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Freedom Dog Harness – The Best Way to Train Your Dog Not to Pull on the Leash

The Freedom Harness is an effective tool to teach your dog not to pull on its leash! Featuring an innovative martingale-style collar design that tightens around their chest to deter pulling, this harness works wonders in helping train your pup not to pull. The Amazing fact about designer dog harness and leash.

To select an appropriate harness size, measure around your dog’s ribcage. Once measured, choose the smallest size that corresponds with that measurement.


This harness is highly comfortable for dogs to wear during long walks, thanks to the soft velvet material lining its straps and multiple adjustment points that enable you to create a personalized fit. In addition, its girth strap goes behind their front legs for reduced chafing risk, as well as two attachment points on either end for added control over your pup’s movement.

The Freedom harness was explicitly created to reduce pulling behavior and make walking more accessible for both dog and owner. Like a martingale collar, its extra loop tightens slightly when pressure is applied – discouraging pulling behavior. Furthermore, due to its patent design, it escapes attempts more difficult for your pup than other collars and harnesses on the market.

Although the Freedom harness cannot completely stop all pulling or yanking behavior in dogs, it can help train them to walk nicely on a leash. Many pups “get it” immediately and stop pulling immediately, while others require training – the Freedom harness is suitable for both types of pups, making it a practical part of any training strategy.

The Freedom Harness features four points of adjustability to ensure it fits dogs of all sizes comfortably and comes in an assortment of colors and sizes to meet every trainer’s need. Trainers recommend it for its ease of use in reducing pulling, neck strain, and escaping. To put it on, place the neck loop around your pup’s neck and pass between its front legs; its center strap then passes between front legs quickly! For exercise or redirecting attention toward training or treats, a structural connection ring can also be attached directly onto it, meaning an attachment ring located directly on the front can connect directly to a leash – ideal for leashes connected directly onto leashes!

To ensure the Freedom harness fits perfectly on your dog, measure her chest with a soft tape measure from its most significant part at the top of her front legs to her rear legs and take note of any differences from that measurement. Use this chart as a reference when finding their appropriate size!

Easy to Adjust

The Freedom Harness is designed for easy adjustment and fits dogs of all sizes. Use a soft tape measure or piece of string to gently wrap it around your pet’s chest (just behind their front legs), choosing a size that snugly fits without gaps and rewarding with treats once completed – your pup should soon accept their harness!

This innovative harness allows for complete control over your canine by utilizing two connection points: firstly, its front ring on the chest strap enables you to “steer” your dog in any desired direction by applying pressure against their opposite body side when they pull; secondly, its back loop tightens automatically when your dog pulls to discourage pulling and can even be combined with its chest clip for additional control.

Attach the leash to both loops for maximum control, although most people attach their leashes just to the front clip for best results. This creates the effect of a martingale collar without the choke effect; its soft Swiss Velvet chest strap and durable nylon front ring ensure it will not rub or chafe against your pup’s neck and cause discomfort.

This harness is also easy to put on and take off, thanks to an easy snap buckle on each side that can be quickly opened or closed while your dog stands, making it more straightforward for you to slip over their head and secure with quick-snap buckles once on.

Once your harness is on, use its adjustable slide adjustments to tighten or loosen as necessary and ensure it fits securely on your pup’s ribcage so the leash stops them from pulling.

Training will involve using both front and back clips until your dog learns to walk without pulling. Once they are comfortable walking without pulling, gradually phase out the use of the back clip until it is no longer necessary.

Easy to Clean

The Freedom Dog Harness can be machine washed and dried quickly if placed inside a pillow case or garment bag to protect any metal hardware from scratching your washer. You may also use hand washing methods.

This harness comes in multiple colors to complement your dog’s coat perfectly and comes complete with a front- and back-connect leash so you can use it for training and casual walking.

2 Hounds Design offers a replacement guarantee if your dog rips through his harness.

My freedom harnesses have served me well over the past several months, and I can vouch for their robust and durable design – they have held up wonderfully against rain and snow!

My girls Zoe and Phoenix have worn these harnesses and leashes in rainy conditions and walking through snow without incident. Additionally, they have both been through several washing cycles without issue; their harnesses look brand new each time!

As with any product that comes into contact with an animal, there is the potential for entanglement and injury. When left on an unsupervised dog or puppy with teething issues, harnesses may lead to chewing, which could wear down webbing and stitching faster than expected. An active puppy or dog who desires to chew can quickly destroy a new harness in less than thirty seconds, so make sure they do not wear their harness when not being walked to reduce the risk of injuries from rough play.

The harness’ patented martingale-style control loop tightens gently around their chest when they pull, redirecting their attention toward you. Its back connection is excellent for teaching them to heel, while it can be combined with dual connection leashes for even greater control. Furthermore, its durable yet lightweight nylon 3-in-1 harness features secure pinch clasps and padded y-necks, preventing discomfort behind their front legs.

Easy to Train

This harness features a patented action loop between your dog’s shoulders to discourage pulling, making walking more comfortable for both of you. A back ring for attaching leashes also comes included and works similarly to a martingale if your pup pulls, giving you greater control. However, when no pressure is applied, the action loop relaxes back down for a looser fit.

Another impressive feature is that the girth strap around a dog’s front legs is lined with soft Swiss velvet to reduce rubbing and chafing for sensitive-skinned dogs, and all webbing strap edges are turned out to avoid skin abrasions. These features make the Freedom Harness easy for most dogs to become familiar with wearing and using, even those unfamiliar with wearing harnesses.

The Freedom Harness has an additional structural connection ring on its front that allows you to attach double-ended leashes for training or additional control in certain situations, such as stopping pulling and redirecting attention away from distraction. It is an invaluable asset when conducting obedience training with your pet!

ZoePhee and Phoenix love their freedom harnesses! They are easy to put on, with dual connections providing easy walking. No longer do they need to lift their heads or shift paws like with other harnesses; plus, the patented action loop in the back provides more control for teaching them how to walk nicely on short leashes while still being able to sniff and explore during walks!

Interested in giving the freedom no pull harness a try for your pup? Click here and learn how to order one – they come in multiple colors, so you are sure to find just the right one!

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