Home News Fantasy Cricket: An application to enhance the beauty of the game

Fantasy Cricket: An application to enhance the beauty of the game

Fantasy Cricket: An application to enhance the beauty of the game

Cricket is one of those sports which has the highest fan following in our country. It is one of the top five most-watched sports in the world. The craziness and excitement on the people’s faces can be seen every time this game is seen to be played. Cricket and players are loved almost everywhere in the world. This game has a massive impact on the minds of the people. It doesn’t matter which format is played, whether it is a test, twenty overs, or a one-day international, the best thing is the charm and love of the game that people have in their minds. One can see a large mob of people on the roads carrying the Indian flags in their hands, whenever India wins a major cricket tournament.



In the year 2008, there came the first edition of the most loved and watched cricket league in the world, the Indian premier league. The league has been so exciting and fun, not only because world-class cricket players are part of it, but also because many world-class Indian players are playing there, and there are also many players picked up by different franchises from the grass-root level of our country. The best thing to watch is how these players hit beautiful shots at the world-class bowlers of other countries. This is the beauty of the game of cricket. With the help of the Indian Premier League, many talents have been recognized and then have been selected for their national teams.


Mobile phones and their applications have always been one of those things that have made people’s lives simple and efficient. There are many mobile phone applications available in the application store for various purposes like reading, playing games, and many more. One such application which is in huge demand these days is the ipl fantasy league game.


This article discusses everything regarding fantasy cricket, the benefits of playing fantasy cricket, and some basic rules to play fantasy cricket and earn money.


First of all, let’s discuss what fantasy cricket is.


It is one of those games which is in demand these days. The rules and conditions and the interface of this game are such that people are going crazy about this game.


According to ipl fantasy cricket, one needs to select the best eleven players from the combination of both the teams between whom the match is going to play. The player which a person thinks, whose performance would be marvelous that day, should be made the captain of the team and similarly, he should select one more player as vice-captain of one’s team. According to his performance, both the captain and vice-captain will give 2 times and 1.5 times more points.

The competition with the other player is based on the maximum points the players of one’s team have earned in that match.


Points are awarded to the player based on the


  • number of runs scored


  • number of wickets taken


  • number of catches taken


  • Several run-outs and stump-out were performed.


The fantasy team, which has a maximum point, at last, wins the contest. This is the basics of how the game is played. First, the players are selected on the credit-based system. Everyone is provided with equal credit initially, and the better and in-form players have higher credit than the remaining ones.


Here are some of the benefits of playing fantasy cricket.


  • One of the most significant advantages of playing this game is that one can earn money just by sitting at home, just with a few clicks. Making money by just predicting correctly is something that can be tried upon.


  • The best part about this game is that one can play from anywhere, no matter where he is, stuck in traffic or extra hours in the office, he just needs to open the application, just glance at the line-up and make the teams. The interface of the application is very user-friendly; everyone can use it without much trouble.


  • The third advantage is that one can play with friends and close ones; the feeling of beating friends is inevitable. One can compete with any players around the world; he just needs to join those contests. For beginners, the applications provide practice contests, too, so that one can get through with the game properly.


  • One gets through and gets better knowledge and information of the game which is played. One can get an idea about all the players playing that day and many others as well if he has made his fantasy eleven teams. It creates such an atmosphere where spectating the game becomes more exciting and interesting.


  • The fantasy cricket application has very easy and feasible payment options which everyone can easily carry out. They also provide various payment methods for one to choose from to deposit money and withdraw the winning amount without much trouble. Also, these applications perform transactions that are 100% safe, and there is no risk of fraud.


  • One can make their team, make their captain and vice-captain according to their intuition. One can also make multiple teams participate in different contests and make multiple teams boost up one’s chance of winning.


  • One can easily contact the support staff with the help of customer care service. These applications provide its users with service working for twenty-four hours to clear all their doubts and make their experience memorable.


  • These types of games also boost up one’s decision-making ability as one will take up those decisions which will lead to success; thus he will try to find out the best way to win the contest, thus boost up the decision-making ability.


  • These games are free to be downloaded and to be used. This is the best thing.


These are some of the main advantages of playing fantasy cricket. One can easily find an ipl money-earning app in the application store.


So, For those people who think they have good cricketing knowledge should try the fantasy cricket game once in their life. The game is really making people crazy and excited.