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Final Fantasy XVI Official Strategy Guide Download

FFXVI is an incredible game that explores some very complex themes and characters. The setting is unparalleled within the series, and combat feels wonderfully fluid.

Though the pace may seem slow, it’s well worth your wait: this flashy combo system rewards accuracy and situational awareness.


Contrary to previous Final Fantasy titles, which have either been sequels or heavily integrated with their respective universes, Final Fantasy XVI stands alone as an independent piece. Though some elements from previous numbered entries – such as Chocobo Birds and Cid – remain present, Clive remains the primary protagonist, and each part of his story can stand alone, one reason the game received such favorable critical reception.

The primary plot of Final Fantasy XVI centers around Rosalith’s destruction by an evil creature and protagonist Clive’s quest to avenge it. His journey brings him in contact with powerful characters such as Lord Locket and to distant corners of the globe, where his journey for justice takes him into contact with others who share similar ideals. Due to its dark tone and political intrigue, Final Fantasy XVI earned its mature rating in several territories worldwide.

On a livestream event following Summer Game Fest 2023 and Xbox Game Showcase, game producer Naoki Yoshida announced a free demo version of Clive: Legacy for PlayStation 5. The demo will consist of the first two hours of the game’s Prologue; also revealed was that an update for Arete Stone Rosalith will be available June 21 with a new feature allowing instant level 80 for any job and completion of its roles and quests up until that point.


Final Fantasy XVI’s cast boasts many notable faces, with Clive Rosfield taking center stage. Logan Hannan gives an emotionally driven performance as Clive, creating an authentic connection with fans – an actor well-known among gamers for appearing in A Plague Tale and Harry Potter series games.

The game’s story spans three distinct periods in Clive’s life: his twenties and thirties. Two timelines will close off when Clive’s story ends in his thirties; however, all areas can be revisited via fast travel obelisk and Stage Replay.

Clive is in his struggle for his family’s honor and to protect Phoenix Eikon from corruption by joining a class called Paladin, which suits him well as he wields both sword and magic effectively – the latter giving him enough survivability to qualify as Mystic Knight as seen in Final Fantasy games.

Torgal is a loyal friend to Archduke Ferdinand and his sons. A decorated soldier in the Royal Army of Waloed, Torgal has since turned outlaw. Like Cid Raines, he seeks to create safe havens for Bearers and Dominants within what are sometimes called deadlands.

Leviathan, Eikon of Water, is an Eikon summon that Jill Warrick can bring into battle – an old acquaintance and friend of Clive’s from Northern Territories who was taken captive by Sanbreque and saved by Clive and Cid. Jill later served as their ally and mentor and helped destroy Mothercrystals to avenge Cid’s death.


Clive will need top-of-the-line equipment in order to defeat monsters, topple armies, and survive harsh environments, so crafting, upgrading, and purchasing weapons and armor from raw materials gathered through gameplay will be vital for survival. Blackthorne (the game’s blacksmith) and Goetz (his assistant blacksmith) can assist him with this endeavor at his Hideaway in Aeris.

Final Fantasy 16 offers players numerous items they can find helpful during their journey through. Some come as treasure chest rewards; others can be purchased from shops; others may be obtained by beating Bounty Hunts or completing Main Quest 25: The Dame.

Gotterdammerung is one of FF16’s finest weapons, boasting 375 attack and stagger ratings that players can acquire by defeating some of its most challenging foes. Finding and forging this weapon may mean victory and defeat in battle – making the effort worthwhile!

Favor of the Inferno is another invaluable item, increasing Ignition’s damage and decreasing its cooldown timer – a potent weapon during battles that allows players to dash into foes and continuously bulldoze them off the battlefield. You can find this item by completing Fire in the Sky’s main quest and opening chests along Drake’s Tail.

Eikonic Abilities in Clive’s arsenal can also help increase his damage output. Since these abilities recharge relatively quickly, players must use them frequently during battle. Eikonic Abilities can be obtained by defeating formidable enemies in the game or by purchasing them from Desiree at the Hideaway.


As with its predecessors, FF16 offers an assortment of weapons to aid you on your quest across Valisthea. Some are easy to pick up, while others require more effort to find or acquire. Understanding which ones are the most powerful will allow you to maximize battle success and make the most out of each battle experience.

Whether you choose story-focused or action-focused play styles, Timely Accessories will make combat easier. These tools include the Ring of Timely Strikes, which enables combo attacks; the Ring of Timely Evasion, which automatically avoids enemy attacks; and the Ring of Timely Healing, which provides instant healing potions when your health drops to critical levels.

Your first weapon in Final Fantasy VII will be Excalibur, an elegant sword with impressive visuals but rather weak attack and stagger stats. While not as potent as some later weapons, having this early on makes an impressionful first impression and sets you on the path towards greatness!

Before venturing onto Blacksmith’s Blues side quest line to acquire Brightburn, a great sword in the game, it will take some time to complete main story quests before beginning that line of sidequests. Though Brightburn boasts attractive aesthetics and decent stats, its true strength lies in its Eikon abilities, allowing it to deal damage while stunning enemies.

Once you have collected enough materials to craft Gotterdammerung in Final Fantasy 16, the ultimate god-killing weapon, you will eventually have enough materials to create it. It requires all Eikon weapons, as well as items found elsewhere throughout the game, to complete.


FFXVI marks a radical departure from its predecessors, ditching traditional turn-based gameplay in favor of pure real-time action. Combat was designed by Ryota Suzuki (Dragon’s Dogma, Devil May Cry 5), while action masters PlatinumGames supported this title, leading to massive one-on-one battles that rival anything previously seen in this franchise.

Combat in XVI requires a delicate balance between attack and defense. While enemies can be defeated by hacking away at their health bars, players should also pay attention to an enemy’s will meter, which decreases over time due to taking damage; once depleted, their vulnerability increases dramatically, making this an excellent time to unleash powerful moves!

In addition to traditional attacks and spells, XVI also features Eikon abilities to assist players during combat. For example, players can summon a mechanical arm that smashes enemies or use a slingshot that fires arrows with greater ease – these weapons and abilities greatly enhance the chances of victory against its many enemies.

The XVI guide features helpful advice on how to utilize Eikon’s abilities best. Furthermore, this full-color book provides valuable information regarding the game’s weapons and how they should be effectively employed during battle. Moreover, the guide details its main storyline and side quests while offering advice on safely navigating its vast open-world environment. XVI can now be downloaded from the PlayStation Store, featuring exclusive artwork, high-resolution screenshots, and detailed information regarding this remarkable adventure game!


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