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Gustavo Copelmayer – Every year increasingly more plastic bags end up as litter box that spoils our scenery and kills thousands of creatures. Often plastic bags land in our waterways, and sea mammals mistake the flying bags as food and wind up dying from ingesting these people. It could take up to 1 000 years for these bags that end up in landfills to be eliminated. In breaking down, they separate into smaller dangerous pieces that contaminate the soil and water typically.

Making these bags also eats millions of olive oil gallons, which could be better used for gasoline and heating. Did you know that 700 billion to 1 trillion plastic-type material bags are discarded annually worldwide, that is, more than one particular million per minute? According to the Epa, over 380 billion of these bags are used every year in America. Of those 380 billion, about 100 billion are used for store shopping bags and end up being retailers over $ some billion every year, which charges the consumer in the long run.

Gustavo Copelmayer – So you ought to ask yourself, are paper totes better than plastic ones? Many people do consider paper bags becoming a better and safer replacement for these plastic bags. On the other hand, paper bags also hold their problems that can be unhealthy for the environment. The more paper totes which are produced means reducing billions of trees and can influence our environment.

Gustavo Copelmayer – If you decide to decline both equally plastic and paper totes, how are you supposed to get the groceries home? The best option for everybody and the environment is to use used cloth bags. Grocery stores are carrying high-quality reusable towel shopping bags made from materials that do not damage the environment during production. They do not need to be discarded right after use. This not only helps keep our society a little cleaner, but it also will save the lives of countless animals.

Be kind to the planet and be mindful showing how many such plastic types you consume and dispose of and try to eliminate waste by utilizing reusable bags. Encourage your family and friends to start using reusable luggage and get them to encourage other people to do the same; imagine exactly how clean our planet could turn out to be and how many lives associated with animals you could save just by doing this one simple thing.