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Find the Gorge’s Secret in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Discovering the Gorge’s Secret is an integral mission in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and is rewarded by a new Hunter lightsaber variant.

Start Your Quest In Rambler’s Reach Speaker Greez is located inside Pyloon’s Saloon and must be spoken to before visiting Forest Array and progressing the story further. An unexpected guest may also appear behind Pyloon’s Saloon; when that occurs, a Prospector may appear behind its backdoor.

How do I find the Gorges secret?

Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s world can be intimidatingly vast, making certain areas hard to access. But there are ways around it – one being Find Gorge’s Secret Rumor at Rambler’s Reach outpost, but first, specific criteria must be fulfilled before completion.

At Dredger Gorge, you must first tame the giant creature. To do this, approach it and press and hold the “Tame” button until its head lowers; once this has happened, jump onto its body with plants around it to move its head to another location and create a path leading into another area of the map.

Once in this new area, you’ll see a cliff with a Relter standing atop it. To ascend it safely using wall running, drop down and kill any monster there; once that monster has died, use Relter as your ride until you reach another cliff!

Once at the top of Dredger Gorge cliffs, you can spot the chest you must acquire. Inside this chest will be a Hunter Lightsaber Material set, which you can equip by going to a Work Bench and selecting “Customize Cal’s Lightsaber.” Acquiring this material set serves as a reward for completing Find Gorge’s Secret Rumor mission and subduing the giant creature at Dredger Gorge.

Are You Wanting Extra Force Essence and Hunter Lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi Survivor? Look no further! Discover Gorge’s Secret Rumor is a straightforward way to gain some extra Force Essence while unlocking unique lightsaber customization options for Cal Kestis – follow these guidelines for maximum ease!

Winding Ravine

Are You Hunting Gear in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor? If so, you can pursue numerous side quests in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Among these is Find the Gorge’s Secret, an unexplored part of the world with rewards. Access this side quest at Rambler’s Reach Outpost after completing Forest Array and meeting Greez in Pyloon Saloon; upon doing so, Prospector Greez will reveal Gorge’s Secret Rumor and show it for you to uncover.

On this adventure, your goal will be to navigate Winding Ravine as quickly and efficiently as possible. Although challenging, this area offers great rewards. First, you will encounter a small cave filled with Gorgers that must be killed or used the Force to remove. Next is the Winding Ravine area, which features several large open spaces dotted with rock pillars protruding out of the ground that must be wall run around until reaching a ledge that leads you directly into a crate puzzle!

This puzzle may be tricky, but its reward is worthwhile: Cactus Ball Seeds can be planted for future harvests! Once you complete this crate puzzle, move on to the next portion of the area containing two large crates containing seeds of Cacti.

This puzzle is more accessible than its counterpart in Area 3, yet it still presents a challenge. Find a high ledge on the left and Force Push/Pull the crate towards its target destination on the right. Eventually, it will descend a cliff into a ravine below.

After this, you’ll encounter a massive dinosaur-looking creature you can control with the Force. Call it down by using its “Tame Ability,” then jump to its left tusk to use its surface to ascend higher platforms.

Winding Ravine’s final section contains several Priorite Shards and an attractive Hunter Lightsaber treasure; collect them all to complete your Hunter lightsaber hilts! Head back to Rambler’s Reach Outpost with these items.

Derelict Dam

Derelict Dam, the Gorocco Matriarch’s arena, contains many chests and other collectibles worth seeking. From Derelict Dam Meditation Point, head down the path, pass by the circular elevator, and turn left when passing into the cave that emerges from this path. Inside, there’s a roller droid you can destroy using Force Lift to reveal a chest behind it; nearby, there’s also an item in an adjacent corridor that you can harvest: plant life!

After defeating Gorocco Matriarch, you can access two more Derelict Dam chests by finding and using new plants in the area. One is on the ridge before dropping into a tar pit with three seed pods in a row at its base – jump down! Another nearby tar dam uses runnable walls to reach an elevated ledge where Gorocco Matriarch was fighting so you can grab it here too.

Derelict Dam features several databank entries as well, located near Meditation Point just prior to the breaking bridge and on its back near a runnable wall which you can climb.

Force Tears can also be collected in the Derelict Dam area; this collectible requires BD-1’s Electro Dart, which becomes available after you complete Koboh – Confront Dagan at Koboh Observatory Main Objective and thus would increase max stims capacity significantly – so they’re worth searching out.

There’s an intriguing puzzle in the Derelict Dam area which requires you to slam a yellow platform using your Force Slam. While getting there may be difficult due to jumping from the top of the cliff to the platform may take a little practice; once there, however, solving it becomes simple using Force Slam; just use your Force Slam and create a path through it for your character to explore! You may even receive rewards such as gear or unique body cosmetics for BD-1!


Koboh offers much to explore, and unlocking all its secrets can be quite a feat. One such quest, Gorge’s Secret, requires special abilities to complete. To open it, speak with Prospector outside Pyloon’s Saloon back exit; they’ll inform you about a fantastic view near Dredger Gorge that must be seen!

Once you’ve spoken to Prospector, head over to the Derelict Dam meditation point and look for Trontoshell, an amicable creature similar to a sizeable brachiosaur-esque dinosaur seen on your map. When near it, use the “tame animal/call mount button (RB on Xbox), target it, and use “tame animal/call mount,” targeting it when close enough and targeting “Trontoshell.” When close enough, it will move closer, allowing you to climb on and jump off into a separate cliffside area!

Winding Ravine lies beyond the Trontoshell’s ledge and offers excellent opportunities for collecting Priorite Shards; however, reaching it may prove difficult. Fast travel to Southern Reach meditation point or use Force Slam abilities that you acquire later in the game to pull down a metal panel and cross it can all help reach Winding Ravine quickly and collect Priorite Shards.

Once in Winding Ravine, take the left path to reach Gorge’s Secret location and either fight and defeat the Gorocco monster or wall-run past its ruins to get it. If battling is necessary, be wary of its attack patterns and movements so as to dodge its powerful attacks.

Once you’ve defeated Gorocco, continue along this path to find his secret treasure chest, where you’ll receive an exclusive collector’s item known as Hunter Lightsaber – this reward alone makes this unusual rumor worth your while! Good luck in finding it!


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