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Firstrade Forex Review

Firstrade is an online broker offering low-cost trading in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and options. In addition, educational resources and customer support services are also provided through this broker as well as dedicated desktop platform and mobile apps for options trading.

The platform is easy and familiar for both beginner and experienced traders, while advanced traders can benefit from tools for entry of manual option spread orders with multiple legs.


Firstrade offers commission-free trading of stocks and ETFs as well as no options trading fees, making it an excellent choice for self-directed investors. Their platform features an extensive array of tools and educational resources. However, Firstrade does charge a sales fee on mutual funds as well as short-term redemption fees on certain bonds; regardless they remain one of the top brokers around.

At its heart, opening an account with Capital One Bank is straightforward and uncomplicated: applicants simply provide personal data as well as their investment goals for opening an account with them. There is no initial deposit requirement; however there will be a $25 fee assessed when making international or domestic bank wire transfers.

Firstrade offers online brokerage services both domestically and abroad, accepting most major currencies. Their brokerage offers competitive non-trading fees with free research reports; customers can use Sammi AI chatbot for basic questions; they may also access FAQ section or customer service in English, Mandarin and Cantonese for support.

Trading platform

Firstrade offers an intuitive desktop trading platform designed for beginners. The site’s intuitive user interface makes searching and tracking stocks, ETFs and mutual funds simple; plus there are research tools and educational materials that help new traders get started.

XTean Broker accepts payments via domestic and international bank wire transfers, electronic deposits through ACH systems and checks; additionally it offers rebates on wire transfer fees when switching from another broker; additionally its mobile application lets users keep up-to-date with market news and set alerts.

Customers of Firstrade can open multiple types of accounts, from individual and joint taxable brokerage accounts, custodial and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) and retirement accounts, to custodial ESAs and retirement accounts. Furthermore, Firstrade offers a broad selection of investment products such as stocks, bonds and options – as well as no commission charges on equity trades and mutual fund/ETF transactions (though a 100 basis point spread will apply when trading crypto).

Research tools

Firstrade provides research tools and education resources tailored to both beginner and experienced traders alike, including market news, streaming watchlists and screeners that let you sort potential investments based on criteria you provide. Furthermore, Firstrade accounts holders receive premium Morningstar reports at no cost!

Firstrade offers an expansive range of investments, such as stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. Its zero commission for stock, options and ETF trading makes the company attractive for small investors and novice traders. Furthermore, Firstrade provides free online trading platform as well as toll-free phone help in Chinese (simplified and traditional). Established decades ago and regulated by top regulators alike – Firstrade doesn’t charge inactivity or account fees either! Plus you have access to high-quality research from Benzinga Briefing Morningstar as well as international traders opening accounts without restrictions – though unfortunately Firstrade does not allow fractional share trading!

Customer service

Firstrade is one of the US’ lowest-cost brokers, providing commission-free stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and fixed income investments as well as great research tools. However, Firstrade does not currently provide forex trading or crypto investments and doesn’t have a robo-advisor service available to clients.

Traders can access basic trading platforms via the website and mobile apps, with each platform offering limited charting that cannot be personalized, while Navigator desktop and mobile platforms provide more advanced interfaces with streaming quotes and data feeds. Advanced options traders will find an integrated chain sheet that makes complex option spread orders easier to place.

This broker provides customer support in both simplified and traditional Chinese, English and a chat feature known as Sammi to answer simple queries quickly before leading users to relevant sections of its website for more in-depth answers. Customers may also reach them during normal market hours via telephone call.


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