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Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps

If you’re not sure which free cell phone tracker is best for your needs, read on to find out which tracking features to look for in your next app. We’ll take a look at Spyzie, XNSPY, Mobic, and KidsGuard Pro to name a few. All of them have the ability to monitor the location of any phone and can be used to catch a cheating spouse or child.


For those who need to keep tabs on their kids’ activities, the Spyzie free cell phone tracker is an excellent tool. The app lists all the data on a targeted phone in chronological order, including call history, contact names, and even media content. Additionally, Spyzie allows you to spy on the camera and other features of the targeted phone. While this free cell phone tracker can help parents, employers, and government agencies monitor employee activity, the tool also can help them catch employees.

One of the major benefits of Spyzie is that it does not require a target device to be rooted or jailbroken. This means that you don’t have to root or jailbreak your target device to use the Spyzie free cell phone tracker. Another feature that makes it stand out from other cell phone trackers is that you can install Spyzie on iOS and Android devices without any hassle. The free iPhone app allows you to track and monitor a phone’s location in real-time without the target person’s knowledge.

Spyzie has a variety of features to keep tabs on the target person’s activities. It lets you monitor calls, texts, internet usage, and social media. It works on both Android and iOS devices. The application is easy to install and requires only two minutes of target device time. Once installed, it enters stealth mode and works undetected in the background. In addition, it doesn’t drain the battery or take up memory space.

Once the target device has been installed, the app installs smoothly in the background and transmits data to the Spyzie dashboard. It also allows you to log in to your account via Wi-Fi. After setting up the device, you can start monitoring the location of the target device. You can also use the Find My iPhone feature, a feature inbuilt into all iPhones. The Spyzie app will help you keep tabs on your kids.


The XNSPY free cell phone trackers are designed to provide you with comprehensive monitoring of a target’s calls and emails. Not only do they allow you to view all text messages, but they also allow you to track all IM conversations on Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, and Viber. Moreover, you can maintain accounts on up to five different social networking websites. Parents can also take advantage of the parental control features, such as setting a time limit for screen time and blocking malicious websites.

The XNSPY free cell phone trackers allow you to monitor specific activities and keywords on the target phone. You can also view the files transferred or deleted from a device. With a single click, you can monitor all your children’s mobile activities, even if they’re not around! These features make it easy to stay in control of your children’s phones. Whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, the XNSPY free cell phone tracker will keep you informed and make your life easier.

FlexiSPY is another feature of XNSPY. You can remotely access the target device’s camera and take photos and videos. This feature is most useful if you’re trying to monitor passwords for other apps. You can also download recorded videos. By installing the spy software on the target phone, you can monitor the user’s activities and track any changes to the device. And in case you’re worried about privacy, you can install XNSPY to prevent your child from leaking personal information.

Cocospy is another great free cell phone tracker. It offers convenient monitoring of all connected smartphones, and the user can view the data in real-time. This cell phone tracker app even has the ability to recover deleted messages. The app also has 42 features and can monitor the target’s internet activities. Moreover, the app allows you to monitor multiple devices from a single location. It also has the added benefit of being compatible with iPhones and Android phones. In addition, it offers free trials.


If you’re looking for a free cell phone tracker that doesn’t cost you a cent, you should try Mobic. This software is easy to install and requires no special hardware or software. Its setup instructions are provided on the vendor’s website. You can install it in less than 10 minutes and start tracking a cell phone. The app works on both Android and iOS devices. Some of its features are exclusive to iOS devices, while others are better on Android. Mobic has been updated frequently, so you can expect to have a fresh product every few days.

Mobic lets you monitor your child’s phone and tablet. It shows you the name of the apps installed on the device. It also shows the duration they spend on each app. If your child is using social media, uMobix will notify you via an app that a social network has been used. You can even delete these apps if you’re worried about your child’s safety.

Mobil does not require you to jailbreak the target device. All you need is a valid email ID and iCloud account details. After registering, you’ll receive an email with instructions for installing the application. You’ll need to change the settings of the Google Play Store on the target phone. The app is located in the app drawer. If your child accidentally deletes the app, uMobix will keep logging the device for you.

Users can also monitor the target phone’s keyboard. The uMobix app has a graphical interface that makes it easy to use. You can see which keys the target device is using. The application will also show you whether it is writing text or not. It also gives you details like the date and time of the text. The application will alert you if there’s any suspicious activity. The app will also keep track of incoming and outgoing messages.

KidsGuard Pro

If you are worried about your children’s safety, you can use KidsGuard Pro’s free cell phone tracker to know where they are at all times. This app displays relevant call information, including the name of the person on the other end, the duration of the conversation, and the time and date. Moreover, it even records deleted call logs and keeps them on file for future reference. The only limitation of this program is that it cannot detect calls made on unrooted Android devices, so it may not be able to detect such calls.

Another great feature of KidsGuard Pro is its ability to track iOS devices. This application works with iCloud accounts, so you can sign in with the target device’s iCloud account. Once you’ve signed in, you can monitor the target device’s location and mark safe zones. Once your child leaves these zones, the app will send notifications to your phone. You’ll be able to prevent your child from misbehaving and stealing.

KidsGuard Pro also includes a keylogger to keep track of the target’s keystrokes. If your children are constantly using their phones, you’ll be able to monitor their activities from anywhere. For example, you can check their work schedule and surprise them in between appointments. KidsGuard Pro also allows you to sort the data by date, month, and year. That way, you’ll be able to identify whether your child is spending too much time on one particular app or another.

The program can also monitor the calls made and received by the target device. The app also allows you to see who your child is talking to and who they’re messaging. These statistics can be very helpful in determining your child’s social circles and safety. The app can monitor calls made and received on the target device, and it can send all this information to an online account for later analysis. You can even view the location of the target device using GPS.


If you are looking for a free cell phone tracker, consider Spy. This app has been around for a few years, and many users have written positive reviews. Its unique approach to the subject also sets it apart from the competition. Its web-based solution means that it can be installed without the need to download any additional applications, and it’s cross-platform, meaning that it can work on any operating system.

Installing Spy is easy. All you need is a cell phone or a PC, and a few minutes. Once installed, you can track a mobile device right from a web browser. To monitor a specific device, Spyic uses GPS, WiFi, and the SIM card to determine where it is. For iOS devices, Spyic uses the iCloud backup for the account that is linked to the device. It does not require any software downloads, and it is undetectable.

In addition to tracking the location of a phone, Spyic also gives you access to its contents. Besides tracking calls, it also allows you to view SMS messages, social media chats, and GPS data. Spy works in the background of a device, so you won’t notice any change in its performance. The software also works with Google Maps and GPS data, so you can see any location you like.

Another cool feature of Spyic is that it works with multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LINE, and Viber. It also supports WhatsApp, LINE, Badoo, and QQ, but does not show the chat heads or contacts. This feature is a big plus for business owners who want to keep track of their employees and prevent them from spilling confidential information to their competitors. You can also use Spy to monitor employees who may be leaking information.


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