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Event Live Chat Q&A and Polls: Features to Add a Spark of Interaction to Your Events

When running a virtual gathering, a business conference, or a community event, it is important that we capture the unfiltered thoughts of our audience in real-time. We efficiently do this through Q&A and Polls sessions. These features encourage audience participation, which in turn create an interactive environment, and help you gain feedback for your next strategy.

The Moderated Q&A and Polls feature has always been two of the most used chat for live events because they significantly make every session thrive. They also fill the gap that geographical barriers create by making the participants feel more involved. Looking at it from the organizer’s perspective, these smartly designed tools are essential in making sure that everybody’s voice is heard.

The Moderated Q&A and Polls functions are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Quickly jump into your Q&A and Poll sessions at a live meeting in just a few clicks. 

Inclusive, two-way communication using the Moderated Q&A Chat

Promote an open environment where everyone in the chat room has a chance to have their question and feedback heard. You can do this by enabling the Moderated Q&A Chat, which will surely make your events even more dynamic.

This function may be useful in virtual business events, conferences, workshops, trade shows, classes, podcasts, or any type of event where there is two-way communication between the organizer and the participants.

Set up your Moderated Q&A Chat

  1. Go to the Admin Panel, and choose Moderated Chat as your chat type
  2. Appoint an administrator who will serve as the moderator of your chat room. He or she will have full control over the functions of the Moderated Chat, which includes approving and rejecting a message before it goes live. To do this, go to your Admin Panel, then click Users, and add a new user.

Choose admin for rooms if you want your moderator to have access to a specific chat room only. Or, choose admin that has global access to authorize them to function as a moderator across all the chat rooms.

  1. After appointing your admins, you can now ask your questions to your audience. Your moderators can filter the questions, and choose which one to approve before it goes live. Only approved questions will be seen by your audience.

A fun, engaging way to get real-time feedback through Polls

Polls provide a streamlined audience interaction in real-time. This feature allows your participants to get involved on a certain topic, which, in return, keeps them engaged throughout the event. Also, you can use Polls for a quick post-event survey and use it to make better business decisions in the future.


Keep in mind that it’s best to use the poll feature every 15 minutes or so to consistently keep your participants engaged.

Setting up Polls

There are two ways to enable the Polls feature.

  1. Through your RumbleTalk admin panel
  2. Logging in as an admin on the group chat itself


First, we will show enabling the Polls feature using your RumbleTalk admin panel.

  1. Go to your RumbleTalk admin panel and click Settings, then click Polls.
  2. The poll options will show up. Fill in the question and answer boxes, then click Save.
  3. View the results in the Polls section by clicking the View Answers button.


Next, this is how you enable it on the group chat.

  1. Log in as an admin on your group chat. Then, click the gear icon on the lower left part of the chat and click Polls. Select Create New Poll.
  2. After clicking Create New Poll, a prompt will appear. Input your question and four predefined answers.
  3. After sending the poll you created, the poll will appear on the screen in the form of a pop-up.


Dynamic sessions with the Moderated Q&A and Polls features

RumbleTalk has always been concerned with improving the interaction between speakers and audiences. From collecting quantitative feedback to getting to know your attendees, Q&A sessions and Poll questions are a great way to keep your attendees involved in an online setting. By giving your audience a safe space to ask questions, participate in the polls, and see real-time results, they will feel more valued, therefore increasing the overall customer experience.



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