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Food Fighters Toys – Guaranteed to Get Kids Into Trouble

Mattel has long produced toys designed to create mischief among its children. One such toy from 1988’s Food Fighters line was no exception.

Food Fighters featured anthropomorphic foods clad in military attire who battled each other. A total of 10 figures and three vehicles were created.

Combat Carton

Mattel’s Food Fighters line from 1988 is one such toy guaranteed to get kids into trouble, featuring plastic food anthropomorphic dressed up as soldiers wearing military attire and divided into two factions – Burgerdier General-led Kitchen Commandos while Refrigerator Rejects, led by Mean Wiener, were led by someone called Mean Wiener. Ten figures and three vehicles were available, all equipped with removable weapons and backpacks.

At that time, they were unlike most toy lines – you didn’t need a Saturday morning cartoon to bring them to life; all it took was being fun to play with. Action figures took part in battle using various vehicles, including Combat Carton, Fry Chopper, and BBQ Bomber, while an Air Conditioner Playset had also been designed but never released due to poor sales.

As it stands now, its absence may have been for the best, as any attempt at release would likely have caused an endless series of kitchen mischief from ketchup stains on walls to pizza slices strewn about in the fridge. Instead, Combat Carton remains an enjoyable addition to your collection or an ideal means of engaging in family mealtime battles!

Fry Chopper

This fry cutter is more of a kitchen tool than a toy; it cuts potatoes into French fries with just the push of a lever and other firm vegetables such as radishes, onions, and carrots. Plus, it features a non-skid base that keeps it stable on countertops or other surfaces – plus aluminum lever, blade, and grid components can easily be detached for cleaning – perfect for going in the dishwasher for effortless results!

Food Fighters could have been an exciting toy line had the battle lines made more sense; why do Donuts and Hamburgers team up against Pancakes and Tacos?

If the nutritious foods were grouped with other healthy items such as fruits and vegetables fresh fruit and veggies, this would have created a more logical arrangement and given children something else to play with besides food toys.

Refrigerator Playset

Unlock a world of foodie fun when you open the fridge! This mini refrigerator playset boasts plenty of adorable storage space, dual French doors, a pull-out drawer, a working ice dispenser, sound effects, and a lovely scented cake to bring this kitchen scene to life! Pair this playset with the Essential Play Kitchen to get a life and make cooking come to life!

Last night, our kitchen commandos in Microwave Hill managed to repel an assault by the Refrigerator Rejects with two garlic grenades! Thanks to their efforts, those bad guys reeked like week-old sponges!

Food Fighters toys were initially released in three distinct vehicles: Combat Carton for kitchen commandos, Fry Chopper (fry pan transformed into an armed helicopter), and BBQ Bomber for refrigerator rejects. These toys were all intended to fire projectiles or drop food-like objects from above, but due to a lack of television coverage or enough advertising, they never indeed became popular. Even so, collectors still seek after these figures today, and finding them on secondary markets can often be relatively straightforward. Food Fighter vehicles are also popular, usually found in their original packaging. A complete set of Food Fighters makes an excellent present for any child and provides an ideal way to explore their imagination while learning essential cooking and storage concepts. Plus, these toys make a perfect addition to any pretend kitchen!


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