Fridge Freezer Guide

Fridge Freezer Guide – What Type of Appliance Should I Buy?

Below are some things you may want to take into account intended for before you purchase your next appliance. The first and most crucial is usually do you need a separate fridge along with a separate freezer or are anyone looking for a combination model?

Family fridge freezers come in two standard forms, the really basic application form is a fridge with a drawer within it containing some sort of freezing unit – these are definitely only suitable for someone living on your own or for ice. Another most substantial version is actually where the unit is quite high and has a completely separate fridge unit either above or even below the fridge unit. They are often the same size because of each other.

Now, let’s discuss some of the basics to think about:


The exterior dimensions of the kitchen appliance will be provided in centimetres – height, width as well as depth, so make sure you determine the space that you have in CMS but our advice is always to allow at least 2 CMS all round to allow air circulation since both units generate several heat while in operation. Second of all make sure you leave 3-5 CMS at the back to allow for the wire.

You should obviously also consider your current ceiling height if this is a concern. You may find that some types will need even more space in them to allow for cool atmosphere venting, so you will have to carry this in mind when choosing. Regarding built-in models, make sure that you permit the “housing” as well.

The interior potential of the fridge freezer is generally cited in litres and/or cubic feet. Some makers supply a separate breakdown of how the room is divided up; I actually. e. litres/Cu. ft regarding fridge space, and litres/Cu. ft of freezer living space. These numbers are a practical way of comparing the designs as you will find some designs have big variations determined by their constructions.

Space including your Lifestyle

Consider what sort of meal you buy: If you often buy fresh food and are likely to only use the freezer to get ice cubes, ice cream etc then you definitely should consider a model along with a larger area and small freezer. If your shopping is inclined towards lots of frozen 2 you keep in the freezer for an extended time then you need to make sure you have not really a higher capacity freezer but one that has a more powerful very cold element.

Energy Efficiency

Freezer freezers are all now vitality rated with “A right through to G” according to their vitality efficiency. “A” is the best and may save you money on your electrical energy bill but bear in mind that a number of the really cheap “A” scored models may be underdriven. Their running costs are incredibly often given in “kilowatts per year”; a good standard when comparing models in the shop.

You should utilize the ratings to get a thought about which model will cost a lot more to run, by multiplying this specific number by the “cost for every kilowatt-hour” that you purchase your electricity. Generally speaking, newer models tend to fall into the particular A – C collection. The fridge and freezer cooler areas will have separate regulations to allow them to work from optimum temperatures.

Star Scores

Given in 1 star* to 4 stars **** for the freezer section. The lot more stars the better! Most freezer freezers will be three or four actors. This means that the majority of foods are usually frozen and safely located for up to twelve months. Lower movie star ratings are usually applicable to help iceboxes rather than termes conseillés meaning that food can just only be safely frozen to get ** = one month in addition to * = one week.

Sale Free

This really does suggest just that! No more de-frosting, container out, scraping off its polar environment and mopping up messes of water in your house. Consider this option if you a new re going for a bigger scale freezer and if you have loved ones who are in and out of it a whole lot. This has to be one of the best enhancements ever and although types with this feature tend to be more pricey, it’s definitely worth considering.


This automatically regulates the particular temperature in your fridge freezer to stop frost build-up meaning that you must not get unwanted ice again! Not available in all models but, worth looking out for.


Hunt for shelving that is easy to clean up and can be removed (and would certainly is adjustable). Be carefully connected with glass ones as these can easily break and are expensive to exchange – however they are very possible for the fridge section since they can just be wiped lower and don’t block the view regarding what’s inside.

It’s well worth checking to see if you can pleasantly reach all the shelves since some fridge freezers could be very tall! For the freezer segment the food drawers need to be solid – they will potentially end up carrying heavy food items and possess to be tough enough never to crack when being picked up for the hundredth time!

They are made from see-through strong cheap. Try them out in often the shop to make sure that they don’t truly feel flimsy – they will have got to stand up to lots of wear and tear and so are very often the first things to break up.


Fast Frost nova – This option quickly minimizes the temperature of the deep freeze reducing ice build-up with food. This may have a light source to indicate operation and can be employed to freeze fresh food, mainly soft fruit.

Noise dBA – Noise levels tested in decibels. A reasonable amount is anything under forty-five, while anything nearer 60 would be quite noisy. It’s not all models that will give this information nevertheless it’s worth looking out for especially when your fridge freezer will be in the open plan kitchen/family place.

Reversible Doors – A lot of models have this option which makes them easier to integrate into your home, and move to a different location should you want to later on.


Fridge freezers are quite convenient and space-saving machines that you won’t want to exchange every year, so try to make sure the model you choose accommodates your food buying habits as well as quantities.

A variety of colours as well as finishes are easily available to match every taste. As with all home appliances, look out for good design, powerful construction (especially on the doorways and freezers drawers) along with a warranty that you’re comfortable with.

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