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Fit to Fat to Fit

Fitness trainers may struggle to understand the struggles of their overweight clients. That is why Drew Manning made it his goal in 2011 to gain and shed 75 pounds to comprehend his clientele’s experiences better and become an award-winning Keto coach and physical trainer.

He also created a groundbreaking reality show where ten fitness trainers deliberately increased their weight by 40 percent by abandoning healthy diets and intentionally upping their calorie intake during the filming of this show. Here is what happened after filming was complete.

Drew Manning

Drew Manning has made it his mission to make fitness accessible and easy for all. As the author of Fit to Fat to Fit and creator of an innovative franchise model for his personal training business, he believes individuals can change their bodies and experience physical and emotional transformation.

Manning, a fitness trainer who prides himself on his knowledge of diet and exercise, noticed an affinity gap with some of his overweight clients who struggled to shed excess pounds. So he took a journey to understand them better, documenting his experience online – eventually garnering him not only an enormous following but also a TV show and book deals.

He learned that weight loss requires much more than physical exercise and a healthy diet alone; there is also a psychological element to it, and empathy is something he believes the fitness industry lacks that’s key to its success.

Manning began his second Fit2Fat2Fit journey by eating clean and practicing mindfulness. His diet consisted primarily of lean proteins, vegetables, and healthy carbs, as he avoided processed food products while increasing his water consumption. Through these efforts, he managed to shed over 50 pounds, reaching his goal of returning to shape before turning 40 years old.

In this episode of M&F, Drew shares his experiences from his second Fit2Fat2Fit journey, how he maintains a healthy lifestyle, and the importance of self-love and vulnerability acceptance as tools for personal development and growth. Brene Brown, Joe Rogan, and Tim Ferriss were mentioned among his favorite sources for personal growth and development.

An elite group of trainers from across the country will join Drew in undertaking an extreme weight loss experiment. These trainers will intentionally gain weight over months before working together with an obese client to shed it, thus giving them insight into both physical and psychological challenges associated with obesity.

Adonis Hill

Adonis Hill had lost nearly 100 pounds three years prior to following his journey of weight loss. Knowing first-hand the difficulty associated with obesity and wanting to help his clients, Adonis participated in Fit to Fat to Fit’s reality show, where trainers would gain weight alongside their clients as part of a program designed to show what life would be like when both gain/lose weight simultaneously. Trainers would eat junk food while engaging in physical activity in order to experience what it would feel like to gain/lose it themselves.

On the show, Adonis Hill gained 70 pounds by eating doughnuts for breakfast and doughnuts and pizza for lunch, as well as packets of Oreos as snacks for snacks before dining at McDonald’s for dinner each night – all the while drinking one gallon of soda each day! His unhealthy lifestyle left him feeling bloated and sick, with an increase in blood pressure as his appetite skyrocketed.

Adonis died tragically at 35 on November 24th when he was struck down while riding his Harley Davidson through New York City by a Honda HR-V. His daughter mourns him deeply.

Fit Fat to Fit was an innovative show in which fitness trainers intentionally gained weight before helping their overweight clients lose it. While some cast members continued working as fitness trainers after its conclusion, others moved on to other projects or went back to work full-time as fitness trainers.

Drew Manning remains active as a physical trainer, authoring several books about the Keto diet. Additionally, he hosts a podcast and has appeared on Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, and The View, as well as having his line of nutritional supplements.

JJ Peterson is the founder of Clean Simple Eats, a business that creates healthy meal regimens explicitly tailored for its clients. Additionally, he serves as a fitness instructor to celebrities such as Jessie James. A proud father to four children himself, JJ enjoys helping others reach their goals. JJ and Erika live together in Brooklyn with their son and three daughters, taking great pride in being family. Additionally, both are active community volunteers, often volunteering their services with local organizations.

Jessi J

Fit Fat to Fit is an unprecedented reality show that showcases trainers who knowingly gain weight to assist overweight clients in losing weight. Created by Drew Manning, it offers an insightful perspective into the struggles that those living with obesity must deal with daily. After two seasons and its last telecast in 2018, Fit to Fat to Fit had come full circle and was no longer broadcast live.

Jessi J, who appeared on Season 2 of the series, has become an online fitness trainer since then. She offers virtual fitness training sessions to anyone interested. Happily married with one son, Ayden, completing high school this June 2022; also an avid dog lover, owning a white Poodle named Sasha!

Jessi J has participated in various fitness events and competitions such as CrossFit and bodybuilding competitions, gaining valuable experience within the fitness industry and training clients for years. She currently acts as Whitney Thore’s NoBSactive partner to help clients meet their fitness goals successfully, and she takes great joy in helping her clients thrive on their journey! Her passion lies in helping people reach their fitness goals.

JJ Peterson

JJ Peterson is the proud owner and founder of Clean Simple Eats, an organization that promotes healthier lifestyles for individuals. Together with his wife, he has two sons and two daughters, making for an idyllic family of six members who enjoy spending quality time together.

On August 27th, A&E will debut its latest installment of the Fit to Fat to Fit reality series. In this groundbreaking show, trainers voluntarily gain weight before helping their overweight clients lose it. Each trainer takes their approach; all aim to experience what it’s like being at one extreme or another.

Fit to Fat to Fit can be an eye-opening, life-altering journey for all involved. JJ Peterson is proof of how powerfully life-changing this experience can be; in just four months, he went from a size 18 to a size 8. Additionally, this journey taught him to better empathize with clients’ struggles as well as assist them in meeting their goals while learning ways to overcome any potential hurdles that came their way.

JJ Peterson has more projects under his wing than just serving as a trainer, including his line of precision-engineered tools for use around the groin area called Manscaped and his unique SkinSafe Technology to keep it protected – something which men should take note of!

Concerning his future, Peterson aspires to play college football with an ability to make the SEC roster and compete against talented opponents for playing time. At the same time, fall camp was less than impressive for Peterson, but his performance has since shown dramatic improvements.

JJ Peterson serves as an outstanding example to young athletes, and his story will surely enthrall many. With an admirable work ethic and willingness to sacrifice in pursuit of goals – his goal to become a father drove his weight loss – JJ has an optimistic outlook for his future and looks set for great things!


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