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Family Farm and Home in Benton Harbor, MI

Family Farm and Home in Benton Harbor, MI, specializes in selling wholesale farm supplies. Their location is 1391 Cinema Way, and they can be reached by phone or email for more information or visit their website here.

Benton Harbor offers great houses at $40,000. A buyer could purchase one with 20% down and a 15-year loan at 3.5%; their monthly payment would be $229.

12 Corners Vineyards

12 Corners Vineyards is a full-fledged winery in Southwest Michigan that produces some of the state’s finest wines. Their spacious tasting room boasts an antique barn siding tasting counter as the centerpiece. There’s also a retail section where visitors can purchase wines and related merchandise. Finally, there’s an inviting long, covered patio/porch where guests can relax with a glass of wine while looking over their vineyards.

12 Corners Vineyards are planted on soils of various textures and slopes to give its wines their unique terroir, creating a wide range of wine styles with distinct flavor profiles from Riesling to Chardonnay to Cabernet Franc to Merlot to Pinot Noir.

12 Corners Vineyards is located a few miles northeast of Benton Harbor on an expansive 115-acre plot. Established by partners with extensive agrarian backgrounds in 2012, its founders sought to capitalize on the region’s abundance of fruits and produce through this winery’s name–an allusion to its physical location near four corners of Lake Michigan’s shoreline, as reflected in its logo.

Visitors are invited to explore the vineyards as part of their wine-tasting experience, with views of rows upon rows of ripening fruit prompting many guests to remark upon it afterward. The winery plans on expanding its wine offerings with other types, such as blueberry, peach, and cherry wines, to enhance visitors’ overall wine-tasting experiences.

At their tented wedding experience, couples can savor wines made from grapes they are honoring during a relaxed ambiance. 12 Corners Vineyards staff has overseen hundreds of weddings and are eager to use their expertise for an unforgettable celebration!

12 Corners Vineyards’ sprawling, 115-acre property provides ample photo ops. Visitors can take in its vineyards, apple orchard, corn fields, and more, offering guests stunning vistas while they relax under a spacious tent with food, wine, and music!

Vineyard 2121

Jeffrey and Deborah Pallas founded Vineyard 2121 with a shared passion for entertaining friends in scenic Southwest Michigan. After purchasing an abandoned vineyard, they revitalized it by planting wine grapes and creating the tasting room – taking advantage of Jeff’s three decades of landscaping expertise. Deborah brought in management skills and public relation experience to turn this destination getaway into a success.

Vineyard 2121, situated in Lake Michigan Shore Wine Country, should not be missed by wine enthusiasts. Boasting an outdoor patio overlooking its 17-acre vineyard and offering wines, ciders, beers, food, and live music performances throughout summer, Vineyard 2121’s terrace provides an idyllic environment to relax while sipping your glass of vino!

The estate features a wedding venue, wine tastings, tours of its vineyard and cellar, and local restaurant products for sale at its Vineyard. It has also become a tourist destination that caters to family visits and photogenic scenery.

Vineyard 2121 features not only wine but also small-batch beers and premium vodka in an inviting environment, plus seven days a week of wine sales! A visit is highly recommended to any Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail wine tour participant.

Homes in this neighborhood are highly competitive, typically selling for approximately 3% below the list price and becoming pending within about 62 days. The average price per square foot here is roughly $145.00.

Benton Harbor Golf Club

Michigan boasts many world-class courses for golfers to enjoy, but none can compare with Benton Harbor’s Jack Nicklaus Signature course. Benton Harbor stands as a fantastic testament to overcoming odds by becoming the centerpiece of Harbor Shores development along Lake Michigan and Paw Paw River, which has brought jobs, redevelopment projects, new homebuyers, and tourists – not to mention increasing tax bases across Michigan.

Whirlpool Corporation, which owns the land where this course stands, faced an enormous economic challenge after shipping their appliance manufacturing jobs overseas during the 1980s. Jeff Noel, then Vice President of Business Development for Whirlpool Corporation, proposed moving it all onto new facilities on old industrial property where new facilities would include golf courses as part of an overall plan that included resort hotels and residential housing projects.

Noel presented his idea to Nicklaus, who was enthusiastic. While Noel had done golf courses on reclaimed industrial sites before, none had been as complex or challenging, with hazardous waste issues, permitting complications, legal protests, and sensitive ecosystems to consider in addition to environmental habitat considerations. The project proved an ambitious and intricate undertaking.

Golf courses play an essential role in spiritual and geographical community growth. Not only have they brought visitors, but the system also promotes and helps shape local youth programs such as First Tee of Benton Harbor, which impact over 1,000 youth each year – the only fully subsidized program in the Midwest! Furthermore, Benton Harbor Arts District receives support through this source.

The golf club features 18 holes, each named for a native plant of the area. Along with luxury inn and villa accommodations, an impressive practice range, and two restaurants, its staff has worked diligently to ensure that this course makes a positive contribution to city life – for instance, using part of its green fees to maintain Jean Klock Park which was previously an industrial dump site.

Benton Harbor Country Club

Benton Harbor once stood as a bustling hub of American manufacturing, yet urban renewal and interstate highway construction caused its decline in the 1960s. By the 1980s, factories began shutting down, and job losses destroyed its economy. Home appliance giant Whirlpool became the area’s primary economic backer, later helping to rebuild Benton Harbor to meet contemporary times, with Harbor Shores golf course as its cornerstone of regeneration.

The Jack Nicklaus Signature course is an incredible masterpiece that combines three distinct golfing styles into a single layout: links, parkland, and woodlands. Its routing meanders across hills and ravines blanketed in hardwood trees for an idyllic yet challenging round. Hand-blown glass pieces also mark each tee box to remind players to appreciate nature!

As soon as the course was unveiled, residents were impressed by its beauty and noted how it could attract visitors from far and wide. Visitors have continued coming since then, helping transform the community image and revitalize its economy – the area has since become an attractive shopping and dining spot.

Harbor Shores Golf Club hosts multiple high-profile events throughout the year, such as the Senior PGA Championship and KitchenAid Classic. Their success has brought tourism benefits and created jobs in Benton Harbor; similarly, successful projects can be seen elsewhere across the United States.

Harbor Shores is an example of how a well-designed golf course can revitalize a town. Harbor Shores’ developers pledged to use proceeds from golf tournaments to support community development efforts in southwestern Michigan, exceeding initial expectations of their success by building a 92-room hotel and condos on site and giving 20 percent of profits towards literacy training and other youth programs.