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Fun and creative ways to use table covers

Table covers are a must-have party supply, but they can also be used for much more than just table decoration. With a little bit of imagination, table covers can be used for all sorts of things – from wall decor to make your own no-sew tablecloth.

Get inspired with these fun and creative ways to use table covers!

1. Wall decoration:

Drape table covers over walls to create a fun and festive backdrop for photos or as part of your overall party décor.

2. No-sew tablecloth:

If you don’t have time to sew a tablecloth, simply drape a table cover over your table and secure it in place with double-sided tape or staples.

3. Costume accessories:

Use table covers to make capes, skirts, or other costume accessories. Simply cut the table cover to the desired shape and size and then use Velcro or Safety pins to attach it to clothing.

4. Gift wrapping:

Wrap gifts in table covers for a unique and festive look. This is especially great for larger gifts that are difficult to wrap with traditional wrapping paper.

5. Picnic blanket:

Spread out a table cover on the ground to create a makeshift picnic blanket. This is a great way to repurpose table covers when you’re done using them as decoration.

6. Room divider:

Hang table covers from the ceiling to create temporary room dividers. This is a great way to create separate spaces in a large room or to add privacy to a small space.

7. Window treatment:

Hang table covers over windows to block out light and create a unique window treatment. This is especially effective when using patterned or opaque table covers.

8. Art project:

Use table covers as a blank canvas for kids’ art projects. Set up a table with table covers and provide markers, crayons, paint, etc. for kids to use to create their own masterpieces.

9. Pet bed:

Cut a table cover to size and use it as a makeshift pet bed. This is a great way to repurpose table covers when you’re done using them as decoration.

10. Car seat cover:

Protect your car seats from spills and stains by covering them with table covers. This is especially helpful when you have kids or pets that ride in the car frequently.

There are all sorts of ways to use table covers beyond the traditional tablecloth.

Here are some fun and creative ideas to get you started.

1. Use a table cover as a drop cloth when painting or crafting:

Spread it out on the floor under your table to protect against paint splatters or glue drips.

2. Create a makeshift fort or playhouse:

Drape a table cover over a table and let your kids turn it into their own private space.

3. Make a no-sew table skirt:

Simply drape a table covering around the base of your table and secure with double-sided tape.

4. Use it as a photo backdrop:

Set up a table cover as a fun background for photos at birthday parties or other celebrations.

  1. Keep it on hand for picnic emergencies: If you forget to bring a blanket or tablecloth to your picnic, a table cover can come in handy.

6. Use it as a bedspread:

If you’re traveling and forgot to pack a bedspread, a pinch can work.

7. Make a window treatment:

Hang a table cover over your window for a quick and easy way to add some color or pattern to your space.

8. Use it as wall art:

Frame a table cover and hang it on your wall for a unique piece of art.

9. Wrap gifts with it:

Table covers make a great wrapping paper alternative – just cut to size and wrap as usual.

10. Donate it:

Once you’re done with it, consider donating your table cover to a local school or daycare center. They can use it for art projects or picnics!


Table covers are a versatile and affordable way to decorate your home or event space. They can be used for everything from tablecloths to picnic blankets, and they’re easy to find at most party stores. So next time you need a little extra decoration, don’t forget the table cover!

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