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Family Farm and Home Opens New Stores in Austintown and Bucyrus

Family Farm and Home will open its first Michigan location this fall in Austintown Township’s former Kmart storefront in Austintown Township. Specializing in supplies for rural and suburban living environments – such as pet, horse, and livestock feed and equipment; alternative heating sources; lawn mowing equipment and tools; work clothing/footwear – Family Farm and Home specialize in products to serve these sectors of society.

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Family Farm & Home, a specialty retailer of agricultural and home products, recently opened two new stores in Austintown and Bucyrus. According to its owners, Family Farm & Home will bring welcome relief to areas struggling with depressed economies in Austintown: its 45,000 square-foot store located at 4477 Mahoning Avenue will be managed by Josh Sheetz. At the same time, 2460 E Mansfield St will house its 40,000-square-foot location under Tim McLaughlin. Based out of Michigan with 38 locations nationwide.

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Family Farm & Home of Michigan will open two specialty retail locations this fall in Austintown and Bucyrus, offering agricultural and home products such as tools, hardware, work apparel and footwear, pet supplies, lawn/garden equipment, bird food as well as alternative heating sources and livestock feed.

Family Farm & Home will occupy vacant spaces at two former K-Mart stores: Mahoning Avenue in Austintown and 2460 E. Mansfield Street in Bucyrus. According to Al Fanzler, owner of Family Farm & Home, chain stores will provide all customers with everything necessary for maintaining their homes and yard.

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Family Farm and Home, a Michigan-based chain that sells agricultural and household products, will open new stores in Austintown and Bucyrus later this year. These locations will sell pet feed, horse hay, livestock feed, lawn, and garden equipment; lawn mowers; home heating solutions; hardware; automotive components, and work clothing and footwear.

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Family Farm & Home of Michigan will open two new stores this fall near Youngstown. One will open in Austintown this August in the former Santisi Iga supermarket at 4477 Mahoning Ave; Tim McLaughlin will manage Bucyrus at 2460 E. Mansfield St and feature products suitable for rural and suburban living such as pet supplies, lawn, and garden equipment, automotive parts, hardware solutions and work clothing/footwear – plus both locations will feature pet services!


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Jaime Lynn Lowther, 45, of Austintown, died Friday afternoon at St. Elizabeth/Mercy Health Center in Youngstown after being born July 21, 1976, in Franklin, Pennsylvania, and moving here in 1988. She worked in Q2 as a payments operations analyst. Additionally, she was an active member of the Chaney High School Class of 1994 and involved with the American Legion Post 136 of Austintown.


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