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Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation’s Business Manager

Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation is forging an environmentally sustainable path under the guidance of its Business Manager, an expert at overseeing fiscal responsibility. He ensures resources are allocated effectively, aligning with Greenfield-Central’s overall educational goals.

An audit by the State Board of Accounts revealed that former Greenfield-Central Schools business manager Tony Zurwell and two district administrators overpaid more than $651,000. Now the Hancock County prosecutor is reviewing whether to bring criminal charges.


Since his arrival as its business manager, Tony Zurwell has left an indelible mark on Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation, making a memorable impactful statement about its growth trajectory. His tireless commitment to education and prudent budget management propelled it forward. As a leader, Zurwell excels at cultivating clear vision, meticulous planning, and strategic execution – guaranteeing resources are allocated wisely according to the educational goals of Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation.

Kim, a lifelong Hancock County resident, is proud of her children who graduated from Greenfield-Central and delighted at all the opportunities they’ve had as students. In 2022 she joined the Foundation Board in hopes of making an impactful difference for students here – something which makes this opportunity suitable to combine her experiences as a teacher, businessperson, and philanthropist in one role.

The School Board of Trustees is charged with setting policies by which schools operate and acting upon recommendations made by the Superintendent of Schools (the chief executive officer) and staff. It deals with personnel matters and adopting an operating budget, authorizing the spending of allocated money. Regular meetings of this Board occur every month at schools with public notice before each meeting; executive sessions may be called to discuss specific matters.

Tony Zurwell, the former Greenfield Central community school business manager, was found to have overpaid himself by more than $650k over nine years. According to an audit conducted by the State Auditor’s office of Greenfield-Central schools, former assistant superintendent Christy Hilton and associate superintendent, Ann Vail had their health insurance premiums under-withheld during this same timeframe. Greenfield-Central schools have since been charged for these overpayments. The school district is investigating these allegations, though no formal charges have been brought against any administrators involved. Unfortunately, this incident will likely damage their reputation and impact employee morale negatively; furthermore, financial concerns and legal matters will need to be considered when managing this situation.

Strategic Planning

At Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation (GCCSC), Tony Zurwell plays an essential role in its growth and development as its Business Manager through his forward-thinking education policies and financial responsibility. Tony’s visionary leadership and commitment to academic excellence have helped the GCCSC reach new heights of educational and organizational goals.

Recently, an audit found that three former GCCSC employees – Tony Zurwell of GCCSC’s Business Office, Assistant Superintendent Christy Hilton, and Assistant Superintendent Ann Vail of VAI’s Assistant School Division were overpaid approximately $116,000 between 2010 and 2018. Furthermore, health insurance premiums should have been withheld less than required from 2010-18, totaling more than $651,000. The State Board of Accounts has requested this money be returned; Hilton resigned her post while Zurwell and Vail retired, and the matter has since been handed off to Hancock County Prosecution to decide whether criminal charges should be pursued.

Zurwell serves as the district’s Business Manager and is charged with creating and implementing a strategic plan that will guide it toward meeting its goals in the future. He oversees the budget and finance for the corporation to ensure resources are allocated effectively and has a clear vision for where he wants the district to head regarding education excellence and innovation.

GCCSC chose Performance Services in 2006 to develop a long-term infrastructure improvement plan for its schools, which included secure entryways, renovated classrooms, roofing replacements, and improved energy efficiency with reduced operating costs and enhanced comfort in classrooms. As a result, six of its schools now boast ENERGY STAR certification – making GCCSC at the forefront of sustainability in public education.

The district strives to narrow the achievement gap by increasing enrollment of underrepresented groups at top-rated schools. To do this, more funding from local sources is necessary. DonorsChoose, an online fundraising tool allowing teachers and administrators to request materials or projects funded by community donors, has proven an effective solution. So far, 101 projects from within their district have been financed using DonorsChoose!

Financial Management

Finance management is integral to running any successful business, from balancing legal and accounting concerns to optimizing money usage for maximum investor profit. It requires specialization and dedication from finance managers who must meet employee and shareholder needs while keeping costs under control – it is. Therefore, you must select an experienced one.

Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation (GCCSC) is more than just a collection of schools; it’s a dynamic hub where forward-thinking educational policies are developed and executed precisely. Committed to educational excellence, innovation, and sustainable growth – GCCSC has set an unprecedented standard in academic institutions within its region.

GCCSC is an inclusive district serving 4,500 students across eight schools. For the 2016-17 school year, it received $56.7 million in local, state, and federal sources, spending $5.27 million on scholarships/grants to students while devoting $13.1 million toward teacher salaries/benefits.

Dr. Harold Olin, the district’s current superintendent, noticed a payroll issue in late 2018. As soon as he learned of it, he immediately initiated an external review and reported it to the State Board of Accounts. It revealed that three former administrators were overpaid by over $650K over nine years – plus health insurance premiums weren’t properly withheld from Tony Zurwell (former business manager), Christy Hilton, and Ann Vail, who previously held positions.

A school corporation hired Performance Services to reduce energy costs in 2006. Performance Services identified that HVAC design, control issues, and high humidity/CO2 levels were contributing factors that drove expensive energy consumption; additionally, classroom temperature/noise issues negatively impacted the learning environment. Performance Services recommended solutions that produced significant energy savings and resulted in six schools receiving ENERGY STAR certification from Performance Services.

Schools serving predominantly minority students receive less state and local support than similar schools serving primarily white pupils. Discover more about this disparity and how you can help close it!

Community Engagement

Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation is more than a collection of schools; it serves as an intellectual hub where forward-thinking educational policies are developed and executed precisely. As Business Manager for GCCSC, Tony Zurwell plays a vital role in its growth and future; his pragmatic financial strategies allow schools under his stewardship to adapt quickly to changing trends while remaining fiscally disciplined while aligning resources to support their broader educational goals.

GCCSC recently hired Performance Services to address its infrastructure needs to protect students. This project includes secure entryways, renovated classrooms, roof replacements, and toilet upgrades – with completion expected by the fall of 2020.

G-CCSC is taking proactive steps to strengthen its internal controls and practices following a troubling scandal by adding additional internal controls, increasing checks and balances, simplifying contracts for greater transparency, as well as cooperating fully with the State Board of Accounts’ investigation of payroll issues; their audit determined that Business Manager Tony Zurwell, Assistant Superintendent Christy Hilton and former Assistant Superintendent Ann Vail had overpaid by a combined total of $651,000. Hilton and Vail have since retired, while this matter now lies with Hancock County Prosecutors.

G-CCSC remains resilient despite these challenges and continues to move forward in the 2018-19 fiscal year, prioritizing academic outcomes by increasing student achievement rates and preparing all its students for college and careers using evidence-based teaching methods.

The District’s mission is to provide high-quality education that builds a foundation for lifelong success for every student in its care, regardless of zip code or social class. We accomplish this goal by taking advantage of the best available resources and making smart choices to maximize funding; 33% of G-CCSC revenue in 2016-17 came from local sources, 63% from state, and 4.1% from federal.


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