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Easy on Harnesses From Doggie Design

As even dogs with excellent leash manners can sometimes become startled when faced with unexpected situations, harnesses can help keep them under control in these instances. Choose the designer harness for small dogs.

This study investigated differences in front leg apparent joint angulation among dogs wearing three distinct harness designs, measured using a markerless technique while walking across a mat.

Adjustable in 4 Ways

The Precision Fit step-in harness from Doggie Design features adjustable straps that enable you to customize its size to ensure an ideal fit, making this step-in harness ideal for dogs with narrow or broad chests. Once set to fit your pup perfectly, only minor adjustments need to be made every time it is used – ideal for excitable or aggressive canines as it prevents pulling!

This lightweight harness is both light and highly comfortable to wear, thanks to soft padding fillers and stretchy, breathable mesh. Plus, its machine washability means that its good looks won’t fade after many adventures and lots of mud! What’s more, its low chest laying position doesn’t choke your pet, making it the ideal choice for smaller breeds like pups.

Precision Fit step-in harnesses come in an assortment of vibrant colors and prints and come with matching leashes! Perfect for walking your pup in winter or fall weather as it fits under sweaters or jackets easily and quickly, saving time each morning when getting up! Made from 100% polyester for quick clean-ups after being machine washed, easily attaches leashes securely! The machine is washable, too, for fast clean-ups!

Wide Touch Fastener Fabric

Harnesses can often prove more comfortable for many dogs than traditional collars, as the pulling pressure from walking will be redistributed more evenly across the chest and back rather than placing pressure directly onto their necks. Harnesses also allow you to give specific commands more easily during walks as their focus remains more on you rather than their collar!

Many harnesses do not fit dogs properly, chafing under their front arms or straining shoulders and backs. Doggie Design’s wrap and snap harnesses are lightweight, soft, and adjustable to keep your pup comfortable on every walk!

American River Choke Free Harness stands out from others with its innovative patented design that protects vulnerable airways by spreading all pulling pressure across the chest instead of the neck – particularly important when used with teacups and small breeds that tend to collapse their trachea when wearing collars and other harnesses.

This harness features a double safety closure. While most harnesses only feature one D-ring for added strength and security, this harness features two welded steel D-rings for additional support to prevent your pup from escaping its grasp. Furthermore, there is a reflective strip to illuminate night walks, as well as an attractive embroidered logo to complete its look. Again, its step-in design makes putting this on your pup hassle-accessible without needing assistance from anyone else!

Easy to Put On and Off

As we understand, putting on a harness can be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating for you and your pet. That is why our selection of easy-on harnesses is quick and easy to put on. These step-in style harnesses offer immediate results so that your canine will be ready for its walk quickly!

Doggie Design harnesses are distinguished from many others by having a total 3-inch closure slide adjustment that can adjust the size at both clasp and slide points, offering full customization every time for optimal fitting results. When combined with their exclusive Conforming Shape Fit Seam Technology that conforms to your dog’s chest curve and Closure Slide Adjustability for full-size adjustment, you can achieve the perfect custom fit every time!

All our harnesses feature more robust and more secure welded D-rings instead of non-welded ones to prevent your dog from escaping under pressure from other brands’ non-welded D-rings. For added strength and safety, the American River Choke Free Harness features two welded D-rings, one on either side of its chest, for maximum strength and security.

For even easier putting on and taking off, purchase a leash that matches the color of the harness you choose – this will allow for even quicker application! Leashes made out of matching material make this option perfect for toy breeds and teacup dogs who tend to collapse their trachea with traditional collars; their choke-free patented design pulls only from the chest instead of neck pulling, helping prevent this possibility.


The soft, lightweight woven mesh of the American River choke-free harness won’t strain your dog’s neck. Plus, its reflective stripes provide safe night walking. Finally, its break strength, up to 386 pounds, has been tested for increased security with its secure touch fastener closure system.

Reg&amp Bob’s innovative American River choke-free harness was patented and designed in conjunction with Galen Myotherapist Lucy Tyrrell, renowned for her expertise in canine muscular and joint health. Engineered carefully, tested on trails, and approved by all dogs, its design has won great admiration from customers and staff alike.

Our new WRAP AND SNAP Harnesses are easy to use, lightweight, soft, and dynamic in colors and prints, perfect for Spring! Features 4 Way Easy Adjust; just set once, then wrap, snap & and go!

The American River choke-free harness is an excellent collar alternative, sitting away from the front legs without rubbing under their front paws, and won’t impede movement or pose any choke hazards to your pet. Thanks to its conforming shape fit seam technology; this harness fits seamlessly to your pup’s chest curve without restricting or restricting movement.

This elegant harness is crafted from 20mm wide polyester webbing in vibrant rainbow colors and features a touch fastener closure. Additionally, patented American River choke-free collar alternatives have been carefully engineered, trail-tested, and dog-approved; they are adjustable four ways and sit back from front legs so as not to restrict the mobility of your canine companion.

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