conspiracy theories about their activities, including claims that he may have been part of an ultra-secret cabal that controlled global affairs.

So it is understandable that the spirit of someone so passionate about books and learning would visit a library. Indeed, The Library Company of Philadelphia has received multiple reports of an apparition resembling Ben Franklin roaming its halls; one cleaning woman reported being hit over by what appeared to be Franklin himself! Occasionally, the statue has also been seen getting up from its seat to dance down the surrounding streets, along with two ghostly women who are thought to be Franklin sisters.

Aaron Burr

Aaron Burr was a prominent statesman, lawyer, war hero, US senator, and Vice President during his lifetime; yet at its conclusion, he became bankrupt and wanted for treason; still today, his life and story fascinate people around the world.

Leslie Odom provided an impressive, multifaceted performance as Aaron Burr in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s groundbreaking Broadway musical Hamilton. Since then, Burr has become the focus of two new books and one political thriller — each offering more insight into his intriguing life filled with scandal and mystery.

In 1791, Aaron Burr successfully assembled a political coalition against Gen. Philip Schuyler – father-in-law to Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton and then won an unconstitutional Federalists seat occupied by Senator Schuyler – before later engaging in a bitter political duel against Alexander Hamilton that ultimately ended both men’s lives.

From haunted environments to mysterious deaths, historical, gothic mysteries will keep you riveted and make you grateful that 911 is available at all times. From locked-room murders to women searching for their husbands, these tales will have you mesmerized and thankful you don’t need to fear ghosts haunting your home anymore!

Peter Stubbe

Peter Stubbe (also known as Stumpf, Peter Stube, and Peter Stubbe) was known as the “Werewolf of Bedburg.” He murdered 17 women and children living in Bedburg’s 16th-century village, ripping open their throats before strangulating or strangling them to death before eating their raw flesh for sustenance.

He regularly raped and sexually assaulted female villagers, in one case impregnating his daughter after killing his son and then eating their brains! Stubbe was one of history’s greatest serial killers whose exploits have been told for centuries to come.

Villagers became convinced that their attacker was a werewolf after hearing of this type of beast and fearing it could change into human form and threaten their land. Their fears intensified when young women and children started disappearing from homes, farms, and roads they traveled on.

Local farmers finally tracked down a monster after years of searching. After cornering it and prodding with sticks and spears while their dogs attacked, something strange occurred: suddenly, the terrifying werewolf transformed into a local man! He claimed a magical belt granted him powers similar to those possessed by werewolves when worn.

The Mysterious Book of the Dead

Ancient Egyptians believed that upon death, a soul could be rejuvenated and ascend into heaven. Unfortunately, this process could be risky: those wishing to ascend must face various trials designed to test whether their deeds had been pure enough and righteous enough to warrant entrance into heaven; having access to the Book of the Dead proved invaluable for passing these tests successfully.

Book of the Dead was not really a book but more like an ancient funerary text collection that contained ancient funerary spells intended to aid deceased souls on their journey after death. These spells included prayers, hymns, and magical formulas with passwords to be spoken during trials; there wasn’t one standard set of spells – instead, each person commissioned their scribe to produce one featuring spells that mentioned their name specifically.

These books were used to prevent Imhotep from taking control of a deceased soul. These complex rituals and magic required much time and imagination from an Egyptianologist, such as Karl Richard Lepsius, who, in 1842, assigned chapters for these spells and gave them their modern name: The Book of the Dead.

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